The best way to improve your website right now


The best way to improve your website right now - It's easy to think that a better website will take an entire site audit and weekly or several months of work. That is actually quite far from the truth, but it depends on how the website works so far. You adjust your website in a much better way in a very short amount of time and with less work. You don't have to reinvent anything or create new content to take your website to the next level.

You get a much better click through rate and more engagement with a small investment. It only takes 30 minutes and follow these simple steps.

Improve your clickthrough rate (CTA)

There is not a lot of magic or technical expertise involved in getting good clickthrough rates for websites. Take a few few changes to the link here.

Include compelling calls to action


Remind yourself that you always need readers to take a certain action to push your website forward and help you make more money. You won't be able to do that without a proper call to action, few people will think about helping you without asking. Having a CTA directs readers to content assets, ebooks, checklists.

Keep your content link up to date


A good piece of content internally links leads readers to external sites where they get relevant information. If you have just updated the website content and have not linked to any external source, both from an SEO perspective and a quality standpoint. Make sure you also have many internal links, links to other relevant content pages on the website. Add links where it's relevant and make readers spend more time on your site and find see a much bigger value in it. This takes about 15 minutes to do and you will see much better results over time.

Get more traffic from old posts

It's sad to see that no one else sees the masterpiece of a website post. You will put the post back in the right direction and you don't even have to do it too much. Just change some of these key elements for 10-15 minutes and enjoy better results.



The title is the first impression the post makes. If less attractive, you should change immediately. If people don't want to read it after watching it, they probably won't search it in Google either. Arouse curiosity, and make it relevant and understandable. Incorporate these aspects into the title, check out the title analysis tool. You should also use the emotional marketing value header analyzer.

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Your keywords


Review the piece of content to see if you are targeting the best keywords for you. If the keyword you are targeting has a difficulty of about 40, then only that one post will not push you further. You will have to create more content around the same topic and the same keywords to rank higher.

You don't need to add traffic but also a lot of customers from posts, so keep that in mind when you choose keywords.

Reduce your bounce rate


Bounce rate is the number of users who pay attention to the website, measured over time. Google tracks user time spent on it and uses it as an independent ranking factor. Of course, if a user spends a lot of time browsing the website, then Google will take it as a sign to add value to your website.

To do this, you must be using relevant content and have many internal links.

You should also add a YouTube video of your own or find the one that best fits your topic. This takes about 1 - 15 minutes because it only requires you to learn the videos and copy their links. If users watch the video for 5 minutes, they will spend the extra 5 minutes on the site and increase their rankings.

Get high quality leads from small flow

When creating a great piece of content that suits your audience, but has very little access to the website, you have to make every bit count. This is how you do it.

Expand your range


Greatly expand the scope of your posts with paid ads on Facebook and Linkedin. You have set it up to create customers, so if you invest some money, you will get great ROI. Thanks to the marketing features of Facebook and LinkedIn very effectively. If the post appears with much greater reach and more followers for the media channels, this will prove to be a great long-term investment.

Always promote your highest converting blog post


If you have created a post to get a lot of customers, then chances are that it did a great job and contributed a great deal to the later stage. They are likely to find highly relevant content. So make sure you constantly share that content and target the right people at the highest points of the year.

Use Email Marketing


If you have not worked hard to get the email address of the reader then you will receive it soon.

Even if you are ready to promote your website posts, not everyone who sees them will start monitoring the media channels. In fact, there is a high possibility that even if they follow the media, they may not have seen it yet. So you need a way to reach out to those people. So grab the good old email list and share it. If you have changed something, let it be informative or keyword, which is a good reason to share it again with those who have read it.

Spend a lot of time marketing your articles


You should always spend all the time you need to create the highest quality post possible, but don't just post it and sit back. In fact, double the time to promote it and push it to as many channels as possible. You will create a great and wasted post. It will double the value you get from them if you work hard so that more people see it.


Looking at the analytics page and making an accurate diagnosis of what works on the website and what doesn't, will help you make the most of your content. There is always room for improvement or reuse for content that you already have, so use new formats or add value to them. This will re-engage the audience and help you reach your goals faster with a lot less work.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that you have found the right advice to help you run a better blog with less work.

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