What is affiliate marketing? How does SEO support affiliate marketing?

If you feel strange to hear "Affiliate Marketing" is very normal. Because this is a form of making money online has only developed in the past few years. Let's GOBRANDING find out what is Affiliate Marketing and does SEO support it?

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing or affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money through promoting other people's products by referring links. When people buy products through this link you will receive a commission.

In general, Affiliate Marketing is similar to the broker model in a traditional environment but is more optimized so that users can perform on the online environment through links.

For example: Similar to when you want to sell a house, the landlord will ask the broker to find customers, when the house is sold and completed the broker will receive a commission from the landlord. Apply this method to the online environment when customers buy through your referral link, you will receive a commission corresponding to that item. However, the way it works will be more optimized to fit into the online environment.

Affiliate marketing model includes 4 main components:

  • Advertiser: person or supplier who has a product for sale that wants to increase sales by paying a third party to recommend their product. Any large business or small individual with a product for sale can become an Advertiser.

  • Publisher: people who directly advertise Advertiser products through online channels to attract customers to buy Advertiser products.

  • Affiliate Network: Affiliate marketing network as an intermediary connecting advertisers and publishers. To perform tasks such as paying commission to Publisher, creating links, advertising banners for products ... In some cases, the Advertiser and Publisher can negotiate directly with each other without having to go through the third party is the Affiliate Network.

  • Customer: Customers buy products through referral links from Publisher.

To better understand affiliate marketing, let's dive into how it works through the following diagram:

What is affiliate marketing?
Diagram depicting the Affiliate Marketing model.

Specifically: The Adversiter will cooperate with Affiliate and also through this Affiliate Network website owners or those who are able to promote products on the internet environment will register to become publishers and this time affiliate marketing activity starts. early place.

  • Publishers will receive Adversiter's product links and banners through the Affiliate Network. Then put or share this link in any online channel they feel the most potential such as website, blog, social networks, forums, emails ...

  • When customers visit these channels, they see and click on the Affiliate links you place.

  • The Affiliate Network will track this click action and record it. If a customer successfully orders from this link it will notify Adversiter and Publisher.

  • Adversiter confirms and pays commission to the Affiliate Network.

  • The Affiliate Network will deduct a portion to pay publishers.

Note: In the Affiliate Marketing model, not through the Affiliate Network, the publishers and advertisers will negotiate and exchange about the commission earned. However, it usually only applies to cases where Adversiter does not need too many Publisher to help them sell their products, they only need to focus on some of the best quality and potential Publisher.

2. What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Optimize advertising costs

Affiliate Marketing operates on a cost-per-CPA (Cost Per Action) charging model, which means that only when a click completes the target will the provider take charge. This means that only when you sell the product will have to pay a commission to the referrer.

Unlike Google Adwords ads that charge per click or facebook ads will be charged on the number of impressions. Affiliate Marketing helps you optimize advertising costs, avoid virtual clicks, play badly from competitors, or display improperly to potential customers.

Increase income all the time

As GOBRANDING mentioned the beginning, you have to work 8 hours a day to get your salary. But with Affiliate Marketing, it is different, you can make money at any time, even when you sleep, still make money.

That means you initially focus on selecting and investing in yourself a potential online marketing channel to place affiliate links. After getting a certain amount of traffic, you only need to maintain and optimize to attract more customers.

Because all activities of Affiliate marketing are done on an online environment, anytime customers can click on the link you introduce and make the conversion.

For example: You own a website sharing knowledge about marketing with traffic about 50,000 times per month. When doing Affiliate Marketing, you just need to place the link related to the website content such as introducing an online marketing course. Customers who access your website at any time can click on this course registration and the money will go to your pocket at any time.

    What is Affiliate Marketing 1?
Affiliate Marketing makes it easy to increase your income anytime, anywhere.

No need for products, no customer support

The role of affiliate marketing is the bridge between customers and suppliers, sellers of products. Therefore, when doing affiliate marketing you do not need to enter inventory in the warehouse or to undertake tasks such as delivery, support buyers ...

The job of an affiliate marketer just stops bringing customers to the seller and the rest is getting a commission. Besides, with a variety of products in all areas you can easily select and change the category you want to market without fear of inventory.

Therefore, in order to become a good affiliate marketer and sell many products, you should focus on cultivating good marketing knowledge to find and attract many potential customers.

Convenient and flexible

As an affiliate marketer you will be more comfortable and free to work by the nature of your work as a freelancer working from home. You will not be bound by time or strict rules like in the office, but you will be able to flexibly choose the right products for the market from time to time.

