What should General Slimz wear when traveling?

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I. What does General Slimz need on the road?

General Slimz - The Fortune Rabbit in the Mobile Union

#first. Attack speed, movement speed

Analysis: Slimz is a gunner general who deals with hand damage, and the power caused by the attack is insignificant, so increasing the speed of Slimz is very important.
First, increasing your attack speed will give you more damage done over a certain period of time. In particular, the fast attack speed will help Slimz fly a better kite and farm monsters faster in the early and mid-game to grow quickly and carry the team.
In addition, there is movement speed to increase mobility for Slimz to easily and conveniently move support teammates.
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The necessary equipment: With attack speed we have the following equipment:
*** Thunder sword:
small-scaled-ball-pool-furniture-slimz-di-duong (3)

*** Fafnir Sword:
small-scaled-ball-joint-toilet-slimz-di-duong (4)

*** Thick nomad:
small-scaled-ball-pool-furniture-slimz-di-duong (2)

#2. Critical

Analysis: Slimz is an indispensable gunner. Crit is something that is extremely vague, has great damage and is difficult to measure in Liên Liên Mobile.
With the critical hit will help Slimz's damage is increased significantly, and when combined with other damage equipment will cause a huge amount of damage that few people can withstand.

The equipment fitted for Slimz:

*** Holy Sword:
small-scaled-ball-pool-furniture-slimz-di-duong (8)

*** Song of the storm:
small-scaled-toilet-furniture-slimz-di -ong (7)

*** Fascinating claws:

# 3. Piercing armor and physical damage of General Slimz

Analysis: Physical justice is a skill that all gunners have to, and so does General Slimz. The physical attack will help increase the damage and attacks become more painful. Not only that, the extra physical items will help push soldiers, farm monsters faster and take towers faster.
In addition, there is armor penetration, if you only have physical justice and do not care about armor penetration, your attacks will not hurt and the tankers will not bother you at all (except for standard damage and damage injured by% of blood).
For Slimz, although possessing% damage, it depends on his ultimate. So armor penetration is a very necessary thing for Slimz to shoot at the gladiator champions, Tanker.

Appropriate equipment:

*** Breaking through:
small-scaled-ball-pool-furniture-slimz-di-duong (9)

*** Muramasa Sword:
small-ticket-office-house-stall-slimz-di-duong (5)

II. Complete equipment for General Slimz


With the equipment hit and run speed we choose Sword of Fafnir and Thick nomad.
Critical equipment will be used Holy sword and Song dao storm.
As for armor penetration, it will be used Frequent break.
Thus we will have the following complete equipment:
  1. Sword of Fafnir.
  2. Thick nomad.
  3. Frequent break.
  4. Holy sword.
  5. Song dao storm.
  6. Guardian armor.
- Earn Fafnir: With Kiếm Fafnir Not only does Slimz gain more attack speed, but the passive attack will deal damage with% of blood very suitable for Slimz's ultimate. So this equipment is like a slim and irreplaceable equipment of Slimz.
- Song of the storm: Not only adds the critical crit required for Slimz, but also has the indispensable attack speed for this rabbit. In addition, every time the crit is increased immunity control and has the acceleration to run again will help a lot for Slimz.

III. Epilogue

So I have completed the tutorial about Your equipment for the road for Slimz in Lien Lien Mobile.
Hope you guys climb the rank well with this champion, and don't forget to visit blogchiasekienthuc.com regularly for more useful knowledge and experience. Thank you, cordial and goodbye.
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