Quix Bookmarklet application great for websiter


Quix Bookmarklet application great for websiter - Right from the time you upgrade yourself from a basic internet user, there's a lot of waiting for you. We hope that you will be websiter, internet marketer or developer or any other industry in this field after getting the mentioned upgrade. As you know, as a web user, your main tool is a web browser, which has few additional capabilities than we expect. However, if you want to make your web browser multi-functional, you will have to install dozens or hundreds of add-ons, also known as extensions, into that software. The real problem is, when your web browser starts to lag due to a lot of add-ons, this can create a conflict for the application, a slower browsing experience, etc. However, today, we have a great solution for you.


Technically, Quix is ​​a bookmarklet, which has some really effective features in it. A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the Subtle Bookmarklet - to check background websites easily. Quix is ​​also a member of that category, but it has few extras for any pro-internet user. You can integrate this bookmarklet with your browser, regardless of whether it's Chrome, Mozilla or Microsoft Edge. In fact, Quix is ​​a collection of scripts, which can do wonders in the browser by letting you navigate effectively. In addition to just adding the bookmarklet, there are many ways to set up Quix in a sophisticated way, with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Now, let us check the operation of the tool.

How to start using Quix

To install this bookmarklet in your browser, you must first visit the Quix official website. In this section, we are using Google Chrome to display the integration and operation of Quix, although Quix has support for all other popular web browsers. There are two options available. Here, we are checking the first step.

  1. On the website, in the upper right, you can see a button called ‘Quix Application’ along with the wrench icon.

  1. Drag the button to your bookmarks bar.

  1. Once you've done these steps, you can click on the bookmark to get started.

Use Quix

Using Quix is ​​easy work. You can click on the bookmarklet. In a few seconds, you can see the dialog box, as shown below.


As you can see, you have to enter the appropriate commands in the text field, which also means that the commands are a key element of Quix. Therefore, dozens of commands are available for Quix for different purposes. You can find the full list of commands here. However, we will list the key and useful Quix commands for purposes such as SEO, Regular Browsing, Development, Social Networks, etc.

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Browse normally

d: Press d in the dialog box followed by the term will search Google to identify the term. For example, we may enter the website ‘and it will give you a definition of the website.

g: g, followed by the term, will give you Google search results.

GS: gs followed by a search term will perform a customized Google search within the website or website.

Social Network


fb: you can type ‘fb’ and press enter to share the current URL in Facebook.

tn: You can tweet about the current URL using this command.

su: Submit a link in StumbleUpon.


codex: You can search for WordPress codex through this command.

wptool: This command can open WordPress toolbar.


gc: You can check the Google Cache of the current URL.

nofollow: This command will highlight nofollow links in websites.

seo: This command runs a quick SEO check of the current website.

gwt: Open Google Webmaster Tools for the current website.


bitly: Open the page to shorten the URL with bit.ly

googl: Open page to shorten URL with goo.gl

All commands are listed here.



There are already enough commands in Quix for specific functions. If you think they are not enough, you can start executing your own commands for Quix. Moreover, customizing Quix is ​​a lot easier, because of the streamlined syntax and documentation. You can learn more about Quix syntax from here. Once you have created your commands, you can use this page to run code and get the version specific to Quix.

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See everything we've said, Quix is ​​a must-have tool for all internet users who don't like cramming their web browser with hundreds of add-ons and thus causing it to lag. What do you think of the Quix bookmarklet? Let us know in the comments below.