How to pack Powerpoint files including MUSIC and VIDEO

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In the previous article, my collaborator gave very detailed instructions for you to insert music into PowerPoint and insert videos into PowerPoint.
Of course, the method is relatively simple, and I think anyone who reads it can do it very easily. However, many commenters asked if they wanted to copy the PowerPoint file to another computer for presentation, without losing the audio and video included in that file, how to do it?
I have answered many times for this question, but I think there should be an article for you to follow. And also many will need to use.

I. What is the purpose of this article?

  • Yes, after following this tutorial, you can successfully package your PowerPoint presentation (including images, videos, audio, fonts, etc.).
  • You can copy this file to a presentation on any computer without worrying about errors.
  • Capacity after packaging will be more optimal.

II. Instructions on how to pack PowerPoint files (including videos, music ..)

There are many ways we can run Slide including video and audio without worrying about errors. I will present in turn below.

#first. Put them all in one folder

This method is simple. Please copy all Videos, music, photos .... into the same directory. Then proceed to create a Slide. And of course, after you create the slide, it is also in this folder.
Now, when you want to project to another computer, you just need to copy this folder to finish.
This way is simple, but not yet very optimized. If you are not satisfied, you can go to the second step below.

#2. Package Slide into a folder (recommended)

This way will be optimized for more storage. You do the following:
+ Step 1: Open Silde presentation => select File
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (1)

+ Step 2: Choose Export => select continue Package Presentation for CD => then select Package for CD as shown below.
Note: For PowerPoint 2010 version, go to File => select Save & Send => and select Package Presentation for CD Please. A little different in interface.
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (2)

+ Step 3: Here, you enter the name for the directory => and click Options... for further setup.
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (3)

+ Step 4: In the window Options, there are the following options:
  • Linked files: This option will attach audio and video files.
  • Embedded TrueType fonts: Select this to attach fonts.
=> Then press OK to agree to set up.
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (4)

+ Step 5. Continue, there are 2 options for you:
  • Copy to Folder: Choose this if you want to pack into a folder to copy to USB…
  • Copy to CD: Select this one if you want to burn it to a CD.
Here I will choose Copy to Folder offline => then click the button Browse... to select a location to save the directory after it is completed.
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (5)

+ Step 6: Press Yes in the next window. (This window informs you whether you want to attach audio or video files or not.)
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (6)
+ Step 7: That's it then. Now you will have a folder containing the necessary files. You just need to copy this folder to any computer you want to project without worrying about making mistakes.
Even the font, because we have embedded the font as well, so it is fine to use the computer without the font you used in that PowerPoint file 😀

# 3. Save PowerPoint file with Powerpoint Show format

By doing this, you will save the PowerPoint file with video, music, etc. as a single file, and the format is *.PPSX or *.PPS.
You might be looking for: How to display file extensions on Windows XP / 7/8/10
You on File => and select Save as (or press the key F12 it is OK)
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (7)

In the Save as type section, choose the format is Powerpoint Show (.PPSX) or Powerpoint Show (.PPS) is okay guys.
Note: You should save with both formats. Because many computers still run older versions of PowerPoint, the file PPS Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint.
slide-powerpoint-slide-powerpoint (8)

II. Epilogue

Yes, so I have just detailed instructions for you How to package PowerPoint files including music and video, to run on many different computers already.
In addition to the ways that I have guided above, if you have any other better method, do not forget to share it again with you, so that you can learn more together.
Hope this article will be helpful to you, wish you success!
Kien Nguyen -
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