How to climb ranks with Beast

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In the game Auto Chess, the Beast clan is very popular with many players, but the downside of this clan is quite little damage as well as no major capture cards.
To overcome this weakness we should combine with heroes with large damage and maneuverability. Today, I will guide you how to use the Beast - Assassin squad to climb the rank most effectively.
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#first. Introducing the Beast - Assassin squad

The standard lineup consists of 4 Beast and 6 Asassin to achieve the highest efficiency. The heroes in this squad include:
  • 4 Beast: Tusk Champion, Lord of Sand, Razorclaw and Werewolf.
  • 6 Assassin: Lord of Sand, Soul Breaker, Phantom Queen, Water spirit, shadowcrawler, Shining Assassin.
monster-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (8)

In addition to the characteristic "population increase" this is also a squad that possesses the ability to increase extremely large damage from the intrinsic of the Beast clan as well as the Assassin system. As follows:
  • 4 Beast: Increases damage to all heroes on your side by 30% (including summoned items)
  • 6 Assassin: All of your Asassins have 28% chance to deal damage × 3.5 times.
# Note: With Beast-based squads appearing, you should keep the reserve squad of 2-4 heroes of the Druid system to make it easier to upgrade heroes.
In addition, because there are 2 Assassins belonging to the Feathered race, you should combine with 1 hero of this clan to activate the clan's intrinsic ability to increase the ability to dodge damage.

#2. Review of the Beast - Assassin squad

Advantages of this squad:

  • There are many heroes with summoning abilities that give you an advantage in battles.
  • Has a huge amount of increased damage and many Asassin can easily destroy the main enemy.
  • Has good resistance from the Beast.
  • There is an internal combination of many races / systems: Beast, Asassin, Feathered.

What is the downside?

  • Mostly the $ 3.4 heroes require good financing.
  • Quite lack of damage when not enough assassin.
  • The heroes' skills have been around for a long time and mana regen is quite slow.
  • Can be countered by large-scale damage squads.

# 3. Details of the heroes in the Beast - Assassin squad

3.1. Tusk Champion ($ 1)

A fairly common hero of the Beast clan. The Tusk champion can take over the tanker position in the squad and can also deal a fair amount of damage from his skills.
beast-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (1)

3.2. Soul Breaker ($ 1)

Possessing anesthetic darts skill has a great ability to deal single target damage. Hero is quite easy to find and has an important role early in the game. However, due to the long healing skill, it is easy to die before using the ability.

3.3. Phantom Queen ($ 2)

Of the Demon race, the Phantom queen possesses a 50% increase in intrinsic net damage. An assassin with long range and possesses high damage ability that helps Phantom Queen can shock main enemy damage from a distance.
auto-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (5)

3.4. Water Spirit ($ 2)

Also an assassin who possesses long range like Phantom queen.
Although not possessing a large amount of damage and slow attack speed, the strong point of the Water spirit is the ability to stun the path of the skill so that the hero can sweep the opponent.

3.5. Lord of Sand ($ 3)

Beast and Assassin system is the indispensable chess piece if you want to go Beast - Asassin.
Lord of sand possesses the ability to knock down opponents, Lord of sand can "scramble" the opponent team with a huge amount of damage. However, this is a hero with close range and relatively small health.
auto-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

3.6. Werewolf ($ 3)

The Wolf Chemical ability makes Werewolf turn himself into a wolf and summon 2 more wolves to attack the opponent. This was a pretty strong hero early in the game, which makes it easy to win with an advantage over people.
monster-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (3)

3.7. Shadowcrawler (3 $)

The only Assassin with no skill. However, the strength of Shadowcrawler is the critical damage from his normal attacks.
With a 10% chance to deal 3 / 4.5 / 6 true damage in just 1 slash that can cause an opponent to color.
auto-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (6)

3.8. Razorclaw ($ 4)

As the main tanker in the squad. With the ability to summon an additional panda, the attack possesses no less than the "mother's" blood. As a $ 4 hero, the drop rate is quite low but it is very useful for the team.
auto-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (4)

3.9. Shining Assassin ($ 4)

It can be said that with the basic attack stats Shining assassin has brought fear thin blood heroes.
auto-assassin-in-auto-chess-mobile (7)

Therefore, this hero's skill is not inclined to support the attack much, but helps him to avoid 4/6/8 times the damage and an additional amount of damage.
The 10th hero in this squad you can consider choosing a Feathered hero to activate the passive as: Taboo Wicher, Shining dragon, ... ..

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his tutorial about how to climb rank with Beast - Assassin squad in Auto Chess Mobile game. Hope the article will be useful to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!
I wish you happy gaming 😎
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