3. Is Affiliate Marketing difficult or easy?

What is affiliate marketing 2?
Making Affiliate difficult or easy?

It's undeniable that Affiliate Marketing has brought a significant source of income for many publishers, even it has become the main source of income for many people. However, if based on this to determine that doing Affiliate Marketing is easy, it is not right because it is difficult or easy depending on the attitudes, practices and thinking of each person:

  • If affiliate marketing was said to be too difficult, it would not grow and get many people involved and make money today.

  • But if you think affiliate marketing is an easy job, the number of people who fail to start with affiliate marketing may not reach 95% (warriorforum.com).

Therefore, to succeed and become a good affiliate marketer, earn a lot of money you need to equip yourself with the following skills and thinking when you want to step into Affiliate Marketing:

Doing affiliate marketing takes time

Affiliate marketing is a long process of branding and optimization of appropriate marketing strategies in order to attract more potential customers.

For example: you can not put product links on the website with only a few visits per day but need to nurture and optimize to bring in high traffic, then use this traffic source to place banners, revenue links. attract customers to convert.

Therefore, in order to be known to many websites or other online channels, you need to accept to spend some time and money to maintain and develop these channels before you want to make money from Affiliate Marketing. It is for this reason that many people are impatient and have failed the first step when doing affiliate marketing.

Should focus on a specific area

In affiliate marketing almost any product or service you can choose to market. Therefore, many affiliate marketers often choose products that have a high commission and forget that it is a product that can reach their potential customers. This leads to unsold goods, start to feel discouraged and give up.

Affiliate marketing is essentially you selling goods on behalf of others. So in order to sell, you have to reach the right customers, get the right products to your potential customers.

For example: You are a beauty blogger specializing in the field of beauty, it is impossible to market products that are technological devices because the majority of customers following you are people who are interested in topics such as makeup, fashion ... So the products you need to choose to recommend should be specialized products such as beauty, lipstick, makeup remover ...

Once you've identified the right niche for your potential audience, it's easier to motivate them to buy.

Besides, you need to prepare yourself for the essentials of an affiliate marketer such as online marketing knowledge, the ability to be able to tinker yourself and learn more about the relevant information as well as accept the losses. fail at the first steps. In short, making Affiliate Marketing difficult or easy is in the perspective and approach of each person.

4. Ways to increase website traffic when doing affiliate marketing

Most of the reasons that affiliate marketers fail is not attracting traffic to websites that are doing affiliate marketing, so they do not sell products and do not receive commissions from Adversiter. So, GOBRANDING will come up with a number of ways (including free traffic and paid traffic) to help publishers gain a great deal of traffic to the website when doing affiliate marketing:

What is affiliate marketing 3?
Some ways to help increase access to websites as affiliate marketing.

4.1 SEO - Search engine optimization

Whether your website specializes in any field or industry only need good natural traffic, content that brings valuable value to the reader and selects the right related product will quickly earn a decent amount of money. from affiliate marketing.

Therefore, SEO is a way to help you increase free traffic for the website in the long term and most sustainable. Because if you SEO keyword successfully on Google the amount of traffic leading to your website is completely free and the level of reach to potential customers is relatively high. This is what any affiliate marketer wants to achieve.

The top websites thanks to SEO always have quality content, bringing valuable value to customers, so it is always the first choice when customers perform queries. Therefore, Compared to other forms of paid advertising, the amount of traffic from natural SEO is always higher and better quality so the ability for you to sell products on the commission will be extremely worth the time and effort invested in SEO.

Besides that, Choosing SEO to increase website traffic when doing affiliate marketing is a reasonable way if you want to become a professional affiliate marketer because in the long run, the cost of doing SEO is quite low compared to other forms of increasing traffic through paying.

4.2 Running Google Adwords ads

This is the fastest way to reach customers when your affiliate marketing website is too weak, SEO can not top it immediately.

It is obvious that you will lose money if the amount of running ads is too high compared to the number of orders. Therefore, With how to increase traffic from running Google Adwords ads, you must consider carefully between the cost compared to the commission received from the product. to ensure work efficiency is always positive.

On the other hand, as analyzed above, for novice publishers who do not have much cost to make, running ads is not the optimal way, bringing high efficiency.

For example: with a product costing about VND 2,000,000 when you receive a commission of 5%, you cannot run Google Adwords because the amount of money to run ads is sometimes greater than the profit.

Therefore, you should only choose products with a high commission to run ads, besides needing to deploy SEO website in parallel to bring more sustainable and lasting value.

