What is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi is not too strange for us and today many businesses have learned how to apply wifi in promoting and marketing products and services. So you already know what Wifi Marketing is, how to use Wifi Marketing to exploit and reach customers? Find out with GOBRANDING in this article.

1. What is Wifi Marketing?

"Is there wifi here?", "What's a wifi pass?" are the familiar questions of anyone who stops at a place. This shows that wifi is becoming a necessary part of the internet boom, so to understand what the concept of Wifi Marketing is, you need to define what Wifi is.

“Wifi is defined by its use as the wireless network. But in specialized terminology Wifi is the abbreviation for the phrase Wireless Fidelity (wireless internet access system) operating on a type of wireless radio waves similar to telephone, radio, and television waves. It allows users to access the Internet within a certain physical distance, beyond which the device will not be able to capture Wifi ”.

Now let's get into what Wifi Marketing is all about with GOBRANDING!

Wifi Marketing or wifi marketing is a way to promote products, services or collect customer information through a free wifi network.

This means that at some locations, the seller will provide free wifi access to customers but instead of forcing users to enter a password to access, they have to look through a product ad and import information. private, see promotion ... can use this wifi network.

In addition to promoting products and services, some units also use Wifi Marketing to collect data on personal information, demographics ... of users to serve the marketing activities in the future.

Example of Wifi Marketing:

At AEONMALL Tan Phu shopping center, using Wifi Marketing form for customers who want to access free wifi here.

KCustomers who enable WiFi on system devices will automatically suggest available Wi-Fi networks here called “AEONMALL TanPhu Celadon Swifi”.

When clicking to connect to wifi you will be redirected to a website such as "Step 1", to access the wifi, select "Click on internet".

Next, guests will be redirected to a website introducing S-wifi's businesses and services in “Step 2”, now you can use the wifi network here.

Through this, S-wifi's website will increase traffic, and will also promote the brand to reach more customers.

Wifi Marketing example.

2. Benefits Wifi Marketing brings customers and businesses

It is not accidental that customers easily provide free information to businesses, nor is it coincidence that businesses spend an expense to provide free wifi for customers to use. Because behind the form of Wifi Marketing, they bring valuable values ​​for both customers and businesses.

What is wifi marketing b
Benefits Wifi Marketing brings customers and businesses.

2.1 For customers

Create convenience for customers when buying

Most customers who come to the store want to search for the product that they want to buy on the website to compare whether the price is different or the right product with the product they want to buy.

For this reason, the shops that provide free wifi will save customers the use of mobile data to access, making it easier for customers to shop.

Enhance customer experience

Improving service quality aims to help customers feel more satisfied and more interested in shopping and in-store experience. With the increasing demand for wifi when shopping, the application of Wifi Marketing in stores will help customers feel more comfortable because they do not need to go to ask the password from the staff.

In addition, nearly 62% of businesses said that when a store uses Wifi Marketing, customers will stay longer, which shows that their experience is better when there is Wifi Marketing.

2.2 For businesses

Increase brand awareness

Using an advertising video, eye-catching images or introducing your business through Wifi Marketing will help customers remember you longer. Because you want to access to wifi, customers must look through this information.

In addition, businesses can cleverly integrate prominent programs and events to attract customers to make a stronger impression, making them easier to remember.

Easily collect customer information

With the mentality that only takes a few seconds to enter the information to be able to use free wifi, save money on mobile data, users are always ready to provide the required information when accessing Wifi Marketing. .

Based on this mentality, many businesses have used Wifi Marketing to collect customer information through filling out a form or connecting to social networking accounts ... From there, selecting potential customers to nurture and maintain. maintain relationships with these customers via email, phone ...

Understand the wishes from the customers

Instead of asking users to provide personal information about businesses, they can give short surveys about services and products to see what customers feel and expect from the business.

Increase sale revenue

Once Wifi Marketing has brought customers and businesses these benefits, improving sales is possible. Businesses understand customers to respond appropriately, customers feel the quality of products and services better help accelerate the purchase process takes place faster.

3. How to use Wifi Marketing to exploit and reach customers

With Wifi Marketing, you have many ways to exploit user information and bring your products and services to customers. However, to bring high efficiency you should determine the purpose when deploying Wifi Marketing is to choose for yourself a suitable form, bringing high efficiency for businesses.

GOBRANDING will offer a number of purposes, along with each of the usual ways to make it easier to choose when you deploy:

3.1 Purpose to help increase brand awareness

Advertising form at the login page

With the form of advertising at the login page, it is suitable for businesses who want to introduce outstanding products and services through videos or banners. When accessing to wifi, users will be asked to watch all videos or surf to the last banner before appearing "Access" button to connect.

Example 1: The introductory content has many slides that require the user to drag to the last slide to access wifi.

Ads require users to see each banner to access.
Example 2: Customers who want to access to wifi must watch the product introduction video for about 10 seconds to connect to wifi.

