Why didn Apple sue when Google Pixel used the notch?

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The notch - also known as Notch Design - has been patented by Apple for the iPhone X, though they are not the first to have a design carved into the screen.
However, since the notch appeared on the iPhone, many OEMs have followed suit, and it is surprising that including Google's big Google Pixel. So why didn't Apple sue Google?
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#first. Pixel with rabbit ears?

Pixel came out first with the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL models, then Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, then Pixel 3, A3 XL and Pixel 3A, until this year Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.
From the first version to the Google Pixel 3, the design of this machine is very special: 2 half 2 colors, thick borders, very poor look. But since the Pixel 3XL is very different, the Pixel 3XL and Pixel 3A have the notch design of the iPhone X.
The reason Google does this: They don't have their own hardware design teams. This is understandable because the launch of the Pixel line is aimed at the flagship segment, and the superior technology shows that Google is simply making the phone to show off the technology.
However, not having to show off the technology will burn money, so they borrowed the rabbit ear design to attract more customers.
google-pixel-google-pixel-google (2)

I once had an article about Apple not suing carriers for design, but for Google, this is a completely different situation. So why does Apple still not sue?

#2. Why is Apple not suing Google Pixel?

The same goes for Chinese OEMs: Apple doesn't see Google Pixel as a competitor.
Google may be big, but their hardware is not. The Google Nexus line has been dead for a long time, and the Google Pixel is only 4 years old on the market.
If they sue Google, they will pave the way for Samsung and other OEMs to come up. This is even more unfavorable in the context of the US-China economic war.
google-pixel-google-pixel-google-pixel (1)

Next up: The biggest reason is Google's position.
Google saw the potential of Windows Phone, and fearing it would affect Android, they strangled the ecosystem just by stopping cooperation. And it is also Google that has pushed Huawei down the smartphone market, in the same way.
iPhone does not use Android, so it is not afraid of being affected as Huawei. But they can be as affected as Microsoft if deliberately playing to the end.
iOS also provides users with a service set similar to Google, but the quality and usability are incomparable, since iOS is a closed operating system.
For example, if you're using an iPhone, you're already using Google Search, can use Gmail or not, Apple's Map will not be accurate and detailed like Google Map, iCloud may be more secure, but difficult. manage more than Google Drive, watch Youtube of Google ....
So the question is, what if one day iOS users no longer have those services? Yes, the simple answer is definitely big, right 😀
Bottom line: Google is very big, so don't fool it.

# 3. Conclude

Like it or not, Apple's lawsuit against Google will be very detrimental to them, possibly even affecting Apple's production. So it's okay to have Google refer to the design, right?
Do you think that Google uses rabbit ears for the Pixel series is good or bad for Apple? Feel free to leave a comment about your view below the article.
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