4.3 Search traffic through social media channels

Today, there are many publishers doing affiliate marketing through social networks using their own personal channels to promote or create pages, create groups to market products. When customers buy products through these referral links they will receive a commission.

However, with publishers doing affiliate marketing through the website, they can take advantage of social networks to reach more customers, bringing traffic to the website in several ways such as:

  • Share articles that bring valuable and positive messages to customers.

  • Create multiple social media accounts to increase brand recognition.

  • Attach website links on social networking sites.

According to GOBRANDING, to do affiliate marketing effectively, you should coordinate many different ways from time to time, each product. However, priority should be given to natural traffic increases such as SEO or social gathering to reduce costs at the lowest level.

4.4 What to do with this traffic?

With the above methods, GOBRANDING has helped you to earn a lot of potential traffic to the website doing Affiliate Marketing. However, not all of these visits generate conversions for you to get a commission, so you need to make the most of this traffic to increase the conversion rate when doing affiliate marketing as suggested below. from GOBRANDING:

  • Place the registration form to receive useful information on the website so that interested users can register for email.

  • Website owners collect these potential emails to launch an email marketing campaign by inserting affiliate links into emails to send to customers.

With a set of potential customers you collect via email will improve sales through Affiliate Marketing.

5. Summary of Outstanding Affiliate Networks in Vietnam

Although only really thriving in Vietnam about 4-5 years ago, but the Affiliate Marketing market in Vietnam is increasingly exciting with the advent of many Affiliate Networks as a bridge between Adversiter and Publisher.

Below is a summary of the most prominent Affiliate Networks in Vietnam:

5.1 ACCESSTRADE - The largest affiliate marketing platform in Vietnam

AccessTrade is an affiliate marketing network developed and operated by Japanese Interspace Co., Ltd. in 2001. By 2015, AccessTrade expanded and officially came into operation in Vietnam - this is The time when Affiliate Marketing started to boom and thrive.

According to statistics from AccessTrade, they are currently working with more than 80 industries in different fields with more than 70,000 publishers. With a large number of users today and the commission up to 21% AccessTrade is becoming one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in Vietnam.

To become a Publisher, you only need to access https://pub.accesstrade.vn/accounts/register to register for an account and wait for confirmation from the system.

What is affiliate marketing 4?
Register to become a Publisher on AccessTrade.

Then you just need to confirm your account via email and login to the system to start getting promotional links from AccessTrade.

5.2 MasOffer - Vietnam affiliate marketing platform

MasOffer was built and developed by Eway in 2015 to help connect suppliers (Adversiter) and distributors (Publisher). To date, MasOffer has attracted more than 10,000 publishers to join the system

The commission of some products when sold is up to 20%, is paid periodically on 20-25 monthly. However, only when you get a commission of 200,000 VND or more can you receive money.

What is affiliate marketing 5?
MasOffer is an affiliate marketing platform developed by Vietnamese people.

5.3 Civi - Affiliate marketing platform inherited from Japan

With similar operations as the two affiliate marketing platforms AccessTrade and MasOffer, Civi was established in 2015 by Viet Tien Manh Joint Stock Company (VTM Group).

Inheriting the affiliate marketing model from Japan and innovating to suit the environment in Vietnam CiVi has attracted many customers to join the system with 1,000 campaigns from suppliers.

In particular, Publisher commissions will be paid twice a week on Monday and Thursday of the week. Good publishers will get paid every day.

What is affiliate marketing 6?
Very attractive commission payment policy from Civi.

5.4 Affiliate marketing on E-commerce exchanges

With the strong development of Affiliate Marketing today, most major e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki ... have started deploying affiliate marketing channels for themselves. Through this, publishers can register and sell products directly on these e-commerce platforms.

Some e-commerce platforms that implement affiliate marketing include:

  • Affiliate Shoppe - Affiliate Marketing with Shoppe.

  • Affiliate Lazada - Affiliate Marketing with Lazada.

  • Affiliate Tiki - Affiliate Marketing with Tiki.

  • Affiliate Sendo - Affiliate Marketing with Sendo.

Similar to the affiliate marketing forms of other channels, you can sign up to become Publisher on these affiliate marketing platforms.

Because when doing affiliate marketing on these e-commerce platforms you will link directly with Adversiter, the commission will be higher than marketing through other Affiliate Network intermediaries.

6. Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is becoming the trend of making money online for Online Marketing lovers. If you want to become a good affiliate marketer, you should equip yourself with a good online marketing knowledge base, especially SEO.

SEO bring in traffic free for website to do Affiliate Marketing!

Let GOBRANDING help you increase orders when doing Affiliate Marketing with solutions Sustainable SEO from Japan!

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