How to refine an old article to keep it fresh with Google


How to refine an old article to keep it fresh with Google - When adjusting the old posts to be fresh for Google, to increase the high ranking on Google. Because google likes content that's always fresh.

Here are a few tips to adjust your posts and put them back there in full view of your readers and customers. It is a way to increase rankings with minimal work.

Old posts have never been listed and are not beneficial. You do it again and do this by using improved knowledge instead of creating a new one. Here are the ways to do it!

  1. Check the relevance of the content and then update

Check the coverage of the content of the article related to the standards. For example, Google Penguin will now detect purchased links and dedicated ‘links’ or ‘partner’ pages that are now malicious for indexing. You should see the post written before Panda and Penguin to bring them into the second decade of the 21st century.

Make changes and publish revised content. If the content is significantly changed when changing the title and published as a new post. This will harm the entire website.

If you simply updated the previous content then you should publish it as an update under the same heading. Google will decide to index as new content. Ensure it is unique content on the website without another session. The best way to achieve this and maintain other links is to keep the same URL. In other words, make changes and Update or republish the article.

  1. More photos


A translucent article is added with the appropriate image. Do a royalty-free Google Image search for images related to the post. In addition, there are websites with free images like You use Imonomy to automatically add related images. This is a great way to refine old posts. Select one or two related images and upload them to the website. Don't just link to them, because you'll get a broken picture if it's taken down.

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Link images to a product, or other landing page URL you want customers to see. It is a sales page, page laminator or simply more informative. It is an image that gets more clicks than imagined. Make sure it is properly optimized for SEO by using the appropriate 'Alt' and ‘Description 'tags.

  1. Refine your old posts with Infographics


Posts will be more readable and more informative if you have graphics, not just images. Graphs, flow charts, block diagrams are all eye-catching and also help your Google ranking position. There are three main infographics websites: Piktochart, and Infogram.

You get a free trial of Pictochart, though and Infogram are the best free infographics websites. But check them out and try them out: they will be worth a try if the theme uses them.

  1. Add videos

Many people have posts and they rewrote before webcam and YouTube became popular. Create a video with your webcam and publish directly on the website or add it to your YouTube account and provide a link to the video. Video will help sell products, and also catch the eye of customers.

However, not only that, because Google responds well to multimedia on posts: an image and video will increase the appeal of the article.

  1. Add a link


This is the simplest way to recover old posts. Publish a new article on the same topic, make sure your new content is new and nothing overlaps with the original. Then add a link from the new post to the old post. This helps old posts have internal PageRank but also increases new readers for old posts.

Link theory: You add a reciprocal link from the old post to the new post, returning PageRank. It is wrong to lose PageRank by having links, although it is true that reciprocal links you match the page's PR and the number of links from the page.

So maybe 10 links from a PR 5 page provide 0.5 points for each link, while 2 links provide 2.5 points. Nobody knows how many points you need to achieve each step, although the series is said to be logarithmic (10, 100, 1000, 10000, etc.) Nobody but Google knows where PR 1.0 starts from!

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There are many ways to refine old posts to stay fresh for Google, but make sure you maintain the same title. This ensures that any existing links from the website remain intact. Broken links will affect rankings - not only of related posts but also pages on the domain.

The best ways to achieve this for content refresh will reflect current trends and add photos and videos to have what modern customers are looking for. If the old content is not worth keeping, then update and use it on the website as new content.

If you avoid recording or rewriting content, each of these options will increase its appeal to Google. Refine old posts by all means, but don't copy them and send them as new posts. Simply update the old posts for better results.