How to go to Wukong to jungle effectively?

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Today I will analyze about one of the most powerful shock damage generals. That is General Wukong, many people call each other funny monkey.
If you are practicing playing this champion please refer to the following analysis. Let's find out how to make up for enlightenment without going to the forest and how to play offline.

how-to-go-get-at-gun (1)
How to make up the map does not go to the forest effectively?

Surely these shares will help you a lot when playing Wukong. Let's get started!
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I. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses without going to the forest

Wukong is the top killer dame in the game Lien Quan Mobile. This champion is extremely strong, but it also has some weaknesses. I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this general as follows:

#first. Strength of Wukong

  • Terribly damaging shock.
  • Recipe to approach enemies easily.
  • Easy to play.

Stability-management-technology (2)
Wukong is very shocking.

#2. Weak point of Wukong

  • Recalls quite a long time.
  • Paper blood is vulnerable to death damage.
  • Being discovered stealth is considered a waste.
  • Strength depends on equipment.
So you can basically understand that the hero Wukong deals very strong damage, but needs to rely heavily on equipment. Therefore, if you go to improper equipment, it will not promote the strength of this general.
The technique of Wukong is also quite long. However since the badges appeared, especially Masculine cooldown reduction 1 and skill 2 when using skill 3, Wukong has returned strongly. It can be said that badges will make Wukong much stronger and less a disadvantage.
Next, follow Wukong to map anything!

II. How to go to Wukong to jungle effectively

Equipment sets: Search for souls => Hermes shoes => Holy sword => Twin storm blades => Muramasa sword => Armor guard.

Stability-management-technology (2)
Equipment for Wukong is not complete.

This is the most standard equipment for Wukong today, on full dame, crit and armor. But here are 6 large items and when pairing small pieces, you need to pay a little attention.
You should not put together a complete map that is the most effective way to go to Wukong to go to the forest. Specifically:
+ Please buy first Rựa thợ săn and start the talisman normally.
how-to-go-get-at-gun (1)

+ Next up Đao truy kích and not completely assembled Kiếm truy hồn.
+ Item 2 will be a piece Găng Tay (12% critical chance) to be able to kill more.

+ The page in box 3 will be Giày Hermes Help you to jungle faster and gank more effectively.
Stability-management-technology (2)

+ After transplantation Hermes shoes Let's go to the next piece Găng tay (Critical strike 12%) Now your 4 boxes will be: Pursuit => Hermes Shoes => Gloves => Gloves.
Stability-management-technology (3)

What to do for Wukong to do?
Wukong's damage is huge but it must be fatal. If you pair it properly, it will not have a high critical chance that your damage will be very low.
Just up Đao truy kích taking the passive to kill the monster increases the remaining damage is enough to quickly buy 2 pieces of Gloves (12% critical strike).
With 2-piece Gloves you will have a critical chance: 24% (Gloves) + 10% (Gem) + 12% (Passive) = ~ 50% critical strike chance
When you have 50% critical strike chance, you'll be very scary. Especially in the early stages of the game. Buy 2 Găng tay losing 900 gold, 1 shoe about 600 gold, Executioner price 750 gold. What do you think when Wukong has 50% critical death?
Usually according to his playing experience, after clearing 1 round of the forest, he will buy Executioner. Going to gank once you get a good hill.
If you can eat one or two more kills, there is a piece of Gloves. Go farm next half the forest is to get 4 items above. Now you can really shock the dame ad or ap The opponent is already there.

Stability-management-technology (3)
When about 50% of critical hits Wukong will be very strong.

Conclusion: This is How to dress up for Wukong I found it very effective. After completing 4 other small items, please pair the large equipment normally. This can make Wukong scary from the beginning to the end.
What are you waiting for, try to try on this map and go into the game to do a few matches. You will definitely like this champion.

III. Some tips when playing Wukong go jungle

How to equip Wukong I have analyzed in detail above, now please share some tips for you to play better monkey offline.
- Do not let the enemy know where you are. This is the most important trick when playing Wukong in the jungle. If you let the enemy know where the enemy is eating, it will be very harmful for the monkey.
The opponent is wary and it is impossible for you to catch and finish him. Therefore, avoid situations where you can see your vision, such as a red dot illuminating the map, dodge, do not gank the dust for too long ... So the enemy will not know where you are and always fear. .

how-to-go-get-at-gun (1)
Always howling dust and not letting your enemies know where you are.

- Always howling dust, can use stealth and go into the dust to howl. Successful dusting is the next Wukong trick.
Many times you still need to use stealth to run into the dust through the monster's face. The enemy will not think that there you are in and put 1 stick on the board.

Stability-management-technology (4)
Go around and start the enemy team

- When you catch ad, make a round to the back. The next trick to playing monkey is to get around ad. I see a lot of people playing monkeys often use invisibility and jumping skills to approach ad then the last move.
Usually, the support or champion team will stand higher ad and he sees this. Synonymous with the ad on the team you also know this.
He will step back and you will be inadvertently unreachable ad and ap. Choose your way back and catch and ad with a stealth move like that would be much more effective.
- When the bloody combo uses the second move, jump and rush instead of using the invisible move, jump and jump. Why is that?
When you use the second approach and then invisible, the enemy will not know where you will run, and it is almost impossible to choose the target is you.
However, consider leeching blood because Wukong no longer moves will be very weak. For example, some generals have the ability to chase well like Lu Bu, Trieu Van, Nakroth, ... then you will go up the table to count that number.

IV. Conclude

So I have to share how to make clothes for Wukong to go to the forest and tips to help play this champion effectively.
Hopefully after reading your analysis you will play Wukong better. Can win many victories and become MVP in the match.
Have a nice game, see you again!
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