Utility to help hide text content into images

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If I remember correctly, there was an article on a blog about a web service called TXTNinja that allows you to hide text in images and see text in pictures.
This article I will also introduce you to such a tool, a small utility on Google Chrome that helps you put text into images to protect important content such as passwords, documents, information. honey ....
How to use, how to install it, invite you to learn with me more closely in this article!
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#first. Install the Hide Text in Image extension

Hide text in Image is a free Chrome Web Store utility that helps you hide text in an image.
Text input is protected according to AES-256 bit encryption standards so you can rest assured!
You access the link below => and press the button Add to Chrome to install this extension into your web browser.
Download and install the extension Hide text in Image: Download here !
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (1)
After installation, you will see the icon of the widget on the browser toolbar.

#2. Hide text in images with Hide Text in Image

The main function of the utility is to allow you to hide important documents in the image, note that the text is in Plain Text format, the type of text is not in Italian format.
You click on the icon of the utility in the toolbar => and select HIDE TEXT IN IMAGE to begin.
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (2)

Please follow the steps in the picture, first click SELECT IMAGE To select the image to hide the text go to => Next press ENTER TEXT to enter the text you want to include in the selected image.
You can choose to set a password for this photo, or it may not be => then press ENCODE to perform the process of putting text on images.
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (3)
When done, press SAVE To download the image to your device, or press RESET to reselect all. Now keep this photo safe or send it and send the password if any to the person you want to share.
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (4)

Remember to tell them to install the Hide Text in Image utility as I instructed above and follow the instructions below to be able to view the content inside that photo.

# 3. View hidden text in images with Hide Text In Image

Note that this utility only supports viewing hidden text in photos that are hidden by this utility!
Perform: You also click on the icon of the utility => and select READ HIDDEN TEXT IN IMAGE.
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (5)

Do the same as when hiding text on the image, you select the image to view by clicking SELECT IMAGE => Enter password if available => then press DECODE to decode => and finally click VIEW to view the content hidden inside.
Note that you have to click DECODE then press VIEW can view it, the content will be displayed in the pop-up. That's it then ^^
text-in-picture-text-in-picture (6)

# 4. Epilogue

Above are the steps for you to hide the text in the image and see the content hidden in the image by extension. Hide Text In Image.
If you find this utility interesting, please share this article for everyone to use offline. Hope the article will be useful to you. Good luck !
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