Firstly, VHW would like to introduce the most outstanding SEO optimization themes from famous WordPress theme brands. In the next section will be the theme on the world's best theme market ThemeForest!
The first are the 3 most impressive names in 2018 -> last 2019:

Astra (BrainstormForce)

Astra has hundreds of beautiful Premade Templates
Astra has hundreds of beautiful Premade Templates

The name Astra may confuse some of the best selling themes of the same name on ThemeForest. But no, this is Astra Theme by BrainstormForce, just launched since early May 2017!
For WordPress users, BrainstormForce is no stranger, they are the sixth author on the list of Bestselling Author alltime on CodeCanyon with nearly 70,000 sales.
The company's famous plugins, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, ConvertPlugins or Before and After Slider ... are always in the top selling weekly.
Update : WP Astra has just taken the storm by launching the plugin Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg - completely free. This is the best free templates library for Gutenberg today.
In addition, BrainstormForce is the author of many other famous plugins such as All in One Schema, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder ...
Astra Theme was developed by BrainstormForce with light code, speed, SEO standards and especially compatibility with famous Page Builder like Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro or Visual Composer.
The entire Astra Code only has 500kb, the demo loading speed is less than 1/2 second.
A special feature of Astra is that it allows to completely eliminate the use of jQuery library, instead of JS Vanilla library, which helps to improve the speed on mobile devices significantly.
Astra is an extremely light and standard WordPress theme
The great thing is that Astra Theme is completely free, you can Install and Update auto directly from the WordPress Repository (
Combined with many free Premade Templates available, as well as the Page Builder Beaver Builder, Elementor (Free version) you can create beautiful websites, modern designs and extremely fast loading easily.
If more interfaces and features are needed, we can buy Astra's Pro Addons package with 20+ addons to build powerful websites.
Compared to the Genesis Framework predecessor, the Astra theme is no less than anything and it is more powerful in modern design and extremely easy to use.
In addition, BrainstormForce also offers the Astra Agency package, including the Pro Addons and their famous plugins Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, ConvertPlug, All in One Schema Pro and Ultimate Addons for Elementor.
This is a great toolkit for any individual user or web design company.
It can be said that Astra Theme was born less than 2 years but is creating a fever in the WordPress community, in the same way that Elementor Pro emerged and captured the market share of the senior Visual Composer, Beaver Builder in the Page Builder array year. Last 2018!


GeneratePress is extremely light and standard SEO
GeneratePress is extremely light and standard SEO

GeneratePress is a free theme for Tom Usborne - a famous WordPress developer in the world.
After years of building WordPress websites for customers from around the world, in 2014 Tom decided to develop a free theme, with basic features but ensuring light code criteria - SEO standards - fast loading and Especially compatible with famous Page Builder plugins.
Currently GeneratePress has more than 1 million downloads and is one of the rare themes to receive an almost absolute 5-star rating on!
Basically, GeneratePress is quite similar to Genesis Framework in terms of light code - fast loading speed and SEO standard.
But the strength of GeneratePress is that it allows unlimited customization right on the Customizer, so users can easily customize the design components, as well as the size of layouts - this is something that Genesis Framework users can hardly do without it. Experienced.
Like Genesis Framework and Astra, most famous Page Builder like Beaver Builder, Elementor choose GeneratePress in the recommended list.
Of course GeneratePress is completely free, you can install and update from the WordPress Repository, but if you need more powerful features, Tom Usborne also offers a set of 14 Premium Addons for nearly $ 40 / year with unlimited licenses!
If you need an accurate assessment of the great capabilities of GeneratePress, please drop by Popular blog Woorkup by Brian Jackson - he is a businessman, WordPress developer and Marketing Manager of Kinsta Premium Hosting - did not hesitate to rate GeneratePress as the number 1 theme in 10 years using his WordPress.
Of course, Brian Jackson has also moved all his websites to GeneratePress, while many other famous bloggers remain with the Genesis Framework.


OceanWP is growing extremely fast
OceanWP is growing extremely fast

The story of OceanWP quite thrilling. Its author Nicolas Lecocq As a young developer coming to France, decided to develop a free version based on the framework, Total - a popular theme of WPExplorer sold at ThemeForest.
However, he quickly encountered copyright issues because Total - as well as all themes sold on ThemeForest, used the commercial license of Envato License, rather than just the GPL license like the theme on
Therefore, Nicolas Lecocq took a lot of effort to rebuild the Framework for OceanWP.
However, the talent and performance of Nicolas Lecocq have helped OceanWP grow extremely fast. In just over 1 year, there were over 20,000 installations and 5 absolute stars from users on!
Compared to other free themes, OceanWP has dozens of features and interfaces found only in commercial themes. Not to mention, the loading speed and design quality of OceanWP is no less than the famous Bestselling themes on ThemeForest.
OceanWP also follows the direction of GeneratePress and Astra, offers a free theme and has a Premium Addons package if users need to expand more powerful features.
And, most of the world famous Page Builder Beaver Builder, Elementor or Visual Composer also choose OceanWP in the list of recommended themes!
After 3 names are having outstanding development speed, the big brands in the WordPress theme market such as StudioPress (Genesis), ElegantThemes (Divi), MyThemeShop or ThriveThemes ... still retain the strength of speed and optimize SEO. mine:

Genesis Framework (

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 genesis pro
Genesis Framework Not only is the theme, but also the most famous framework in the world, born long ago is highly appreciated by professional people Thanks to smart code, good speed and great customization ability.

