How to open multiple files at the same time with Office Tab for officeworkers

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Yes, you are no stranger to opening multiple tabs on web browsers, right, this is a very nice feature, helping users to handle tasks faster and more convenient.
Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer the ability to open multiple tabs for your Microsoft Office productivity suite. So at times when you need to work with multiple Word or Excel files, it can be very confusing and difficult to control, because there are too many windows on the Desktop.
So what is our solution? How do we open Word and Excel applications with tabs, just like when you use a web browser?
Okay, if you want to use this feature, this is the article for you. In this article I will use a utility called Office Tab to open this office suite with multiple tabs on one window, instead of opening each file one window as default.
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#first. Download and install the Office Tab tool

+ Step 1: You access the homepage of this Add-in here and download one of the 2 tools named Office tab or Office Enterprise Tab
// Note: These are paid utilities, and you can use them for free with full features within 45 days before deciding to buy. Office tab is that you shortened the version Office Enterprise Tab, which means you can only apply to 3 popular applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But I think that's enough, because other applications like Access, Publisher... we rarely use it.
After you have used up 45 days, you should buy to use for pleasure (Order here). Or if there is no condition, you can find the shared Full version online, but I think it should not be because the risk of virus infection is very high.
+ Step 2: After downloading and then click on the file *.exe => and select OK To start the installation, the default language is English.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (1)

Then choose Next to continue.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (2)

+ Step 3: You click I accept the agreement => press Next to agree to the developer terms.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (3)

Then tick your version of Office => and then click Next.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (4)

To choose Next...
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (5)

+ Step 4: You can then trim the supported applications Tab Office Enterprise, or leave it unchanged => and press Next to continue.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (6)

Continue to choose Next => and press Install to install.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (7)

tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (8)

+ Step 5: When the installation is completed, click the button Edit Setting => and then select Finish to complete and launch the interface Tab Office.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (9)

+ Step 6: Here, you press Register and enter Key Copyright that you have registered to buy from the homepage. Or pressing OK to try it out.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (10)
Now you can see on the Word application, Excel ... there will be an additional tab named OFFICE TAB. This is the tab that utility TAB OFFICE have added that.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (12)

#2. Using Office Tab on Word, Excel applications ...

After activating the application, open your MS Word application => here you click on the square icon in the Ruler bar to add Tab (new file).
Or Click on the sign (x) to turn off that Tab, as simple and easy as in a Web browser.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (11)

Similar to Word, all Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint are supported with this special feature.
tab-office-tab-office-tab-office (13)

This is the Demo image when we use the Tab Office utility. Click on the image to see it!
In addition, Office Tab also supports many other advanced features such as:
  1. Close other tabs.
  2. Close or Save all Tabs with one click.
  3. Open folder, which means opening multiple files at the same time.
  4. Open file in new window.
  5. Support for quick renaming.
  6. Document lock, file lock function.
  7. Customize the length of the tab.
  8. Customize Tab appearance.
  9. Group feature.
  10. Open, close, or save a group of documents.

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, come on, here's the tutorial How to open multiple files at once with Tab Office I also would like to pause.
Hopefully with the Tab Office utility I have introduced today will be useful, and bring practical effects in your work.
Good luck !
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