Top 10 best Page Builder plugins 2020

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Page Builder what?
These Which plugins support the best Page Builder The current?
A lot of people have used it Visual Composer and enjoy the ability to create many beautiful designs from it.
But did you know that Visual Composer is not currently the best Page Builder?
Knowing how Page Builder works & pros and cons will help us choose the right Theme, because most SEO standard themes today support at least 1 Page Builder for users to expand the design to follow. will I!
First of all, we have to learn a little about Page Builder and how it works!

Introducing Page Builder

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder is a drag & drop page builder. The purpose of the Page Builder plugins is to help users easily create custom skins without the need for any coding knowledge.
Just drag and drop the blocks you want to create a new Page!
For casual users, Page Builder helps them revise the demo page available at their discretion.
As for professional Webmasters, Page Builder helps them quickly create themes to their liking without redesigning WordPress themes.
With powerful Page Builder such as Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder or Visual Composer, users only need a simple WordPress theme to create complex interfaces for different types of websites, which each theme itself does not. can do it.

Differentiate between Page Builder plugin and Theme Builder (Framework)

Many people often confuse Page Builder and Theme Builder!
Page Builder are plugins, works on the website already installed the theme.
The effect of Page Builder is to create pages and posts that have the look / design of the user. As such, Page Buider affects the Front-End of the site!
Theme Builder, actually the Theme Framework Support for creating a Drag and Drop Theme.
That is, you will create a WordPress theme with the features you like by dragging and dropping available modules. Theme Builders affect the back-end of the site.
Have 4 Theme Frameworks Support for creating drag and drop theme (Theme Builder) is well known for:
  1. Ultimatum.
  2. NexusThemes.
  3. PageLines .
  4. Headway .
Since 2018, the Theme Builder Framework is no longer so popular because the famous Page Builder has started to support Theme Builder features.
In terms of pure Page Builder feature, plugins only support changing Page & Post's design, while other components such as Header, Footer or WooCommerce pages are not supported by Page Builder in the past.
Theme Builder features drag-and-drop re-design of Header - Footer - Post - WooCommerce Page components and more!
The current, Elementor Pro is the best Page Builder that supports Theme Builder, then to Visual Composer, Brizy, ... other plugins have started to support similarly.

The criteria for evaluating the best Page Builder 2020

To compare Page Builder plugins, we will look at the main factors:
  • Price: Free - Premium - Are there unlimited licenses (unlimited use of sites)?
  • Features: many options (options), number of modules, templates built for users to choose and can be modified quickly.
  • Easy to use: Easy-to-use interface, support for editing from Back-end and Front-End (Live Editing).
  • Compatibility: can be used with most wordpress themes?
  • Lightweight code and SEO standards, less errors and less resource-consuming hosting when used.
  • Method of operation: generate shortcode (Shortcode Driven) or not.
Two key features in 2020 are:
  1. Fully compatible with Gutenberg Editor - WordPress default Editor since version 5.
  2. Support Theme Builder: Header & Footer Builder, WooCommerce Product Page Builder….

What is Shortcode Driven?

Plugins like Visual Composer, Divi Builder ... create pages according to the method of creating shortcodes - shortcode driven.
If plugins are turned off, the content of pages will become dirty with a bunch of shortcodes. As shown below when we turn off Visual Composer:
Visual composer - shortcode driven
This is a big limitation as it requires you to always use plugins even if you no longer need them!
New generation Page Builder plugins like Elementor, Brizy, King Composer ... use Widgets to build designs - similar to the Genesis Theme but support drag and drop in the Live Customizer and integrate many more complex design options than Genesis.


Topping the list is a new name, but creating a craze in the WordPress Webmasters community around the world, Elementor Pro:


In June 2016, the free version of Elementor was introduced, by November there were more than 100,000 downloads. That is the premise for Elementor Pro to launch in late 2016 and change the war between Page Builder (hihi).
A series of famous wordpress blogs like WPBeginner, WPKube, WPColt, Athemes, Colorlib ... all have 5-star ratings for rookie Elementor Pro!
Elementor Pro is really a new step in the field of WordPress Page Builder.
This plugin supports very well both Back-end and Front-end, especially Live Editing feature works smooth and incredibly effective.
Users can customize from the general layout (page layout) to the details of each component design and animation effects!
Elementor Pro also provides perfect support for custom responsive design on tablets and mobile devices.
  • For inexperienced users, available modules and templates and an intuitive interface make it easy to create beautiful, professionally designed pages.
  • For users who like tinkering and design knowledge, Elementor Pro's advanced options allow them to create unique, unique designs without having to type any css or html code!
Best Page Builder - Elementor Pro
Elementor Pro's Live Editor is smooth and efficient!

