How to split date, time and convert to 12h time format

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If you often work with Excel application, perhaps separating dates into separate columns is a familiar job, isn't it.
This is a skill as well as a basic knowledge but you need to master. Because it's quite important and we use it often.
Therefore, in today's article, I will share with you two ways to help you separate time (hours, minutes, and days, years) from one column to two columns independently.
Then convert the English time format (month day year 24h) to the standard format day month year 12 hours to set up, and determine the detailed values ​​on the spreadsheet.
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Method 1: Separate hours and minutes and dates using the DATE and TIME functions

+ Step 1: First, open the Excel file you need to process.
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+ Step 2: Here, you enter the formula in the cell to export the date value as follows => and then press Enter to perform:
= DATE(YEAR (reference cell),MONTH (reference cell),DAY (reference cell))
Applied to the example we get the following formula: = DATE (YEAR (A4), MONTH (A4), DAY (A4))
Book-a-time-and-going-to-vietnam-culture-in-Vietnam-style (2)

+ Step 3: After pressing Enter, we will get the results calculated on the correct date.
Next, to separate hours from the string in AM / PM format. Enter the formula below and press Enter.
= TIME(HOUR (reference cell),MINUTE (reference cell),SECOND (reference box))
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+ Step 4: Now highlight the selection of the two formula cells => and hold the plus sign to fill the list, applied to the remaining cells.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (4)

Finally we get the results as shown below.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (5)

Method 2: Split hours, minutes and days, months, years fast without formulas

For how to do not use this formula, you can simply split by the Date and Time command right on the toolbar.
+ Step 1: To do that, first highlight the data column area => and right click => select Copy.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (6)

+ Step 2: Then Paste the values ​​in the two columns as shown.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (7)

+ Step 3: Okay, now highlight the value in the Date => column, then click the drop down box at Custom => and select Long Date.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (8)

+ Step 4: Let Excel filter out dates.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (9)

+ Step 5: Continue, please highlight the data column Hour => click the drop down triangle button at Custom => and select Time.
Book-a-time-and-moving-home-culture-style-Vietnamese-language (10)

To filter time format hours and minutes seconds AM / PM. That's it then 😀
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Okay, so I have just detailed instructions with you two small tips in handling Split date, time, and minute string from one column into two separate columns in Excel, and convert English time format to Vietnam in a simple way.
At this point, the tutorial on how to split date and time and convert it into Vietnamese time format in Excel also asks to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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