Famous blog WPBeginner uses Genesis Framework
Popular blog WPBeginner uses Genesis Framework

StudioPress Only sell Genesis Framework and themes built from Genesis Framework with outstanding names such as Magazine Pro, Parallax Pro, Smart Passive Income good Authority Pro... these themes have all the elements of an SEO optimized theme: standard code, very light, fast loading, responsive ready and fully integrated SEO features.
Advantages of Genesis Framework:
  • Extremely light code, great speed, great SEO optimization
  • The ability to customize virtually unlimited
Price from $ 59.95 / theme See details
Do you know?
While in Vietnam, quite a few blogs use Genesis, in the world, most famous blogs choose Genesis Framework like WPbeginner, ShoutMeLoad, ChrisLema, WPKube ...
Card-looking : What popular WordPress blogs do you use?

Page Builder Framework

Standard SEO theme - Page Builder Framework
The theme sounds like a Page Builder plugin - but this is a theme developed for Page Builder!
Page Builder is becoming a staple for Websites - because a lot of users prefer to manually customize the design of pages.
The Page Builder Framework is a similar theme to Astra, GeneratePress or OceanWP - it is kept clean and standard code so it can work smoothly with all popular Page builders.
Since 2019, Page builders have started to strongly support the Theme Builder feature - such as Header & Footer Builder, Woo Page Builder ... so the Page Builder Framework is gaining popularity as a Starter Theme - the design parts will be Page Builder is in charge.

Deep Theme by Webnus

DEEP Theme is the hottest HOT theme in the WordPress community 2018!
WordPress users are no stranger WEBNUS - Developers of Theme Theme in Themeforest like EasyWeb, Hotella, Church Suite, Wedding Suite or Florida, Vision ... (See Webnus portfolio).
In mid-2018, WebNus launched its new product, Deep Theme, which immediately became the best-selling theme on ThemeForest.
However, they suddenly removed and turned negative for a while.
Then all WEBNUS products removed from ThemeForest - a sign that they would start selling their own themes instead of selling them for ThemeForest.
And DEEP themes become the only theme continues to develop, integrating all the features of the previous themes (including EasyWeb).
WEBNUS has decided to build a strong Framework so that the DEEP theme caters to every need, with flexibility in customization and installation.
View the DEEP Theme Demo here!
Deep theme integrates a huge set of premium plugins - there has never been a theme integrated with more than 20 such powerful plugins - meeting all kinds of projects:
Deep-theme --- Included-Plugins
Very similar to Divi of ElegantThemes but Deep theme is more beautiful and powerful due to support of the features of Themes by ThemeForest.

PerforMag (ThriveThemes)

SEO optimized themes for 2016 Performag theme
With Online Marketing experts, ThriveThemes No. 1 candidate.
In addition to standard SEO code elements, beautiful and user-friendly design, fast loading is ThriveThemes Especially powerful in the built-in functions for Online Marketing campaigns, you will almost have all the best features without buying additional plugins.
One of the most prominent themes here is PerforMag Designed for blogs, magazines, news sites
  • Nice design, friendly.
  • Fast speed, optimal SEO code.
  • Support available SEO features like Divi or Genesis.
In addition, ThriveThemes also offers extremely valuable plugins:
  • Thrive Architect - this is a HOT and expensive name but highly appreciated by WordPress experts, including Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing, support for creating Landing Pages and writing very good SEO standards.
  • Integrate Thrive Leads, a powerful Optin Form plugins for you to launch Mailing List campaigns at every location of your website.
Price $ 49 View details
What theme uses uses Pressive of ThriveThemes
ThriveThemes is optimized for Online Marketing, if you need a theme that has most of the best marketing tools available today, this is the number 1 reputable name for you.
Famous bloggers in the Make Money Online world choose ThriveThemes for their blogs, such as Tung Tran chooses FocusBlog, selects Rise ...