Elementor leads the Theme Builder race

In 2018, Elementor Pro made rapid progress when supporting Theme Builder features - allowing to redesign all parts of the Website such as Header & Footer, Single Post, Archive Page….
Elementor Header Builder
The most notable is WooCommerce Page - helping to customize the design of components of the shop.
Woo Builder is a feature WordPress users have long dreamed of, there are a number of plugins available but none of them can do it as easily and impressively as Elementor.

Elementor Woo Builder

Elementor is the new standard of WordPress Theme

With outstanding features, Elementor makes the WordPress Theme market follow. Most of the world's largest theme brands are starting to support Elementor, both free and commercial. These include StudioPress (Genesis), WP Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, Theme-Junkie, CSSIgniter, ...
Since mid-2018, the world's largest Themes Market, Themeforest has started to explode with Elementor Pro-supported themes, so many major developers have started switching to Elementor Pro instead of just supporting Visual Composer.
Typical examples are Jupiter, Maketo, Phlox, Total, Electro, DynamiX, ​​...
Currently, the number of customers asking the author to support Elementor for the theme is increasing, so surely many terrible themes will continue to integrate Elementor in 2020.

The salient features of Elementor Pro

  • Support Live Editing extremely fast and smooth.
  • Integrate many beautiful and modern modules and templates.
  • There are many advanced options for users to like to create their own designs.
  • SEO standard code, lightweight (only 200kb), does not cause heavy hosting.
  • Compatible with most current themes. Even the two fastidious brands are Genesis Framework and ThriveThemes.
  • Non Shortcode-Driven (do not create shortcodes): GREAT!
  • Fully compatible with Gutenberg Editor & WordPress 5
  • Theme Builder Support: Header - Footer - Woo... everything is customizable.

Instructions for using Elementor Pro

You can view the article:
How to handle common errors when using Elementor Page Builder
And if you are a Member of the Course Pro WordPress Master, you can access Topics:

2Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder - cost up to $ 399 / year, and currently has nearly 300,000 websites are using it, enough to see the quality of this plugin.
Beaver Builder has built-in many modules & templates for you to use or edit as you like. They also offer a very powerful Beaver Builder Theme!
Key features of Beaver Builder:
Among the best Page Builder plugins available, Beaver Builder is the easiest to use, the lightest and most compatible.
  • The Live Editing feature allows you to instantly edit the tiniest details of a design right on the Front-end!
  • Ease of use: Beaver Builder is the easiest to use of any of the Page Builder plugins currently available.
  • Compatibility: works with all themes, including Genesis Framework and Thrive.
  • Light Code and SEO Standard: If Visual Composer is an old elephant, then Beaver Builder is a young horse race!
  • Non Shortcode Driven: GREAT - like Elementor Pro, BB doesn't generate shortcodes!
  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor & WordPress 5
Maybe in Vietnam you rarely hear about Beaver Builder, partly because it is too expensive, the second is that people use many themes from ThemeForest, where Visual Composer dominates. But to the worldwide WordPress community, Beaver Builder is the most recommended Page Builder. No need to learn the instructions, turn on the BB interface, you will immediately see what to do!
Use Beaver Builder with the Genesis Framework
Use Beaver Builder + Genesis Framework. You will have a super fast website.
Compared to Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder does not have many breakthroughs but still maintains stability - lightness and good design quality.
  • There is a Free version on WP Repository Lite Version (limited features quite a lot).
  • Copy Pro from $ 99 (1 site) to $ 399 (unlimited sites) / year.

3Brizy of ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse is a brand of cool design themes - appearing since 2009 with famous themes such as The Core, Hope, Gourmet.
They are more popular thanks Unyson - WP Theme Framework rated today, a series of terrible themes in ThemeForest are using Unyson.
The well-known PixelKit UI Web Graphics suite is also a product of ThemeFuse.
Brizy is a Page Builder that ThemeFuse has put a lot of energy into, integrating all PixelKit designs for Brizy, and also ceasing to provide UI Graphics - the whole focus for Brizy.
To evaluate Brizy, we can say: more beautiful than Divi Builder - easy to use like Beaver & stronger than Themify Builder.
Brizy pro page builder
Compared to Elementor and Visual Composer, Brizy is still quite young, but its development speed is keeping WordPress users waiting.
In early 2019, the world's most popular SEO standard theme brand Astra (BrainStorm Force) has integrated Brizy alongside Beaver Builder and Elementor.

4WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

Differentiate Visual Composer vs WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder - is the new name of Visual Composer - CodeCanyon best selling plugin of all time!
Since the end of 2017, the developer of WPBakery has decided to rename Visual Composer into WPBakery Page Builder to continue selling on CodeCanyon. In parallel, they created a new project - named Visual Composer - sold separately!
Visual Composer plugin (new) in terms of features is not much different from WPBakery Page Builder - the purpose is to split to develop as Freemium (both Free and Premium versions) to compete with the booming Page Builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder or King Composer ...
Differences of the new Visual Composer & WPBakery Page Builder are:
  • VC has the Free version (quite limited feature)
  • VC offers a variety of licenses: for 1 site - 3 sites or unlimited sites
  • WPBakery Page Builder still plays the way of Envato Market: offering single license for 1 site, and providing Developer package for Theme developers integrated into their products for buyers to use for free.
In this article, Visual Composer is mentioned as being sold on CodeCanyon and integrated on popular Themes in ThemeForest, now it is called WPBakery Page Builder!
Visual Composer - VC is in TOP Premium plugins used the most today. You probably don't know most of the Page Builder on the list, but Visual Composer is sure you've heard!
ThemeForest and CodeCanyon become the # 1 WordPress World Market for the great work of Michael M and the team WPBakery - the birthplace of Visual Composer!
The appearance of Visual Composer makes it possible for WordPress theme developers to freely integrate demo themes into themes.
Thanks to that, themes at ThemeForest meet almost all the needs of customers, helping to increase sales.
When you need to buy a WordPress theme, everyone thinks of ThemeForest - when it comes to themes sold at ThemeForest, most of the free Visual Composer integration, with dozens to hundreds of demo skins available to choose from.
Visual Composer is no longer the best Page Builder
Visual Composer now supports Live Editing, but is quite limited!
But - Visual Composer is getting bigger and bigger, not counting tons of addons attached. The ease of use, lightweight code, and availability of Visual Composer are a headache!
Many developers have started breaking up VCs to build their own Page Builder. Typically such as Avada, X Theme, Flatsome, Sahifa, TheArk ... most recently Newspaper and Newsmag by Tagdiv have decided to use Tagdiv Composer from Version 8!
Advantages of Visual Composer:
  • Extremely powerful: if you own Visual Composer and some of its Addons, you can create a myriad of beautiful designs that most other Page Builder can hardly do.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg & WordPress 5
  • Support Header & Footer Builder
  • Huge number of Addons & compatible with many terrible Themes
  • Free: if you buy themes with Visual Composer, it will be used with that theme (especially when buying themes from ThemeForest).
Disadvantages of Visual Composer:
  • Increasing in both features and design makes Visual Composer consume a lot of server resources, editing pages with complex designs is often long and heavy.
  • Many JavaScript errors and almost no support if not purchased separately.
  • Limited Live Editing feature.
  • Difficult to use with non-professionals due to complex UI.
  • Shortcode Driven: BAD, when creating pages from Visual Composer, you'll have to use it forever, or spend hours deleting shortcodes from the content!
  • There is no Free version on the WP Repository
  • Free if themes have Visual Composer built-in.
  • $ 34 / site, lifetime update if purchased separately license key.
  • Free VIP Members .
Visual Composer is still the most popular and powerful Page Builder plugins 2020. But it's losing market share and no longer being the best Page Builder!

5Thrive Visual Editor

Thrive Visual Editor in essence is a set of 3 in 1 famous plugins of ThriveThemes, including Thrive Content Builder - Thrive Landing Pages and Thrive Lightbox.
With these 3 plugins, you can create a website with expensive features, especially if you are an Online Marketing and Make Money Online!
Advantages of Thrive Visual Editor
  • Quick and easy to use, create and edit right from Front-End.
  • Compatible with most themes.
  • Integrate lots of Landing Pages.
  • Built-in Tables, Opt-in Form, Lightbox, Tables of Content (TOC) ... great for article presentation, content development!
  • Very expensive price - No longer offering unlimited Website License package.
  • Not as many functions as other Page Builder.
  • There is no Free version on the WP Repository
Thrive Content Editor includes 3 excellent plugins of ThriveThemes
Thrive's 3-in-1 plugins are great for Marketing and Make Money Online!
Thrive Visual Editor is not a comprehensive Page Builder like the top 4 names, but it is the number 1 plugin for Focus Conversion purposes (focus on conversion rate - extremely important factor for Online Marketing, selling goods, make money online)!
Speed ​​and efficiency are what customers value most for ThriveThemes, and Thrive Visual Editor is no exception!

