How to get businesses listed on the right of Google


How to get businesses listed on the right of Google - When typing your business name into Google, a box with images and information appears on the right. It displays location, opening hours, reviews. Those looking for the company for more information have a first impression based on the review.

It will save time, because you only need to search and information and get results in a snap. For a business is to fill in all the information and leave attractive images in this box.

Google automatically adds boxes for each company. If you want a box on Google, you need to create an info box. Let us show you how.

Get a Google knowledge chart for your company


We simply call it an information box, but Google instead uses an online knowledge chart. Google has a beautiful site called Google My Business. This is a business platform where data is stored and data given to create information boxes.

Google My Business is the most useful platform. With its powerful tools, you'll find new ways to get customers and have the necessary information about the company. As your Knowledge Graph works, keep track of how people interact with it.

You can get it for free

The first is to create a company account. By signing up, you tell Google you are interested in receiving your info box.

The second step is to login with your new account and add your site to the platform. This includes filling in the required information before you receive the box

The process of creating business listings


You need to create an account at Google My Business and follow the steps below:

  • Select the green "Start Now". If you are not currently logged into your Gmail, enter your email and login.

  • Enter the business name and address for more accuracy. If Google does not find a match and it cannot locate the joint. Then you add the business name and click Next, where Google will ask for more information.

  • Tell Google what type you are running and the exact location. Google needs to know the categories in which the company operates. They set the exact coordinates on Google Maps with the red marker.

  • Businesses need to be verified. To create a Google Knowledge Graph, you need to prove you are an authorized individual. Google will send a regular mail to the address you provided them with the verification code. You use the code to verify your Google My Business account.

  • Complete profile setup. To complete, add basic information like opening hours, website, contacts, photos, etc. You need to end up with a fully optimized profile.

Existing business listings may be required

A large number of people are adding reviews and business information to Google. They create an account and give information about the business in the Knowledge Graph. When that's done, they share their review of the shopping experience.

At that time, Google will solve the problem easily. They email the original user creating the info box, requesting ownership transfer. This email is automatically generated and it is used to immediately become a new administrator or to verify ownership.

If the Knowledge Graph is under a random email that you don't recognize and there is no response after you request your account, the process will take some time but you will still get it back. The owner has 7 days to reply to an email. After that, Google will give you the opportunity to override ownership and eventually, you can sign in.

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How to create the best knowledge graph?


Definitely not create a regular Knowledge Graph and leave it like that. There is a great potential in a Google info box, but only if you use it properly.

The power of Google Reviews

You need the average Google rating from customers. It is a good way to have faith from the beginning.

To receive more feedback, send the following message: "Let us know what you think by writing a review on Google". Paste it in the store or find a nice spot on your site. Or provide a coupon with a discount guide and instructions on it:

  • Find our business on Google

  • When the Knowledge Graph appears on the right, click the Write a Review button.

  • Write a genuine review of the store
Once completed, will show reviews and buy one or more products for a discount. Businesses consider it a better idea to treat it as an internal job and ask employees to write fake reviews. You should not ask employees to do this for you because even Google will recognize the reviews as fake.

The search engine is quite smart. There are many bots working together on Google, checking a large number of reviews every minute just to filter spammers. Even if someone manages to write fake reviews, customers will realize that the reviews are fake

Post regularly on social media


Because the Knowledge Graph is created to provide information, it will also display the business website and media records available. It's not very appealing when people look at these profiles and the latest content is a few months or even over a year old.

It is a great practice to post the latest, most relevant content on media. For example, you post 2-3 articles, images with text or short videos per week on each platform. This is not only good for those who access it through the Knowledge Graph but also benefits SEO. Another note is that Charts only show links to media profiles if you're constantly active on them

Take advantage of your Google+ content

Create a Google+ profile for the business that people go to via the info box and also put it on the page. Although Google+ is not the most popular platform, there are many who use it and appreciate this content.

It is also attached to the Knowledge Graph, so whenever you post something new on the platform, it becomes a featured excerpt in the info box. You use it to notify customers about events, new products, discounts or anything happening in the business like status updates on Facebook.

Using keywords is important

You need to think about describing your business like any other meta description. It needs to contain mostly relevant target keywords when looking for your business. To find the perfect keywords is a good idea and then brainstorm a bit with colleagues.

Try to find phrases about your business. The keyword research tools available on the Internet will help in this process. For example, Ahrefs and SEMRush are two solutions that analyze traffic and collect data about how people actually find you. Of course, these practices are also good for improving SEO and media content in general.

When does a knowledge graph appear on SERPS?


Don't be surprised if your Knowledge Graph does not appear immediately, as it takes some time for Google to crawl. If you log in to your profile and make some changes, the dashboard can save them for you and refresh the following information in the info box.

After you create a profile and add all the necessary information, your new Knowledge Graph will exist for a few days and eventually everyone can find it through Google Search. This is because Google reviews the configurations before putting them into operation, checking their quality. It also happens when you edit your profile later, although you have changed the information immediately without receiving notice pending review.

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The current state of the Knowledge Graph is always displayed to the right of the dashboard, right after you log in. Should login at least once a week and check the information.

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