How to optimize PUBG Mobile game on Windows PC

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PUBG Mobile - the mobile version of the hit game Player Unknown’s Battleground - it was not too strange for gamers, right?
Although it has been a long time ago, its HOT level has not shown any sign of decreasing. If you have a computer that is not too strong, cannot play PUBG Mobile smoothly, do not worry, because in this article I will guide you. how to optimize PUBG Mobile game when playing emulator on Windows 10 computer Please !
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I. How to optimize PUBG Mobile on PC

When determining to play PUBG Mobile on a computer, normally we will need a computer with a CPU more cores than a strong graphics card.
So if you plan to build a machine to play PUBG Mobile cum both Streaming on Facebook / Youtube, you should prioritize multi-core CPUs, graphics cards do not need to be too strong, but of course the stronger the better.
We will perform optimally both outside the Gameloop emulator (formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy) and the game settings as well!
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#first. Optimize in the settings of Gameloop

You open the Gameloop emulator installed on the computer, then click on the 3 dashes to the left of the minimize button and select Settings to open its settings.
Note: If you have not already installed it come in Please !
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In the setup window, switch to Enginee and you edit the following to suit your computer:
  • Rendering: Tick ​​on OpenGL and tick the line Prioritize Dedicated GPU (Prefer to use discrete graphics card) if the computer has a separate card.
  • Anti-aliasing: Anti-aliased, OFF
  • Memory: The amount of RAM you allow the emulator to use, set depending on your device or to Auto it is OK.
  • Resolution: The resolution of the game, the lower it is, the better
  • Other settings remain the same.
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Next, you move on to the section Game, part Gaming Resolution you to be SP 720P - like Resolution Above, to the lower the better.
There is room left Display Quality (Image quality) to be Smooth for yourself, and then later Save Close, close and reopen Gameloop Let us go to the settings in the game.
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#2. Optimized in settings of PUBG Mobile

After opening the game, in the main interface, click the cog icon to open the game's settings.
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In Settings, section Graphics you to be Smooth same as in Gameloop and Frame Rate Please choose the highest setting possible for me.
The higher it is, the higher the FPS and the simulator is usually to be up Extreme. After setup, press OK to save and fight.
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And to check your FPS, click on the 3 dashes in the status bar and select Show FPS, immediately your current FPS number will show in the left corner of the screen and be yellow. In the picture because I was loading the game, so it came 0 :))
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II. Epilogue

The above are detailed steps to help you Optimizing PUBG Mobile game when playing with Gameloop emulator on PC, help increase FPS so you can have a better, more enjoyable experience.
I will also show you more ways to help you increase your FPS for the game, and stay tuned! I wish you happy gaming 😀
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