How to create great website content


How to create great website content - What is great content? We often hear about ‘great website content’ but when you watch it, it can be great for them, but only because they care about the area or topic they pay attention to. So how can you define great content? That's the subject of this post, and if you have a better definition then click on ‘Comment’ and do it!

In a way, great content solves problems for others. You are more likely to get links back to your website if you solve the problem for others. You can do that on forums, but you can do the same on your own website. What is the content of your website? That is:

  • Higher stickiness rate: Your visitors will stay on your website longer if it's interesting to read and useful to them.

  • Hit back: New visitors to your website will be more likely to return to the website to provide new, relevant and interesting information to them.

  • Add link: You are more likely to get back links from other websites if you provide your readers with great content covering a number of important topics and in a variety of formats.

  • The higher the search engine ranking: The better your content, the more likely it is that you will rank in the search engine listings.

  • Make more money: If your website is commercial, the better your content, the more likely you are to make money.
All of that is enough to convince you to provide a lot of interesting content on your website. However, many people do not know how to get there. So how do you create great website content? Here's how:

  1. Create content useful to the community.

  2. Create controversy

  3. Answer frequently asked questions in your niche - Here's how to do 301 redirects, or how to avoid duplicate content on your website.

  4. Publish original research: investigate the impact of algorithm updates from Google or why house prices rise.

  5. Create videos and publish them on YouTube with links to and from your website.

  6. Publish a ‘How to’ guide in your niche. Provide taster in your website with a link to the entire guide. This should be a link to free content with good content, not sales promotion.

  7. Run a useful service - for example, a link to ‘Open source’ software. People will come to your website if you show them for free and can help solve their problems.

  8. Create a list of helpful resources: 5 ways to train your cat.
Here is some information on how to create the content described in this list.

  1. Create useful content


If you're serious websiter then you understand a fair bit about your niche. You will be able to create useful website posts for others, such as helping them set up their own website or how to make money from the website. Can you explain what Adsense is and how they can place Adsense blocks in the places most likely to receive clicks. Maybe some information on how to use graphics and videos on their website or how to use Google+ and copyrights.

  1. Create controversy

Your website can benefit by having a good discussion on topics like the best website server or whether SEO web hosting will actually work. However, if you want your website to be taken seriously or become a good source of income, then don't know it as an agitator. Arguing, yes, but arguing seriously. It is best not to argue unless such an argument is in your favor.

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  1. Answer the question


Answer the most frequently asked questions. This is usually the work of forums - having members help each other with their problems. However, you can do the same with your website. If you want your ‘Comment’ to be a chat store, then introduce some issues with your solutions and ask for comments on these. There are many online 'Comments' plugins for WordPress that allow you to make the best use of comments for SEO, among the best are CommentLuv, Disqus Comments, and some social networking related plugins like the Facebook plugin. Comment.

  1. Publish the original research

It can be very beneficial in terms of traffic and sticky rate if you can do some initial research and publish it on your website. The websiter has benefited by publishing their own data about the effects of Google Penguin 2 or the increase in the links they get by using social media effectively.

  1. Make a video


It's easy to create videos these days. In the past you would need specialized equipment, but now all you need is a free webcam or screen recorder. You can create free videos very easily with today's technology. and WeVideo are good examples of free software that can be used to edit your videos and create professional presentations. We have listed 7 programs to record videos on PC.

  1. Publish a ‘How To’ Guide

Easy 'How-to' guides are created for anyone who really understands their interests and the problems most people face. An example might be a series of website posts on how to write a website, such as setting up WordPress, installing plugins, etc. or about marketing like how to create an online video advertising at home! Readers will keep coming back to find out the great tips you have come up with next!

  1. Run a service


Just let people know that certain websites offer software fees. However, they do not have the time or inclination to continue accessing these websites day in and day out. You can provide a weekly service on your website, where you list all the best rated free software applications available. You will certainly get visitors who want to track free software but can't do it yourself.

Another service can provide software installation services: installing WordPress or any other type of software that not everyone feels confident about. You can provide services to your readers, whereby they can find the best SEO company or website designer. You can incorporate Google local search into your own results for your customers.

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  1. Create list


In the list of great content ideas, create a list of the best metrics. Everyone loves reading lists, and belongs to the bestselling annual books related lists.

It's easy to create lists, but make sure you have your rights. You can create a list of the ten most popular web hosting services or a list of autoresponder services. Whatever your interests, you will be able to think of a relevant list.

If you are looking for great content for your website, any one of these eight ideas will meet your needs. It's not easy to create great website content every day, but if you focus on one of these eight every 2-3 days, then you should never run out of ideas.