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In the game Minecraft, you can build your own buildings, the cities you like. But to build those cities, you need not only a rich imagination but also raw materials.
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Where does the raw material come from? Yes ! There is no other way you have to dig yourself, go mining them (also known as going Mine).
That's why in this article today I will show you how to go mine the most effective way in Minecraft game.
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#first. The resources can be earned when going to the Mine

Going to mine helps you find the resources you need, from normal to rare levels. Some resources you can earn when going to mine, are:
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Rock: This is a fairly common material and resource and is the main ingredient that makes up the Minecraft world. They appear in almost all layers. You can use them to build houses, make lots of useful things. You can exploit stones by trophy (all types) to increase the productivity of mining.
Charcoal: Is an extremely important burning fuel in the game. Newcomers must pay close attention to coal mining as soon as possible. Coal is also quite easy to find, mostly appearing in Layer 29. Charcoal is used to make raw materials, cook food, make torches, etc. You can exploit it with any trophy.
Iron: A type of material is also important in the game. Iron is the basis, the root to create many items such as armor, weapons, tools, ... All of the iron ore is very easy to find and often located next to coal ores, but appears more in Layer 35. You can mine iron ore with a cup (except for a wooden cup).
Gold: Also a precious ingredient in the game. Because of that, it is also quite difficult to find mines, you have to dig deep to be able to find them. Gold appears a lot in Layer 20. You can use trophies to collect them (except for wood cups).
Diamond: This is one of the most valuable resources in the Minecraft game. So to dig them you have to dig as deep as possible. The majority of these ores are located near places with lava flows. Diamonds in Minecraft are used to make armor, weapons, tools, etc. Exploiting diamonds with trophy (except wood cup and stone cup).
Red stones: Similar to electricity in reality, the red stone in the game has the same feature. They are used to create sophisticated machines and traps. Red rocks are common in places where lava flows, so you must pay close attention when mining red rocks. Mining red stone by trophy (except stone cup and wooden cup).
Jade glass: Jade glass in Minecraft is mainly used to make complex items. It is not difficult to encounter them when we go to mine, Luoc Ly often appears next to the red rock ore. Use trophy to exploit (except stone cup and wooden cup).
Emerald: This is the most precious and rare resource in Minecraft game. They are extremely difficult to exploit, because the emerald is not fixed in any layer, moreover, the number is very small. So if you want to have emerald, it's best to deal with the villagers to make it easier. Emeralds in the game are mainly used for trading. It is possible to dig them with iron cup, diamond cup ...

#2. Things to prepare when going mine

Going to mine is not only about digging, but it is still hidden but there are many dangers, many secrets that we can never know. So before going to mine you have to carefully prepare equipment such as:
Cup: This is an indispensable tool that you must carry when you mine. The trophy makes it possible to mine ore resources quickly and efficiently. There are basic types of trophy as follows: Wooden cup, trophy, golden cup, iron cup, diamond cup The rate of extraction depends on the material we make.
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The wood: Yes, wood is an indispensable material when mine, because there is no wood under mine. You need to bring wood to be able to make the necessary tools such as manufacturing tables, digging tools, .... So remember to bring it in case of necessity.
Torch: When going to mine you need light so you can see everything, so carrying a torch is a wise choice. The torch will help you to illuminate and mark the places you have passed by the caves below mine just like a maze. You need to bring at least 60 torches to light up.
Food: Bringing food will help you to escape hunger, and restore the blood was drained when damaged. You should bring lots of food because it's hard to find food down there.
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Armor, weapons: When going mines, there are many dangers, so you need to prepare armor and weapons to guard against being attacked.
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Shove: Carrying a bucket will be very helpful when you encounter lava or water, you can get them with the bucket you brought.

# 3. Note when going mine in Minecraft game

Dig a mine in the shape of a ladder: Most of you when going to mine will dig straight down, but that way of doing it is quite wrong. Because, when we dig straight down, it will be very passive to encounter lava or monsters. If you dig a ladder, you will be more active in those cases.
Excavate ores carefully: When you want to dig a block of ore at your feet, or above your head, it's best to step aside from a block to dig, which is much safer than having lava or something like that.
Notice and listen for noises: When going to mine you should pay attention to strange noises like monsters, lava, .... If you hear the sound of monsters, it is better to get away from them instead of facing the face.

# 4. Finish

The above are experiences for you to Take mine effectively in Minecraft game. Hope you can apply these experiences and tips well to collect and exploit more valuable resources.
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. Dear!!
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