Should use a new domain name


Should use a new domain name or choose a subdomain name - When discussing whether a new domain name or subdomain is better, it is important to know your purpose. A new domain name creates a different website, a subdomain that operates independently of the main domain.

Technically, www in is a subdomain, as the first part of, but also does not discuss such techniques here. Next we will mention a subdomain in the form of a directory on the root site that acts as a separate website with separate admin and content files.

For example, you will create a subdomain WordPress by creating a ‘site2’ folder in the root directory and installing WordPress site2 name. To simply name, you need to pay for the site2 domain name.

Here are three example URLs for the options available to you:



Here, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the top 2: new domain or subdomain?

Which is best: New domain name or Subdomain?


When deciding between a new domain name and subdomain. Need to determine this, each is different and will have a different way. The situations are:

  1. You have a brand like and want to expand your marketing reach by promoting products on your website. A main domain My will be a better choice - that's why you have to look ahead when choosing a product-oriented domain name.

  2. You have a specific domain name that is making money and want to advertise other products that are not connected to your website.

  3. You have a generic domain name like and want to use that name to promote the product.

OPTION A: Branding the current brand you want to keep

-en-use-name-free-or-new-------------s--name -main

Do you have a sports website - - that focuses on sportswear or apparel and wants to expand that to the sports equipment market or provide sports apparel and equipment.

Because the brand name is working well, you will make the mistake of losing that brand recognition by creating a different domain for each sport. For example, nickgolf, nicktennis, etc. No one will guess this domain.

Subdomains support brand identity


Use brand recognition to achieve the best by using subdomains. Create a separate subdomain for each sport and select the folders for each sub-section of that sport. Take the example of golf. The subdomain URL will be with subdomains for other sports. Locate the different aspects for each sport choose directories like

You will benefit from the very logical URL structure of brand retention, but also the ability to create domain names and directories to cover all sports and different aspects of the sport in the way customers goods understand and retain brand

If you already have a well-known brand, then subdomains are the best way to expand your product range.

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OPTION B: Domain specific


In this example, you still have the domain and decide to venture into the field of toys. You create a subdomain! Looks good, but do sports site visitors ever look for Lego? And will Lego seekers visit Nicksports to find it?

This is the best case you should buy a new domain name and create a new website. The two products are not connected to each other, apart from sports fans looking to build Lego figures of his favorite sports stars or stadiums. You don't have many customers like that, a new domain name is the better option of the two options.

OPTION C: Generic domain name


This is an example of Amazon. When you have a common domain name and are doing well with it, keep it. It's a brand name, even though it can't link to a product like Start by using the first ‘off topic” subdomain and see how you approach. Finally, the website is labeled as the ‘provide all’ domain like Amazon.

You buy a new domain name for each product type. The advantage of using subdomains is that you explain what you are doing on the main domain home page. Initially, you have a catalog of products that are linked to the appropriate subdomain. The customer will then know what to look for.

That's how Amazon does it! Like Amazon, customers will click on the primary domain name before searching for the appropriate subdomain. Why not choose folders, customers click on these? Search engine, that is why.

SEO benefits of subdomains


For SEO, it is best to create new domain names when you want to optimize each page on the website to increase rankings. But not necessarily, because to quote George Gershwin! When using subdomains, you get:

  • Trademarks and proper authority are maintained.

  • Create links between different subdomains.

  • Each subdomain will inherit part of the authority and reliability of the main domain.

  • You don't have to start over with SEO as with individual websites.

  • Managing a website with a primary domain name and subdomains is simpler when a domain name with different domain names must be connected to each other if you want them to be associated with the brand.
What are the pros and cons of choosing a new domain name or subdomain when expanding your brand? Functionally, there is no difference. It will be no different than customers who click on or - in fact, they will click on ‘newproduct’ as anchor text instead of bare URL. This defies Google's warning to minimize anchor text and replace multiple texts with bare URLs.

In brief

Advantages for subdomains


  • Subdomains help you promote many types of products with one domain name. You save to domain registration.

  • To maintain the brand while having a wide range of products (e.g. Amazon, ASDA, Target.)

  • For SEO and internal linking strategy, subdomains are considered by Google to be internal links. Therefore, all subdomains are likely to be crawled when the primary domain is accessed by Googlebot. You do not need to submit a separate sitemap for each subdomain.

  • Get more links to a domain name than individual links to separate domains.

  • You have little to do: it is easier to manage a website with more subdomains than some separate domains.
Disadvantages for subdomains


  • The brand is diluted by associating it with a range of unconnected products. Unlike Amazon or ASDA, the main website is about losing weight and you want to sell golf balls.

  • The URL will appear long, depending on the length of the primary domain and subdomain.

  • They are not considered to be 'relevant' websites in the eyes of Google users - even though Google's rankings are full of subdomains and internal pages and articles instead of the Homepage.
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So what is the conclusion? Should go with the comment of Matt Cutts, webspam director of Google. Matt suggests choosing subdomains when you want to 'separate content' - that is, the A and C options above. Subdomains have the entire main domain name with a ranking value because they focus different topics into tighter controlled areas instead of displaying a website with too much different content. confused for Google users.

There are many situations where it is better to have separate domain names, but preferred subdomains have each subdomain related to the main domain topic. If not, then use the directory to buy the appropriate new domain name. Subdomains are considered in the same way as other pages related to SERPs, but they are authorized by the primary domain.