Manage server files with the Mozilla Switchhosts extension


Manage server files with the Mozilla Switchhosts extension - The Mozilla Switchhosts extension or add-on is useful if you want to switch your web server, but you should try the new server before committing to it. This is a big step towards changing your website hosting service and you definitely want to know that it will handle your website before you take that step.

To do that, you will have to point your computer to the new storage service as it is now. There is a file in your operating system called the 'hosts' file, which provides your computer with the hosting service's IP address for named domains. In order for your computer to detect a temporary service that hosts your website, you must change the content of the server file. If you use Firefox, here's how to get there quickly and easily using the Mozilla add-on.

Transform your WordPress website


Take the WordPress website as an example. Perhaps your website goes far beyond your current web hosting service and needs more server space or bandwidth. Perhaps you want a service specific to your website, such as moving from HostGator to WPEngine. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to try the new service before moving from the old one.

An easy way to do that is to set up a trial account on the new web hosting service, install and configure WordPress to reflect your existing settings, then copy the relevant directories and files. Go to your WP website to the new server. However, you still want your website to be live instead of closing it while you set up your trial.

Website conversion


If you want to convert your website, you can set up the directory on your new host and then FTP or copy all the directories and files of your existing original web site to the new server for complete. Website structure is duplicated on your new domain.

Once you've completed either of these tasks, you're ready to test your new server. To do that, your computer must recognize your website hosted by the new service. To achieve this, you must edit the server file in Windows or Ubuntu if you are using that OS.

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This is where the Mozilla Switchhosts extension comes into play. It can save you a lot of work and time searching and editing this file. Here's how:

How to use Switchhost

First install the Switch Hosts utility. To do this:

  • Go to your Firefox browser and click on -gt Tools; -Gt utility; Get add-ons

  • Use the search box on the top right to find Switchhosts

  • Click on the ‘Settings’Search for Addon Addhost button

  • Close and restart Firefox

  • Click the Tools menu, then on SwitchHosts (Press the Alt button to display the Tools menu)

Now click on ‘Before you start (Click!)’ And you get this message:


Click OK, so SwitchHosts overwrites the ‘host’ file in Windows: C: / Windows / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts

You then receive a message regarding your server file backup. Write down the location in case you want to restore it, then click OK.


You can now use add-ons to transfer web hosting services recognized by your computer. Here is the way to do it.

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Transform your web server with the Mozilla Switchhosts extension

  1. Go to Tools on your Firefox menu bar and click Switchhosts> Server Management. You should now see the following screen:

Click on ‘Add’ and you will see the screen asking for Host Name


2. Add the domain name you want to convert and the IP address of the new server. Click the ‘Add Record’ button then OK and your domain will be added to the new web hosting service.

Important: Add two forms of domain names: with and without the www. So you will add and - each with a separate type and each IP address of the new server. Each will appear on the 'Edit server' window on a separate line, as follows:


Now open Run Window (Windows Windows + R button or open Run Window from the Start Menu). Type ipconfig / flushdns in the black box and press enter.

3. Now select the new server file from the menu. This allows you to switch from the original server to the new server with just one click.


You can save a lot of time by using the Mozilla Switchhosts extension. When you have used it for the first time, you will appreciate it.

If you are using Google chrome then you can try the MultiSwitch extension.