Minecraft: 8 Mobs are gentle, do not attack players (Passive Mobs)

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Summary of all types of gentle mobs, do not attack players (Passive mobs)!
Minecraft is an open world game, so everything in the game comes from everyday life, to give players the most authentic experience.
Including trees, houses, weather, tools, .... Especially the mobs system built in the game is very realistic and interesting.
The mobs system in Minecraft is divided into several categories, and today I will introduce to you the kind of gentle and tame mobs in Minecraft game.
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#first. Cow

This is a fairly common mobs in the game. You can meet them anywhere, but they often gather in grassy plains.
mobs-hien-khong-tan-cong-game-in-mimecraft (4)

Cows can be raised for milk, meat, skin, etc. They usually eat wheat, so to tame it you only need a bunch of wheat, they will automatically follow you home.
Raising cows will help you get milk to drink, meat to eat, clothes to make, etc. If you want them to breed and have many babies, you should bring two cows together and feed them wheat, then two big cows will give birth to one cow. Kill them will drop 1-2 meat, 0-1 skin.

#2. Chicken

Small, cute mobs. They are like cows, appearing in many places and very easy to meet them.
mobs-hien-khong-cong-nguoi-play-in-mimecraft (2)

You can raise these chickens to collect eggs, meat, feathers. Tame them by using seeds to lure them because they eat the seeds.
Similar to cows, if they want to reproduce, you should feed the seed to both chicks and immediately chicks will appear. Killing them can result in 0-1 feathers, 0-1 meat, 0-1 eggs.

# 3. Pigs

Like in our real life, raising pigs is mostly for meat. So pigs in Minecraft can only give you meat.
mobs-hien-khong-cong-nguoi-play-in-mimecraft (6)

Their main food is carrots. That should tame them also with carrots. Breeding is similar to cows and chickens. But pigs are more special than they can even ride.
If you want to ride them, prepare a saddle and a carrot fishing rod, then approach them to put the saddle, then sit up and use the carrot fishing rod to manipulate them.

# 4. Lamb

mobs-hien-khong-tan-cong-nguoi-in-mimecraft (5)

This is a fairly gentle mobs. They usually come in pairs or two or more. The staple food is grass and wheat. So they will follow you when you lure them with wheat.
Reproduction is similar to pigs and chickens. Raising sheep will give you a lot of cool stuff like: meat, fur, .. When killing them you will get meat and fur, but if you want to collect or long it is better to cut them with scissors instead of killing them. .

# 5. Wolf

Wolves are not really gentle, when not purebred they retain their wild nature of being aggressive and violent.
mobs-hien-khong-cong-nguoi-play-in-mimecraft (3)

But when they were tamed by the bones, they became obedient, gentle, obedient and extremely loyal.
Tame them with bones (acquired by killing monsters). Their food is meat of all kinds. Because it is a loyal animal, wherever you go it will follow, it can even protect you from attacks from monsters. Feed two wolves, they will give birth to a puppy.

# 6. Cat

mobs-hien-khong-tan-cong-moi-in-mimecraft (1)

She was a stubborn wild cat, but when she was fed fish, she was very obedient and obedient. Once domesticated, they will automatically change color from fawn to black and white.
Like dogs, they will follow you anywhere, but they are not able to attack but instead they just run. So raising cats is just for show.

# 7. Horse

mobs-hien-khong-tan-cong-moi-in-mimecraft (8)

Most of the animals in Minecraft are copied from reality to give players the most realistic experience.
Therefore, horses in the game are only used for riding. Tame them by sitting on them and how they can not run around, then use the saddle to put on that you can ride them anywhere. The staple food of this species is wheat. The running speed of this species is the fastest in the game.

#8. Trick

mobs-hien-khong-tan-cong-moi-in-mimecraft (7)

Like horses, it has all these effects, and its food and taming are like horses. But in donkeys, they can help you carry things that horses can't.
You can equip chests on them so you can carry items away. Therefore, the running speed of the donkey is quite slow.

# 9. Finish

The above is general the most gentle, easy to tame mobs in Minecraft. The game will constantly update many other species of mobs. So you should download Minecraft game to discover all the new and mysterious things in the game.
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