How to add your business address in WordPress


How to add your business address in WordPress - In the article, we will show you how to add a business address in WordPress and uptime, all through the Bussiness Profile plugin.

If you use WordPress to advertise offline, you want people to easily find your physical location. You should also display important information: phone numbers, email addresses and hours of operation.

After all, if people want to find out where you are, when you open or how to get in touch, they won't pull out your phone book or open your local newspaper - they will simply look online.

If visitors don't find what they want quickly, they will abandon you by one of your competitors. An opportunity is lost and it will affect profits.

Adding important business details to a page is easy with WordPress. You do it yourself, but keep in mind when the great Business Profile plugin is available? We will show you the main features of the plugin, plus we will cover how to use it.

Here's how to add business addresses in WordPress:


First, the plugin will get:

Business profile, newspaper included

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Current version: 1.2.3

Last updated: December 14, 2018





WP 4.4+

Install Business Profile plugin


The Business Profile plugin is available for free from the official plugin repository. To install it, log into your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to New Plugins / Add and search for Business Profile.

You are looking for a plugin by Theme. Once you have found it, click Install Now / Activate Plugin.

With the plugin successfully installed, a new Business Profile menu item is added to the WordPress sidebar. Click on it.

From this screen, configure important details about your business - such as business name, address, email and hours of operation. Therefore, you can easily add the address in WordPress.

Schema markup and rich snippets

Now, Business Profile plugin users will also enjoy the advantage of SEO - the plugin automatically attaches markup to each field.

What does this mean? Well, that's a mark on that powers Google Rich Snippets to work and also communicates other valuable information to the tools. Rich snippets help your website stand out in the SERPs, plus have been proven to help increase CTR.

The types of rich snippets vary - each is tailored to a particular type of site and displays key information that search engine users want to know at a glance. For example, people searching for recipes may want to know the estimated cooking time. This information will be completely irrelevant to business searches, but Google will display the address, phone number or rating of the companies involved.

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Enterprise profile configuration format


To ensure you add the business address in WordPress correctly, you need to format the configuration using the schema type. This is done by selecting from the list. Options include organizations, companies, sports teams and 24 types of local businesses - from animal shelters to travel agencies.

As you scroll down the screen, the next step is the Contact Information section. Start by entering your company's name and address. If you want to display the map, click the "Retrieve map coordinates" button below - for this to work, your address needs to be in the correct format. To check that your coordinates are pointed to the correct location, click the View button to be transferred to Google Maps.

If the map coordinates are synced correctly, continue working your way to the end of this section, entering your phone number and email address. You also choose to link to a contact page by selecting a published page from the list.


The last part is the configuration format for adding business addresses in WordPress which is the Schedule section. This is where you add the operating hours.

Click the Add another opening time button and format the configuration each day of the week manually or create a unique entry for days with the same opening time.

For example, if your business opens from Monday to Friday, this is configured in only one entry. When you close early on Friday, choose only Monday through Thursday. Later, you will need to create a separate entry for Friday opening time.

Once you have selected your date (s), the final step is to specify operating hours. Click on the time setting option, then select the time from the other drop down list. You add as many items as you like by selecting the Add another opening time button as needed.


And that's all you need to do to configure the plugin - everything is handled on this screen. When you're done, remember to press Save Changes

Displays your address, contact details and opening hours

Learning how to add business addresses in WordPress is one thing, and you need to display this information somewhere on your page. The Business Profile plugin will give you two options.

First, a short code: (contact-card). Just paste this shortcode into any post, page or custom post type, and you'll get yourself a fully functional, complete About page with an interactive map.


However, not everyone will look around your site to find the introductory page. Some people will expect to see this important information at a glance, on every page of your page. This makes your contact information relevant to the sidebar area and the Business Profile plugin comes with a dedicated utility.

To add your address and opening hours to a widget, navigate to Appearance / Widgets. Find the Contact Card widget, then drag and drop it into your preferred widget space.


Now it's time to configure the widget configuration, this is your final step to add business addresses in WordPress. Because the widget areas provide limited space compared to an empty website, displaying too much information will overload the sidebar. To solve this problem, the plugin allows you to choose which information is displayed in the widget.

Set up the widget with a list of detailed checkboxes such as: name, address, phone number, opening hours and whether you want to display the map or not.


Click Save before you are finished, then you will be left with a contact widget.



Finish the tutorial on how to add business addresses in WordPress. If you want to add contact details to your site - opening hours - then there is nothing else other than Business Profile plugin. Not only is it super easy to use, it also adds schema markup to your pages. This will increase discoverability in SERPs and get more visitors to your site!