Summary of ways to make money from forex

Apart from making money from forex trading, do you know there are many different ways to make money from Forex such as selling signals, selling EA, selling forex books or doing IB ...

Make money from Forex by selling signals

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on the Forex market. Websites or platforms that allow traders to sell signals such as Mql5,, ... The first thing we need to do is open an account which must be at least several hundred dollars or more to trade. For several months. During the trading process, they will have a table of our account statistics, such as profit rate, loss level, the rate of orders won or lost, the number of orders in the week ... to evaluate the capacity as well as ranking rank for our account. The higher the rank, the more reliable is your ability. Since then many traders will know and trade your signals.

In addition, the most popular form of selling signals in the Forex community in Vietnam today is selling signals through telegram / Zalo channels and charging a monthly fee.

However, no matter where we sell it, we need to prove our true ability.

Make money from forex by selling robots (EA)

The Forex Robot, also known as EA, is a program that automatically generates trading signals or executes buy and sell orders according to an existing program. The advantage of this method is that the investor does not have to sit at the machine all day but the robot will do it for you all. EA is a programmed machine, so it is never affected by trading psychology. It can automatically cut losses and take profits for us as planned. More and more traders are relying on robots and using them to conduct transactions every day. If we have a computer knowledge, we can learn how to program and create robots to sell to customers around the world.

On my website, I also share a number of Forex Robots regularly to get review comments from you. It will help me improve the robot more and more. You can test to see if it works.
(HOT) Share Free Forex Robot (EA) - Detailed installation guide

Make money from Forex by becoming an broker (IB) of the floor

This is probably the least risky of the forms of making money from Forex that we have just mentioned above. Forex broker is a form of introducing customers to register and participate in trading at Forex. Brokerage commission is calculated on every customer lot. The more lots a customer trades, the bigger the commission for the broker. Therefore, brokers have become an attractive job for many traders today.
To become a broker, you only need to register for the order form and send it to the floor. You will then receive a link or referral ID. Whenever a customer opens on this link or ID and conducts a transaction, we will receive a commission.

Teaching and selling Ebooks about forex

This last method is for those who have some writing talent. Investors are not necessarily successful people. But our experience as a trader can also make money from it. In addition to selling ebooks, we can also open classes or training on Forex investment. Currently, Forex is growing more and more popular, so the demand to attend courses is also increasing. If we feel that we have enough experience and good lecturing ability to understand, we can completely think of making money from opening forex courses.