How To Use Autoresponders

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How to use Autoresponders - Use autoresponders to automatically answer emails. However, it also does better than that. In many cases, Autoresponders create help to run the entire online business. First, consider its simplest usage.

Simple automatic email reply


If you're on vacation and can't or don't want to read your email when you're away, set an automatic reply to your email. The answer is similar to voicemail messages, telling the sender that you are not present now.

You also ask the sender to forward the email to another address. This is usually done if the business person is on vacation, but the email needs to be answered. In such cases, the sender then forwards the email to another member of the recipient's group to be processed or the autoresponders are set to forward the email automatically.

Many business email systems like Outlook will offer this service under the reference of 'Out of office message'. This is nothing more than the application of a simple autoresponder script, which allows people to notify contacts that they will not be present within the stated time period.

Advanced automatic answering application


More advanced auto responder applications, such as those we are reviewing below, perform a broader range of functions related to specific business tasks and marketing through email in general. Among these are:

  • Create the registration form.

  • Collect selected in name and email address.

  • Maintain your subscriber mailing list and allow subscribers to unsubscribe with each mail.

  • Perform dual optional processes that require a confirmation subscription.

  • Provide products for exchange.

  • Send the invoice and get paid.

  • Send email to the specified list at pre-programmed time and date.

  • Send personal emails at the specified dates after registration. This is useful for distributing different parts of the course to individuals at specified intervals after they have signed up.

  • Notify you of the ratio of emails sent.

  • Notifies you of the percentage of emails opened.

  • Notify you of clicks on internal links in emails.
In this list, Autoresponders are a very important part of online businesses, especially businesses based on mailing lists as their marketing strategy. Each autoresponder works in a different way, though the general concept is the same between all of them.

Very few internet businesses succeed without using several types of autoresponders. Email remains the easiest and most successful online marketing technique used to attract potential customers and convert them into customers.

Look professional

If potential customers, customers or even suppliers send you emails, they are entitled to expect some notification that you have received their email. Autoresponders are doing that. In fact, you run several autoresponder programs, which are attached to each type of form on the website you own.

As for the registration form as explained earlier, the other form is the form of requesting a quote, another form for a specific list. Each response is adjusted according to the type of request made on the completed form.

The simple answer is to thank them and their request will be answered quickly, while others immediately send catalogs or quotes online. This makes the business look more professional if not responded. The prospect will then wonder if you have received the email or opened it and they even decided to immediately do business with the first company that responded. Without Autoresponders, you would never know this!

Build mailing lists


When people visit the website, most will quickly browse the landing page but don't go any further. They get distracted and leave your website. Others click on another web when something interests them or even find what they're looking for and take notes to return - but never do.

If you place the form right in front of their eyes, ask for their names and email addresses so you can send them more information, then they respond before continuing. If not, you will never hear from them again. Most customers will give you their contact details if they feel good enough.

This is a free report on their topic, an e-book relevant to them, a series of courses on the topic or a regular newsletter. By providing any of these, you demonstrate your knowledge of their field and demonstrate why they should listen and learn from you. When you get their email address, you maintain regular contact, all the time increasing their confidence in the ability you have to help them.

When they click 'send,' they are emailed asking them to confirm that they want you to send them information - called ‘double opt-in’ so they can't accuse you of spamming them. Good auto responder records the IP address they own that you used to prove they contacted you.

Nourish your list


When they confirm, the automatic reply will send them information and add their details to your contact email list. You then send their eBooks or their course programming will be delivered someday.

You should nurture your list, email them whenever you have a new product to offer, or you email an email explaining specific problem-solving and offering a product to help get there. All through your autoresponder. Keep sending interesting information and don't try to sell with every mail.

Some people access the internet to find information and knowledge, while others are seeking help with their own online businesses. Either of these groups will be responsible for purchasing the product you sell if it helps them and if they are confident of the ability and knowledge you possess.

However, it is estimated that ordinary people need about 6 to 8 product views before they decide to buy. Autoresponders are the ideal way to make sure they get that.

There are several commercially available automated responses for your use. We will look at free and paid Autoresponders.

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Autoresponders free


Is it wise to put important assets like your email list in the hands of a free service? Someone thought they would start free, and then moved their list after it had grown. This is not easy to do this and you face charges from new autoresponder. You also have to ask your registrants to re-register and that usually costs you 60% or more of your listing!

Many argue that the cost of autoresponder is relatively small, due to the size of the list available for marketing purposes. You only pay $ 1 for your first month with AWeber and it's free GetResponse, then $ 19 and $ 15 monthly. That's the small price for such an important asset.

The choice is yours and we will first discuss the best free fully automated feedback on the planet: List Wire.

List Wire Review


List Wire makes it easy to set up, operate autoresponder and offers unlimited subscribers, emails and personal lists. This is unusual for free autoresponder which usually strictly limits the number of subscribers it holds and emails allowed. You do not need to understand HTML, CSS or even how to use the FTP program.

Easy forms: You easily create registration forms and add them to your website. List Wire claims to opt in so you have no problem being accused of spamming - each of the list has agreed to join twice.

Cancellation policy: The service also automatically unsubscribes anyone who sends your email to their spam or spam boxes. It also immediately removes anyone from your list for removal requests. All of this combines to ensure that you meet the terms of spam laws and email best practices.