Customers who want to access WiFi must watch through a video about 10 seconds long.
Form for users to interact directly

This type of advertising is both interesting to users and easy to impress customers about the brand and products of the business. Some ways to deploy Wiffi Marketing in this form may be to create a small game, requiring users to scratch the screen ...

Example 3: Play a small game before accessing the internet.

To get access to the wifi network the system requires you to play a small game by selecting a full milk carton in three boxes. If you choose the wrong system, the message "You have chosen the wrong one, please select again", otherwise the automatic device you will be connected to the internet will automatically be selected.

A small game is required when accessing the internet.
Example 4: Scratch the screen to show access button to the internet.

Using the operation of scratching the screen is similar to scratching the phone card, when the screen is scratched, a banner ad containing the "Internet connection" button will appear. With this way of interacting to help users pay more attention to the product you promote, scratching where users will pay attention to it increases the level of focus on the product.

Customers are required to scratch the screen to open free internet access.

3.2 Purpose of collecting customer information

By asking users to conduct surveys, fill in information or connect to corporate social networking accounts, they will collect valuable information about customers.

With the collected information, businesses can use it to deploy remarketing programs such as running email marketing, facebook ads ...

Forms of logging into wifi with social network accounts

Example 5:

At a restaurant, when you want to access the high-speed wifi network here, you must log in via your Facebook or Google account. If you do not choose to log in, you can still access wifi but the speed is extremely slow.

And obviously, users will choose to login because with a simple operation will improve the speed much faster then why not choose.

You must be logged in with Facebook or Google to access wifi at high speed.
Mode of entering information to connect to the internet.

Example 6:

A form will appear asking you to enter some information such as full name, phone number, email address ... when you want free access to wifi. This information is very useful for businesses, to serve marketing activities in the future.

A form is displayed to collect user information on the internet.
Survey form to access wifi.

Example 7:

To connect to wifi, you need to do a quick answer survey of 3 questions related to user information of Abbott Grow milk products. After completing 3 questions, the system will automatically redirect you to the page with the "Click to enter the internet" button.

The survey consists of 3 questions related to user information of Abbott Grow milk products.

3.3 Purpose of increasing traffic to the website

Forms of transferring users to the website when connecting to wifi

In order to achieve the goal of drawing customers to their website, many businesses have applied the form of wifi marketing to increase access. Specifically, similar to the first example that GOBRANDING gave in part 1:

  • Users who want to access the wifi must click on the access button or log in to connect.

  • After accessing the wifi, the system will automatically redirect you to the website of that business.
With this form of Wifi Marketing, it has a direct impact on increasing website traffic. In addition, for websites that are invested in SEO, it also helps to support the process of landing on Google faster. Because one of the factors that helps a keyword quickly climb to the top is traffic, the more article access is easier to top. Besides, when you use wifi marketing to lead customers to your landing page is a good signal for Google to recognize and index faster.

4. Places to deploy wifi marketing

At cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts

Applying Wifi Marketing at cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts ... not only helps customers get a better experience when using the service, but it also helps businesses to promote their images and brands. customer.

If you apply forms of advertising via Wifi Marketing like like page, share, check in on social networks ... will help increase the level of brand spread through these channels.

At events

Wifi marketing helps:

  • Collect surveys, customer reviews about the event on how satisfied.

  • Increase user experience to attract more new customers and retain old customers in future events.
At hospitals, health facilities

The application of modern medical equipment is increasingly popular, so in hospitals or medical facilities, a wireless network connection is required for doctors' medical examination and treatment.

Besides, with Wifi Marketing patients can:

  • Free access to watching movies, listening to music, relieving stress.

  • Use to contact relatives, family and friends.

  • Get information on test results, prescriptions ...
Through Wifi Marketing, the hospital can introduce patients to medical examination and treatment programs, information about doctors, departments, facilities ... to help users feel secure and more confident.

At the commercial center

This is one of the places where you often encounter Wifi Marketing is the most deployed, because the demand for wifi and the number of visitors in these locations is quite high. So the ability to promote and reach potential customers is relatively large. In addition, surveys on Wifi Marketing also help the shopping center to recognize and improve service quality better.

Besides, thanks to Wifi Marketing, retailers can deploy their own marketing for their products:

  • Offer current promotions to attract customers to buy products on the spot.

  • Promote products to customers.

  • Gather customer information for future marketing campaigns.
What is wifi marketing c
Wifi Marketing is widely applied in shopping malls.
At airports, railway stations, bus stations

In order to serve customers can easily access the internet to buy tickets, check information, perform checkin at the stations, airports, bus stations often deploy Wifi Marketing.

Combined with serving customer needs, these units also take advantage to advertise more about outstanding services, incentive programs for passengers.

5. Conclusion

Wifi Marketing is growing and becoming a marketing solution applied by many businesses (especially B2C businesses) to increase brand awareness, collect customer information, increase access to websites ... With Diverse forms of advertising you can easily choose and create for yourself the appropriate implementation, contributing to the maximum efficiency of online marketing activities.

Reaching the right customers is the goal of all businesses!

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