Divi (ElegantThemes)

SEO optimized themes for 2016 Divi theme
Divi built on Framework Own supplier reputation ElegantThemes (ET), integrated plugin Divi Builder Support for drag and drop interface building is easy and can create a multitude of different skins quickly.
In addition to being optimized for SEO and fast loading, the themes are now ET is a very beautiful and impressive design, along with a lot of pre-designed interfaces for many different types of websites.
The most outstanding is Divi Theme built for Multi purpose, great for organizational websites, businesses, sales ...
  • Optimize SEO, load very fast
  • Beautifully designed, luxurious and modern
  • Very easy to use and powerful with a lot of integrated designs and features.
  • Premade Websites system is very beautiful - massive - continuous update & easy import.
Price $ 69/ year for all good themes $ 99 Both themes and plugins. See details
ET also has many famous plugins Divi Builder - one of the best Page Builder in the world, Bloom Email Opt-Ins good Monarch Social Sharing (These 2 plugins you can see on almost all websites of famous bloggers)

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 Extra Theme
Extra OK ElegantThemes Introduced recently, but it quickly became a HOT item with a design Stylish Magazine gorgeous, with the ability to customize drag and drop thanks Divi BuilderIt also incorporates beautiful designs and powerful features for building blogs, magazines, or newspapers.
Extra also fast and optimal SEO like its predecessors Divi, it is currently one of the most popular newspaper and magazine themes.
Price $ 69 See details

Schema (MyThemeShop)

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 Schema Theme
Schema is rated by many experts World's fastest theme.
The name Schema Not only is it set, but it is built with the criteria to meet the SEO standards in the best way and with the current popularity, it can be said that MyThemeShop has achieved its goals.
MyThemeShop follow the path of the elder StudioPress, the themes here are developed with standards simplistic, fast and SEO optimization.
However compared to themes that rely on Genesis Framework then MTS themes Designed and customized quite completely for users, you do not take too much time to get the interface and desired features.
Advantages of Schema
  • Light code, extremely fast loading (many people evaluate the fastest today)
  • Absolutely optimized for SEO
  • Easy to use, many built-in themes in the theme, and many good features that you can immediately start building content without having to install much.
Price: $ 69/ theme for lifetime use.

SociallyViral (MyThemeShop)

SEO optimized themes for 2016 Socially Viral Theme
Another striking name of MTS was SociallyViral, optimized for the purpose of attracting users to social networking content, it is even more famous for being used by Legendary blogger Scott DeLong, who made hundreds of millions of dollars (terrible !!!) with the site ViralNova
If you want to run a monetization campaign Viral Content social networks are SociallyViral is the option that helps you do it the fastest, hardly any theme is optimized and integrates everything for you to make it easier than SociallyViral.
Price $ 69 See details

Beginner (Themes Junkie)

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 Beginner Theme
Beginner is the new product of Themes Junkie, as the name implies, is aimed at people starting a project Make money Affiliates new.
Although the interface is quite simple but it has built-in powerful features for deals / coupon blog, as well newsletter forms for you to start building content, writing reviews or promotions to make money Affiliates (make money from affiliate marketing).
Junkie theme (TJ) is a familiar brand to the Vietnamese webmasters community, many famous names are using TJ themes, which can be listed as: (currently use the theme TheWorld, used to use themes Beginner or like also used for many years GoMedia theme.
That name is enough to see how the themes from TJ are good for SEO.
The themes here are built on Hybrid Core (one of the best SEO Framework in the world).
Speed, simplicity, and customization are at the forefront, so you do not need to spend a lot of time to have a complete website with optimal speed and SEO standards.
Advantages of Beginner:
  • Very light, fast, very good SEO thanks to its built on Hybrid Core
  • Clean, elegant design
  • Integrating many trendy features such as social networking buttons, coupons, reviews or newsletter forms ready for you to accelerate attracting readers and making money online
The whole price of Junkie Theme is very cheap, only $ 49 View details
To experience a ‘quality’ case study using the Beginner Theme, visit Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh's blog -, one of the best quality WordPress blog in Vietnam today.

ReviewPro (Junkie Theme)

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 ReviewPro Theme
If only a few years ago GoMedia very HOT thanks to many powerful features, good SEO, used by many famous bloggers (such as, then 2018 ReviewPro is a worthy replacement for the design Stylish Magazine Modern, drag and drop interface support with Site Origin Builder (the world's best free Page Builder plugin)
ReviewPro There are many features like Review PostType, Coupon Button, Social Sharing, Form Newsletter or Ads widgets, Featured Slider, Grid Layout ... to help you quickly get a modern website and full of the latest functions.
Price $ 39 See details

MH Magazine (MHThemes)

Optimal themes for SEO 2016 MH Magazine
MH Magazine has a good reputation for SEO for a long time, developed according to the strictest SEO standards, thanks to that extremely light code, amazingly fast loading speed.
Theme of MH Magazine built according to the widgets, you can drag and drop to any position you like so it can be flexible to create many different types of interfaces ... the functions of MH Magazine Optimized for blogs, magazine, newspaper or SEO companies.
The design of MH Magazine not too fussy, complicated as many other themes, so it always retains its strength of ease of use, fast speed and optimization for SEO.
Price $ 49 View details