Schedule messages: You schedule emails and follow-up messages for any period of time you choose, and you're not limited in the number of messages. You email your entire list in times if you want. Such promotional emails are especially helpful if you have special offers that suit all or most of your subscribers, or have upcoming special events.

Format: If the email goes to multiple lists, List Wire will ensure that members of the multiple lists receive mail only. Your email in text or HTML format and List Wire will also format special messages for your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Each message will show up on the leader's wall and inbox.

Rejection analysis: Finally, this free Autoresponders will analyze bounce rate and also exit code explaining why your email was rejected. This, allows you to reduce rejection rates. The List Wire system also fully authenticates email so that they bypass the authentication system of major services such as AOL, Yahoo and Gmail.

For free auto-responder, List Wire provides a special service. It is considered by many to be the best truly free auto-responder application on the market and the only one we find to really compete with higher-paid services.

Review via MailChimp


We are looking at this from a free service perspective - MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers with up to 12,000 personal emails allowed per month: up to 6 subscribers at the highest 2,000.

However, the free version does not check distributional aspects, such as if it is considered spam. This is a serious omission for any autoresponders. Tracking is also poor. Neither List Wire nor MailChimp track your email and how they are used. Both the free and paid versions do not determine when links are clicked and opened, while AWeber and GetResponse determine which links in your email are clicked and opened.

However, the main problem with MailChimp for most people is that you are not allowed to put your affiliate link in email. This is a big negative for anyone involved in affiliate marketing.

In addition, MailChimp provides most of what you need from autoresponder. However, we must choose List Wire as the free autoresponder, because you promote your links in emails and track, analyze spam reports, and your email delivery is better handled. .

Paid Autoresponders


There are many good paid Paid Autoresponders available. However, it is generally accepted that the three big guys are GetResponse, MailChimp and AWeber. We do not include MailChimp here because it has a serious problem with affiliate marketing, the website owner is involved in affiliate marketing. as a means to make money from their website. We will focus on AWeber and GetResponse.

AWeber Vs. GetResponse


GetResponse and AWeber are widely recognized as the two main players. Each one has fans and each fan will tell you why they use one and not the other. If you're looking for the top auto-responder that provides you with great engagement forms and email on time as you like, AWeber will do it.

AWeber is easy to use and those who find it before GetResponse tend to stay with it. They found no reason to change. The same is true for GetResponse users. Why change when you have no real needs? Every activity is as good as a good auto-response, no problem comes with free options.

Only when you need something specific do you change from one to another. So why should everyone change from AWeber to GetResponse?

Benefits of GetResponse


There is a reason why someone changed from AWeber to GetResponse. The main ones are:

Add another listing

If you have other Autoresponders and want to add the list to your AWeber account, you can't do that. You must ask everyone on the email confirmation list to resolve to meet AWeber. Large numbers will not do this, this is because they no longer respond to your email, but some also because they feel it is an inconvenience.

It's easy to enter lists with GetResponse. This is why so many people who previously used free Autoresponders like List Wire and the free MailChimp version switched to GetResponse instead of AWeber - it's easier to import their current list.

Email planning

GetResponse allows you to program emails to be sent to people when they click on a specific page on the website when they read a post on a certain website, when they opened the previous email and even on their birthday. All are automatic; Don't get this with AWeber. This is a great way to continue engaging with potential customers and letting them know you're interested.

Run the survey

If you want to run a survey with your list using AWeber, you must use a third-party poll application. GetResponse lets you put the survey into email without any other application. You learn a lot by surveying the entire list.

Image GetResponse

iStock has thousands of images available for those who want to buy them. GetResponse has an arrangement with iStockPhoto for you to use images available at your email. This adds pizzazz to your message and extracts a better response, higher clickthrough rates and conversions.

AWeber benefits

AWeber integrates more easily with other websites like PayPal and Amazon. Setting up the Zapier system to integrate them into GetResponse is not difficult. AWeber also has great form templates that you customize.

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Sendy is another option if you already have the list. It's less expensive than AWeber, but it doesn't provide form templates and it doesn't help you build your list of subscribers. You have to do it. If you already have a list, but want to save money when sending emails, Sendy will charge no more than $ 0.10 for every 1,000 submissions.

Sendy is a viable option if you have experience in email marketing. The downside to this service is to copy and paste unselected email addresses. And Sendy doesn't seem to provide the anti-spam security of other autoresponder apps.

You must also add your own unsubscribe link and business address to the email. If you do not do this, you will violate anti-spam rules, so you use Sendy yourself. However, many believe that its benefits are well worth the extra work.

It's not for email marketers, but Sendy is definitely worth a try if you're looking to cut your email marketing costs. You pay $ 59 upfront for each domain, then your sending cost is very low: only 10 cents / 1,000.


For free Autoresponders, the best option is List Wire. MailChimp is an acceptable autoresponder, both free and paid, although leave it if you participate in affiliate marketing or are likely to have it in the future. List Wire has no such restrictions and is the best free Autoresponders currently available.

Among paid systems, both GetResponse and AWeber are currently the best versions available with the paid version of MailChimp accounting for 30%.

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