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How to choose the best domain name website or business -We often wonder if choosing just the right domain name really matters. Perhaps the name is what you do to it. On the other hand, what you create from your website or business, may depend on the name you chose in the first place. Choosing a domain name is probably the most important step in establishing your online identity.

Your domain name is the first impression on visitors. A bad name will be difficult to attract even interesting content, but a good and strong name can impress visitors and make them feel relevant to your website.

In this article, we bring you the essentials about how to choose the best domain name for your product, website or business. It is instructions and reminders in just a few steps.

It's difficult to say the correct order of steps, as there are many intersections, so read carefully, to come up with the perfect domain name for you.

Choose short, easy to type and remember names


You are looking for a domain name that is short, easy to type and easy to remember. Statistics show that the top domain names are about 6 characters long.

In 2017, the majority of domain names you could think of with up to 8 characters, seemed to have been used. Perhaps you have to invent a new word or simply find a slightly longer name. Anyway, it would be a good idea to keep your domain name under 15 characters.

Long and complex words, even if the keyword, are harder to remember and more likely to be misspelled or misspelled. That will lead to loss of traffic. Most visitors won't even try to remember your complex domain name and will instead search for related topics, products or services. Naturally, search results can take them to competitors, depending on search engine optimization.

You should avoid using words that have a lot of spelling or slang words, unless the target audience is familiar and easily corresponding.

So remember: keep your domain name short and easy to type!

Do research


In the era of brand names, many words are registered trademarks or copyrights. You do not know anything about the domain name you choose. To avoid legal issues, loss of domain names and even financial costs, when having a short list of your domain ideas, research and make sure none of them are registered trademarks or copyrights. .

Acquiring friends who are also spectators engaged in the creation process. You may even want to conduct research.

Keywords in Domains


When choosing a domain name, you should try to use keywords that can easily link with businesses and products. Keywords can help improve SEO, but it will be difficult to find domain names with unused targeted keywords.

The dark side of using keywords is the risk of choosing a generic domain name and a lack of personality. Want it to stand out, it requires a lot of creativity in combining keywords with other words, or even inventing new words.

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Unique and branded names


It is your domain name that visitors remember, share or use to find you. That makes it the cornerstone of your brand or service.

To stand out in a domain ocean, your name must be unique and branded. Generic names are built around keywords that are difficult to remember because they have no real meaning.

It may be a good idea to consider other entities in your niche market for the originality and creativity of their domain name. You get great inspiration, or at least examples of bad domain names.

Avoid dashes and numbers


There are several reasons why you should avoid hyphens and numbers at domain names. Let us remind you that names need to be short, easy to spell and pronounce. Well, both dashes and numbers prevent this because they are often misunderstood.

Using hyphens because the name you want is already taken is probably the worst thing you can do. It will promote your opponent to all those who failed or forgot to type hyphens. Ideally, you should go back to the brainstorming process to find a new domain name instead of approaching this quickly harmful solution.

By number, you should avoid using them because people who listen to your web address won't know if you're using the word (four) or number (4).

Domain names must be fast and flexible, and using hyphens and numbers will do the opposite.

Avoid duplicating letters

Words with mirrored letters are no worse than words without them, just words with duplicated letters tend to be misspelled, thus leading to loss of traffic.

Domain name extension


Believe it or not, .com is the best extension you can get.

Today, you get to choose from dozens of domain name extensions. They relate to the type of entity (org, net, edu) or the country you live in (uk, eu, jp).

New, more creative, generic domain names like .land, .cool, .guru, .rocks and the like are very attractive as they provide the opportunity to register short, highly relevant names.

You can also choose to get multiple domains or domains with multiple extensions. If you decide to do so, keep in mind that you don't need to build a website for each of your domains. All you need to do is redirect all additional domains to the website you own.

Here are the most commonly used domain name extensions:

  • .co: short for company, trade, and community.

  • .org: non-commercial and non-profit organizations.

  • .net: technology, Internet infrastructure.

  • .info: informative website.

  • .biz: business or commercial use, such as e-commerce websites.

  • .me: website, resume or personal website.
Trivia: The .me extension is the top-level Internet country code (ccTLD) domain name for Montenegro. However, due to its meaning and use of English, the list of possibilities when used as the actual domain name extension is unlimited. Montenegro is making millions of dollars on an annual basis from these two letters. In 2016 alone, more than one million domain names registered with this extension from everywhere.

Bottom line: Go to .com, if it's available and if used, try .net or .org. If none of these are available, it is better to change the name, instead of the less popular extension.

Even if you choose to register for renewal, you should consider buying your own domain name registration. This is beneficial if you want to hide personal information such as your name, email address, phone and address. If you want to learn more about whois private and register your private domain name, please read our guide. Domain privacy is not free; Depending on the domain registrar, it will cost $ 3- $ 10 per year per domain name. At a domain registrar like NameCheap, you can use the coupon code to get free domain privacy or buy it for a very low price ($ 0.99 per year).

Long-term thinking

Your website, product or business may be narrow - defined at the time you start your online presence, but you should be open and think long term.

You may be a passionate music lover, so you write a music website that includes concerts and album reviews, interviews with musicians and similar content. You easily select the domain name related to the music and hit the road with it; But what if in the future you met a soul mate, no less passion for film, or art and sculpture. To include these new topics, the music website will be quite strange.

So, if you choose a domain name, try to become a visionary. Think big and try to come up with a name that matches your current area of ​​interest or insurance as it will appear in the future.

Check out the domain builder for ideas


If you search the web, you will come across a name generator. Domain name generators are artificial intelligence programs, meaning they are not perfect. It turns out that you don't find your domain name by using them, but they can cause creativity to flow in your mind as well as accelerate the brainstorming process. The ideas and suggestions you get from domain builders can lead to jackpots. A while ago, we gathered a list of the top 10 domain suggestion tools that can help you get started.

Do not hesitate

Once you have chosen a domain name, you must act quickly. The domain name sells quickly and you can lose it if you hesitate. Even if your content is not ready, you should register your favorite domain name (s) as soon as possible, because they are quite cheap.

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Additional tips


If you are starting a personal website, it may be best to use your own name. Companies with multiple brands may decide to create specific websites for each brand or product group instead of putting everything under the company's name.

After registering your domain name and purchasing a good hosting service, you will need to point your domain name to your hosting account by changing your domain host at the registrar. In our tutorial, we explain Nameservers and how they work.


Choosing a domain name is not an easy task. You need to demonstrate originality, creativity and vision. Equip patience and make time for this process.

Take the survey between friends and colleagues, and let it stay overnight. Sometimes the name that sounds and sounds perfect at the end of a long and tiring process can become empty and dull the next day.

As soon as the domain name has been selected, check its availability and make sure that it does not register a trademark or legal copyright, visit it!

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