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How to verify the latest webmaster tool

Hello everyone, the present webmaster tool be updated regularly, and the update interface is also different, so many of you are not familiar with and manipulate using this master tool website.

How do I get straight to the point always offline.

  1. What is webmaster tool?

    Webmaster Tools also known as Google Search Console is Google's free web service for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check the status of indexing and optimize your website,
    => In general, Help google index our website faster, optimize website fast, to have good ranking of google.

  2. The Install Webmaster Tool

    You go to the browser Google Search Console or follow this link

    Then you add your website

  3. How to verify the latest webmaster tool

    As shown below, you select the box URL Prefix okay, it's easier for you to verify, because there are many website master tool verifications, like verifying HTML file, Verify by HTML tag ...
    Do not choose New Domain Okay, because this box is verify via domain, if you know IT well, you can do this step. If not, it will be difficult for you,

    - Verifications using the new domain

    + You go to the domain pointing DNS entry,
    + Create a new DNS, according to the google website master tool given, you add. wait 15-20 minutes, depending on the unit, for the domain to receive that DNS,
    + Re-enter the verification interface, press continue

    How to verify the latest webmaster tool with URL Prefix

    1. Verify by HTML file

      => You download the file given by google, then go to hosting, add the file to the root directory, then return to google to verify it is OK.

    2. Verify by HTML Tag

      => You copy the html tag, go to the index.php file you inserted in thOh Then you go back to google verify it's oke,

      note: if wordpress: go to theme -> navigate to header.php file and add the link to thOh verify it.

      Shortest way: Another way if using wordpress: Yoat Seo plugin, you go Overview (English dashboard) Go to the website master tool and put the card in the box Confirmation code from Google: After you visit the master tool website is done, 5s only.

      Many other, ad only guide 2 ways above, if you have problems, the lower fee coment, ad will support directly online.

  4. Website Master Tool Verification Complete
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That's it, If you do not know the code or do not know how to fix it, leave a comment below, ad will guide or ultraview help or help IT with your side to fix it.

I wish you success dentist !

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