How to download each software individually in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite

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Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, LightRoom, After Effect ... are the leading popular graphic software in the world today, even if you do not work on graphics, you should have heard about them a few times, right?
And as you all know, Adobe has now synthesized all of this software into a single software for ease of downloading, as well as copyright management. What is its name, you all know: Adobe Creative Cloud.
This is convenient, but sometimes we only need to use 1 or 2 software at work, so installing the whole software is not necessary. Especially for computers with modest memory capacity.
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Therefore, in this article I will guide you in detail how to do it Download each software individually in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite Please !
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#first. Introduction to

You can apply for both Windows and macOS operating systems!
In this article I will use the site Wayback Machine to go back in time, to the past. At that time, Adobe still let us download the software separately.
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Well, if you do not know what the Wayback Machine is, here I will talk a little bit about this site: Internet Archive - Wayback Machine is a repository of the content of webpages at different times, this site will collect and permanently store any content of webpages available on the Internet.
The Wayback Machine was created by a non-profit organization called Internet Archive, headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.
According to statistics, there are over 403 billion web pages saved by Wayback Machine, a terrible number, right friends 😀
And of course, with this site, you can access even those sites that have disappeared on Google for a long time. For example, the previous Admin website was for example :))
But of course, not all, they only save a part of the site only. That is, there are articles on the site that you will be able to see, but some are not.

#2. Tricks to download each software individually in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite

+ Step 1: To do this, you first need to visit the home page of Internet Archive - Wayback Machine here before !
+ Step 2: In this main interface, copy and paste the address below into the search box => then ENTER to find previous archives of this site.
Link copy:
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+ Step 3: You will be told that from 2013 to December, 2019, there have been 101 copies of the site recorded, displayed as a calendar right below.
Please select a date 2/12/2019, a smaller pop-up appears, click the line 21:21:00 to access the save at 21:21:00 day 2/12/2019 of the Adobe Creative Cloud software download page.
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+ Step 4: Familiar download page Adobe Download again, here are all the applications included in the graphics toolkit Creative Cloud, select the appropriate software, version, and operating system then download it.
Note: Some software is only 32-bit version, but you can still download and use it on 64-bit normally. And macOs is now a pure 64-bit operating system, I do not remember from the version, so only 64-bit version is understandable.
You might be looking for: What are Windows 32bit and 64bit? And how is it different?
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+ Step 5: Get the download link to download it by right-clicking the link you want to download => then selecting Sao chép địa chỉ liên kết.

And Paste somewhere, edit the link a little bit. We will remove the link for Take only the green part as shown below. And now you can download it 😀

# 3. Epilogue

So I just showed you how to do it Download each software separately in the suite Adobe Creative Cloud already.
This method may soon be fixed, so download it if you feel it is necessary. And do not forget to share with friends, your brothers know this useful tip.
Through this, you also know an interesting website, right? 😀 Internet Achive - Wayback Machine It is a great web hosting, isn't it, I will write more articles about this tool in the future.
Hopefully it will help you. Good luck !
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