Share 10 cool tips when playing Minecraft games that you should know

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In Minecraft, in addition to gaming skills, you also need to master a few basic tips to help you be able to survive effectively in Minecraft. Today, I will share with you 10 basic tips to help you survive better in the game.
Because this is just what I know about playing tips, the omission is inevitable, and because there are so many tips, I cannot cover it all in one article. So I hope you can contribute more ideas below so I can improve.
And here is my article on 10 basic tips to know when playing Minecraft. The same reference you offline !
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#first. Boats help you through walls

If you do not know, in addition to the main function is to travel on water, the boat has many other uses, including the use that can help you walk through their walls.
Have you ever thought that you could go through walls? And what if you come across something you can't hack into by destroying it?
At these times you should prepare a boat, then put them close to the wall and then push deep inside, finally you only need to sit on the boat to be able to go to the other side of the wall. This could be a game bug.
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#2. You can defeat parrots by feeding them cookies

Colorful parrots have been added in Minecraft in recent versions. They are extremely cute and adorable thanks to their flashy fur.
Besides, parrots in Minecraft can also dance to music. So cute you probably wouldn't want to kill them here 😀
But if for some reason you need to kill them and not want to use your sword to hand, you can also defeat them by feeding it biscuits. I don't find it logical, but it's pretty good, right?

# 3. A fireball serves as a lighter

If you need a fire without a lighter, you can use a fireball instead. Fireballs can be collected when fighting hell.
Fireballs, in addition to attacking, you can also use it instead of lighters. They can completely activate TNT and the gates of hell, ...
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# 4. Dyes can genetically alter sheep

You usually dye the colors of the wools after harvest, right? It works fine, but it takes time and dyes.
Instead, you can apply the dye directly to the sheep while you are alive, in addition to being able to dye their fur, you can also change its genes.
Once dyed, their fur will turn into a custom color even after shaving. Besides, when the sheep were born, they were the same color as their parents.
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# 5. Use the gates of hell to move long distances

Certainly 90% of Minecraft players do not know this, it is 1 block in hell equal to 8 blocks in the real world.
So if you want to travel long distances, go to hell and build 2 gates separated at 1: 8 ratio to be able to move as far as you like.

# 6. Going straight through a fire will not catch fire

In the game, what if you go to hell or burnt places and you have to go through them? At these times, you have to be really assertive and walk through the bonfires.
Now you only lose a little blood but do not catch fire on people. If you hesitate, stay there and you will catch fire and lose a lot of blood.

# 7. The chest will still open when placing the field block above

If you are a Minecraft player for a long time, surely you will know that the chest will not open if there is a block posted above.
But there is one block that, when you put them on a chest, the chest still opens which is the field block. Field blocks are created when you use a hoe to dig the soil. This is also very good when you apply it to secret works.
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#8. Use Jade Ender to teleport through thin walls

As you know, Ender jade is the sweat of dragon Ender. They are used by the Slendermen to move back and forth.
And if we have it, we can do the same thing. But did you know that the Ender gems can also help us through some thin walls like doors, glass, etc.
To do that, you must first prepare at least one Ender jewel, then you use this gem and throw it at the foot of the wall, immediately you will be able to teleport through that wall. You can use this method to break into houses, buildings, etc.
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# 9. TNT will be able to destroy blocks under water if a sand block is placed on top

As you probably already know, TNT pods will not be able to destroy blocks while underwater.
The destructive power of can cause damage but can not destroy the block. But if you use one block of sand above it is different, then they will be able to destroy the blocks as usual.
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#ten. The crepper will stop detonating if you are not found

Creppers are a type of mobs not very smart. When they meet an enemy they will explode and they will both die.
But if they were about to explode but they did not see the target, they would immediately stop exploding. So if we were chased by a crepper, calm down and get a tree and hide for Crepper to see, then they will stop exploding.
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### End

Above are some basic Minecraft playing tips but I think it will help you play the game much better. I wish you happy gaming and achieved many results in the game offline nhé
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. And do not forget to visit the blog every day to see more of your next article Thank you!
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