Learn about the Goblin clan in the game Auto Chess Mobile

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If talking about the popularity and the most players used in the game Auto Chess Mobile, there is no race that can surpass the Goblin.
Is a race with good damage and resistance, and the top recovery ability of the game - this is the strongest clan at the beginning of the game. And in today's article I will join you in learning about the power and how to use the Goblin most effectively.
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#first. Introducing the Goblin race

After the latest update of the game, the membership of the Goblin clan has not changed and remains the same 6 Goblin: Soul Breaker, Sky Breaker, Heaven Bomber, Ripper, Venomancer and Devastator.
toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (1)

Possessing the ability to recover and increase armor in the form of terrible in Auto Chess, this makes the Goblin clan dominate the first time of the match. The more goblins on the field, the more armor and recovery will be.
  • 3 Goblins: Increases 12 armor and restores 10 energy per second to any hero on your side.
  • 6 Goblins: Increases armor by 15 and restores 10 energy every second to all heroes.
Note: The reason why the Goblin race is only strong at the beginning of the game is not to say that the Goblin's strength is weak at the end of the game.
However, because there are 6 Goblins, including a $ 5 hero, it is not easy to get 6 Goblins. If you are a good character and possess 6 Goblins in the squad, the late game stage will also be very strong.

#2. Evaluate the power of the Goblin race

2.1. Goblin advantage

Most members of the Goblin clan belong to the Mech system (4 out of 6 Goblins), so when used, it can activate the internal power of the Mech system to help revitalize. This made the recovery of the Goblin race increase.
  • Has the power almost overwhelming the beginning of the game, giving you a series of early wins.
  • Ability to increase armor and heal the entire squad when all 6 Goblins.
  • Possesses both magic damage and high physical damage.

2.2. Disadvantages of the Goblin race

  • There are 6 Goblins so it is difficult to own the Goblin.
  • Passive only works for 1 hero when less than 6 Goblins.
  • No strong control or short range.
  • Late game depends heavily on owning Devastator or it will be very weak.
=> In general, the Goblin clan is quite easy to use that can help you win the series at the beginning of the game.
If you are not a very good person, try to end the game early or raise the Lever early to have a higher chance of dropping Devastator.

# 3. Details about the Heroes in the Goblin clan

3.1. Heaven Bomber ($ 1)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (4)

  • Life force: 500/1000/2000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 45/90/180
  • Attack speed and range: 1.5s / 4 cells
Considered the "soul" of the Goblin at the beginning of the game, when possessing a huge amount of damage from skills.
This is your main card when using the Goblin at the beginning of the match because of the long arm span, stable damage and a $ 1 hero so quite easy to own.

3.2. Sky Breaker ($ 1)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (3)

  • Life force: 700/1400/2800
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 1.4s / 5 cells
Can take positions of the blow as well as damage to the squad. Possessing a small stun ability within 2 cells and 1 accompanying damage for 5 seconds makes Sky Breaker extremely uncomfortable at first.

3.3. Soul Breaker ($ 1)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (2)

  • Life force: 550/1100/2200
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 60/120/240
  • Attack speed and range: 1s / 1 cell
Soul Breaker is the only assassin in the clan and takes the role of the main catcher. With fairly high base damage, fast attack speed and extremely strong shock damage.
With the 3 $ 1 heroes of the Goblin clan, you can easily reach the chain of early wins, this is true for the phrase "Easy to play, easy to win".

3.4. Ripper ($ 2)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (5)

  • Life force: 800/1600/3200
  • Armor: 6
  • Damage: 57/115/230
  • Attack speed and range: 1.4s / 1 cell
Ripper can be considered as the second tanker of the Goblin clan. With good resistance, though not as controllable as Sky Breaker, but Ripper is strong in the ability to deal standard damage from skills.

3.5. Venomancer ($ 4)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (6)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Armor: 0
  • Damage: 65/130/260
  • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 1 cell
Venomancer in addition to possessing high basic stats, also possesses extremely dangerous skills.
With his skills Venomancer can create an area of ​​Acid Mist that damages, and reduces the opponent's armor. With great damage from the Goblin tribe, this skill can greatly support the squad.

3.6. Devastator ($ 5)

toc-goblin-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (7)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Armor: 10
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 1.5s / 4 cells
A key card in the Goblin and decisive. Being a $ 5 hero requires high dignity, but it is well worth the power of the Devastator.
With the "super huge" damage ability and wide range, this will be the end for all squads without resistance.

# 4. The squad combined with the Goblin race

6 Goblin - 4 Beast
6 Goblin - 3 Warrior - 2 Marine
6 Goblin - 4 Marine

# 5. Epilogue

Above is his article about Goblin tribe in Auto Chess Mobile game. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!
I wish you happy and healthy game play 😀
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