How to change thumbnails images when changing WordPress

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How to change thumbnails images when changing WordPress themes easiest - You are a fan of new things, you often change the look of the Web site? However, changing the appearance of the Web site on a regular basis will increase the size of your Web site, which is the reason why every time you change a new Web interface, the thumbnails of the posts will change. Accordingly, if the thumbnails do not change by themselves, it may result in the image being displayed incorrectly or not beautifully.

However, if you are a WordPress source user then you should keep in mind that with the extensive support of the extension components will help you to perform optimal work effectively, and you want to change the thumbnails images when Change WordPress theme? Would you like the old thumbnails to be deleted instead of new ones?

Change thumbnails images when changing themes

Okey! In this article, I will show you how to change thumbnails when changing WordPress themes. After changing the thumbnails, the old thumbnails will be cleaned. , to ensure efficiency and performance.

First you need to install the plugin named Regenerate Thumbnails (This plugin is rated by the community as the best with 4.5 stars with over 1 million downloads) (If you do not know how to install the Plugin for WordPress, you can refer to the article to install the Plugin for WordPress). After installation is complete, activate the Plugin and configure it to use.

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin will add an option in the Tools menu.

Change thumbnails images when changing WordPress themes
Change thumbnails images when changing WordPress themes

There are two main options you can modify:

  • The first option allows the plugin to ignore properly sized thumbnail images, which is a useful option, so you should check this feature.

  • For the second option, help you delete the deprecated thumbnails. With this option, you can free up storage space, but that also means you will have to recreate your thumbnail again if you want to revert to the original image size. However, with this plugin, it is a fairly simple task. Therefore, you should also enable this option.
Finally, click the "Regenerate Thumbnails" button, the plugin will automatically generate Thumbnails for all your old images. This process may take some time, depending on the size of the media library and server performance. However, according to my use, this process is usually quite fast.

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So if you want to change the Thumbnails image for all articles on the Web when changing the interface, you can use the Plugin Regenerate Thumbnails, it will help you to create Thumbnails images automatically automatically cleaning old Thumbnails images before. help free up storage space on the drive effectively.

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