Reasons You Should Become A Web Service Agent Soon

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The reason you should become a web service agent soon - We have seen many people who want to make money through the internet and other types of web services. Many of them choose to write websites as a way to make money, we will have to say that they are also successful. In our previous post, we shared with you how you can turn your website into a revenue stream. If you think you are succeeding in website writing and internet marketing, you can try moving on to the next stage of internet marketing. Obviously, a safer way to start is by ‘Reselling’ where you can resell web-based products and earn sizable sales.

In fact, reselling is buying things for a lower price, often called a discount, then selling it for a higher price. We guess it would be great if you could get the product, which has a retail value of INR 5000, but you bought it for INR 4,000 and could sell it to your customers for INR 4,500. In this method, users get a discount of INR 500 while you receive a profit of INR 500.

There are many different web-based products to resell like domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, etc. As you may have heard there are many companies offering Reseller services including HostGator, ResellerClub, etc. For now, however, let us check how reselling might become your optimal way to make money through the web.

Price range less

This is the main working principle of reselling services and products. Through reseller companies, you can get products like domain names and web hosting at low prices when compared to the retail price of the product. The further things are related to your skills to attract customers because you can resell the service for any amount. Today, you should set price tags, which will be considered a discount for your customers. This means, if you have good skills to attract customers and know the current market, you can make a lot of money from the resale.

Big sale off


HostGator is offering a 30% discount to our beloved readers. You can use the following HostGator coupon code with any hosting plan and you will receive a 30% discount.

ResellerClub, a web service provider that provides programs for resellers, is offering exclusive offers to TechLila readers. Now you can start your Agency business with them by investing a minimum and can spend 60 USD instead of 99 USD. The entire amount will then be available for you to use and immediately buy / sell web products and services such as domain names, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, single domain hosting, services build websites and digital certificates.

Wide collection

As we said before, there are many different products in resale networks. This list includes domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, website builders, etc. at a lower price as mentioned. Therefore, you can get advanced income if you can find customers who need all these services. Instead of selling each product individually, you can set up the package and sell it for a favorable price.

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Easy to manage


In reseller hosting, managing their customers and services is much easier than shared hosting. You will get centralized cPanel to control everything. Using this cPanel, you can provide separate cPanels for each of your customers. Of course, this feature is quite useful when you have hundreds of customers and cannot manage all your files and websites through a single cPanel dashboard. Also, when it comes to shared hosting, you can't give all your customers separate cPanels. However, in the hosting store, you can do so, thereby helping you control your website through cPanel. Therefore, there is no chance that a new user could cause you to lose all your data through errors.



Promotions are a great opportunity for an agent. There are companies that have organized several advertising events, in which agents can receive products at low prices (Of course, lower than the regular resale amount). To use such promotions and events, you should become a reseller, who can also earn decent money.

Your venture!

If you think, you have that great power to attract large numbers of customers to your service; You can even set up a virtual company for you. You need a domain name to do so. Most agency services set up websites and brands, so that users can receive products. This option is quite useful when you want to provide some services to customers (assuming hosting) under your control.

You are the boss


Assume that you are an internet marketer. The customer approached you saying he wanted to host the web. If you are using the reseller service, you can provide the service to him in a way that he needs your support to continue with the service. For example, if he has to renew the service, they will go through your link and you will receive profit. Agency business is completely profitable if you can keep that customer with you.

Payment and income

Most agent services have professional payment sections so you don't get tangled up with the number of customers or what they pay. The payment system is very professional, helping it create invoices and send them to your customers in seconds. Obviously, these sections will make your service look more professional.



After all, the use of reseller services does not require coding language because everything is done through a single dashboard. Once you activate your account, you will receive a dashboard where you can manage customers, perform payment tools, add money to your account for additional payments, etc. When compared to your old cPanel concept, handling the service panel dashboard is a fairly straightforward job.


Analyzing all of the points mentioned above, we can say that agency business is a good way to make money if you have the skills to attract users to you. Of course, you should have good communication skills along with the ability to act related to market movements. For example, your venture will fail if you sell your domain name for 500 when another registrar costs less. When choosing a service, you should be careful because bad choices can cost you money.

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