How to delete, or recall messages sent on Zalo

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As you all know, Zalo is one of the most popular social networking applications in Vietnam today. And using your Zalo account to contact your friends, or exchange at work has become quite familiar, isn't it.
On the blog, there is even a section on how to use Zalo, share experiences and tips for using Zalo most effectively. You can visit the tricks section to use Zalo to find many great posts to share.
And in this article I will guide you how to delete Zalo or messages recover Zalo messages on PC apps, and Smartphones.
This is probably too simple for many of you here, because it is a very practical and important feature for any Zalo user. However, many newber friends, who have just approached Zalo, do not know it, so I still guide here.
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#first. Delete or Revoke Zalo messages on computer

+ Step 1: First you open the message that you need to delete or withdraw on the Zalo PC application.
At the message window, click the message to cancel => and select the icon 3 dấu chấm as shown below.
The legend of zalo-da-zalo (1)

+ Step 2: In the dropdown section you choose Delete/ or message recovery depending on your purpose. I say it more clearly here:
  • Erase: Meaning that the message will be deleted from the chat window on your computer (Zalo account).
  • Revoke: This means that the message will be hidden on both your computer and the person you're chatting with - chat.
// Besides, There are quite a lot of other options for you, you can learn more about the other functions that Zalo provides.
History-of-Zalo-Zalo (2)

+ Step 3: To cancel the sent message before the recipient can read it.
In addition to canceling sent messages, you can click on the message => select the sign 3 dấu chấm => list function appears => You Chọn nhiều tin nhắn.
History of Zalo-Zalo (4)

Now you can tick the messages to be canceled => and then click on the trash icon to delete. Or Right click at the selected chat frame Xoá.
History of Zalo-Zalo (5)

+ Step 4: Then choose ĐỒNG Ý at the dialog box Zalo - Xác nhận to delete messages in bulk.
History of Zalo-Zalo (6)

This is also a prominent feature that Zalo PC is better than its Zalo application on smartphones.

#2. How to Delete or Recover messages on Zalo Smartphone

Similar to how to delete and recall messages on a PC, with the Smartphone app you also need to access the chat window => then press keep messages need to recall / delete.
=> Finally press Xoá or withdraw messages, depending on your needs.

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, so with just a few simple steps, you can withdraw Zalo messages error, recover the missed messages sent on Zalo with the wrong content ... before the recipient can read them.
And here, the instructions on how to delete and recover messages sent on your Zalo also ask to be paused. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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