6Divi Builder

Divi (ElegantThemes) is one of the most almighty WordPress themes in the world.
Thanks to integrated plugins Divi Builder, users can create any type of websites on demand. A lot of great WordPress developers make their fortune by creating ChildThemes and Premade Layouts for Divi Theme based on Divi Builder.
Divi Builder Advantages:
  • Code light, fast and standard SEO.
  • Support Back-End and Front-End.
  • There are many free Modules + Templates (Premade Layout).
  • Powerful customization ability for professional users.
  • Shortcode Driven.
  • Difficult to use for beginners.
  • Poor compatibility, often conflict with popular plugins that prevent Page Builder from loading.
Fast - smooth - standard SEO is the advantage of Divi Builder
Fast - smooth - standard SEO is the advantage of Divi Builder
Divi Builder + Divi Theme is a great duo for WordPress web designers thanks to its powerful customization and smooth operation.
Currently Divi Builder can work well with most popular WordPress themes, not just encapsulated for Divi Theme.
  • There is no Free version on the WP Repository
  • Premium version is not sold separately, buying a package account ElegantThemes from $ 89 / year or $ 249 / lifetime.
  • Free auto update lifetime installation for VIP Members .

7Themeum's WP Page Builder

Themeum is also a well-known WordPress development company, with over 15,000 sales on ThemeForest, outstanding themes like Eventum, Vocal, Organic Lite ...
(Don't be confused with another author on Themeforest that is ThemeNum)
In 2018, they started developing their own Theme & plugin system - offering Unlimited License - while keeping the products on ThemeForest (similar to ProteusThemes).
WP Page Builder is based on the need to develop a diverse theme system of ThemeUm.
They invest a lot in this plugin, so you can see it being advertised throughout popular WordPress sites - including Web design magazine hit SmashingMagazine.


KingComposer is a new Page Builder worth using. The author is King-Theme, a famous WordPress theme developer on ThemeForest.
KingComposer has many similarities with Elementor Pro. Special support for Live Editing and Not creating Shortcodes when creating pages.
Although not as big as Elementor, KingComposer is a plugin that promises to dominate the Page Builder market in the near future.
Currently, the Free version of these plugins has received a lot of positive feedback from users.
KingComposer's Pro version is being integrated into the theme by many major developers as an option with Visual Composer and Elementor Pro.
  • Free Version - Lite.
  • Copy Pro: $ 29 - $ 499 / year.

9SiteOrigin Page Builder

Speaking of free alternatives to Visual Composer, people often mention SiteOrigin Page Builder, this plugin is free, standard SEO, and fully capable of creating complex design pages.
SiteOrigin's feature is that it creates pages with widgets, just drag and drop the built-in widgets to create pages, it also allows you to drag and drop the widgets of other plugins. There are quite a few plugins in the form of Addons of SiteOrigin Page Builder to add more widgets to help diversify the design.
Advantages of SiteOrigin Page Builder:
  • Completely Free.
  • Compatible with most current themes.
  • Lightweight, SEO standard and very easy to use.
  • Non - Shortcode Driven: GREAT.
Limitations of SiteOrigin Page Builder:
  • Does not support Front-End (Live Editor).
  • Quite a few options (options) and integrated little widgets.

tenThemify Builder

Themify is a WordPress theme brand founded by Nick La, a big name in the world Web Designers community!
Themify's popular themes are fast, lightweight and SEO standards are built-in Themify Builder for users to customize the interface according to their liking.
The features of Themify Builder are quite similar to SiteOrigin, but the modules and templates are more sleek and sleek.
The drawback of Themify Builder is quite difficult to use and generates shortcodes when creating pages!
  • Free Version - Lite.
  • Free integration for Themify themes.
  • Copy Premium from $ 39 - $ 59 / year unlimited sites.


Have you heard of Cornerstone Page Builder?
Probably not yet. But you certainly know X Theme, one of the best-selling Multipurpose Themes of all time besides Avada. Cornerstone is the machine inside X Theme, helping users to freely create new interfaces.
After a period of tight attachment to X Theme, in March 2016 Cornerstone Page Builder was officially launched at CodeCanyon for $ 39 / site, and works well on most other WordPress themes.
Advantages of Cornerstone:
  • Application type interface, very modern and intuitive. Support Live CSS Editing.
  • Integrated with hundreds of beautiful blocks, modules, templates for you to revise and quickly get the design you want.
  • Fix many common errors on Visual Composer.
  • Not as comprehensive as many other Page Builder.
  • Shortcode Driven.

twelfthMotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress is a page builder that meets light - simple - very easy to use criteria. With a few dozen beautiful modules available and scientifically arranged and illustrated, you don't have to spend a lot of time creating a satisfactory page.
The biggest drawback of MotoPress is that it is quite less customizable, so it will be difficult to create complex designs.
  • Free Version - Lite.
  • Copy Pro: $ 29 - $ 139.
More and more quality Page Builder plugins are being introduced, both free and premium, to help novice users to design their own website interface but still keep the standards such as SEO optimization, design, and design. Nice design - modern & attractive.
Through the introduction of the 10 best Page Builder plugins, hope you can choose the best Page Builder for yourself!
As for VHW, if the theme doesn't have Page Builder built-in, then Elementor Pro good Beaver Builder These options couldn't be better in 2020!
Good luck!


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