Why should you choose WordPress theme framework for your website?

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Why should you choose WordPress theme framework for your website? -Â What's the WordPress theme frame? ’Are WordPress frameworks easy to understand?

It depends on the way the function is described and the technical gain is related to the static features, choosing a WordPress theme framework can confuse people seriously. Let's go down to the basics and make sure you fully understand what WordPress frameworks are before considering some options.

Your homepage as a WordPress framework


Consider a home. Let's say you are designing houses for the purpose of selling them to customers. These customers will be developers, they will use your basic design and then adapt it to their specific needs before selling it to end users - tenants. Designing your home will have a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Your developer can change the bedroom to a larger bathroom and bathroom or add a private bathroom. They can decorate the rooms to attract customers, the home buyers will change the exterior, interior and add some things the way they want.

In this example, the house design is a WordPress theme framework, an en suite added by a web developer and decorator, or how the house is customized by a customer or buyer (title, font, etc.) . The highlighted parts are widgets. The basic structure and function of the house will always remain the same.

That's what in a WordPress theme framework is: the basic structure, around which customers create websites. So what are the advantages of using a framework and what are the disadvantages?

Advantages of using WordPress Theme Framework


  • Community support: The first advantage is that, using a specific topic, you have a large community of topics that have free support and problems that will be easily solved.

  • Frame functions: Frames have a bunch of functions you don't have to add yourself. Examples are widgets, standard themes, certain SEO elements, and facilities for creating and editing pages.

  • Easy development: Develop a website by avoiding the coding needed to frame it.

  • Create topics for children: Frames are used to create sub-topics to which changes or upgrades of frames will be automatically applied.
Cons of WordPress Frameworks


  • Fallback encryption: The biggest problem with frameworks is not the problem: it's that the redundancy of the encryption won't be used by the developer. This takes up disk space but cannot be erased unless you are sure to delete it.

  • Language learning: Generally necessary to learn the language used in the framework. For example: hooks and filters, differences between frames. Knowledge of this is essential when coding sub topics.

  • Custom limit: There is a limit to the customization allowed by the frame. The argument will be that if you want to customize it more broadly, don't use frames that are code from scratch!

Example of WordPress Theme Framework


Frames are available, both free and paid. Prices vary from free upward and when you're new to frameworks, start with the free version.

Bones is a good free framework, based on the summaries of HTML5, Grid of 960.gs and CSS3. It's great to want to create HTML5 themes, and since it's open source, there are plenty of online support experts.

Thematic is another free WordPress theme framework. It's simple and comes with a template subtopic that suits your own needs. There are other free frames available but these are the two simplest frames.

The topic is paid, it depends on how much you are about to pay. Thesis has one or more license options ($ 87- $ 164). It provides up to three columns and a dashboard provides a range of customization along with the required coding. Headway Themes cost $ 89 - $ 199 and Genesis Genesis framework is $ 59.95 for unlimited websites.

The theme you choose will depend on your individual needs. Individual themes meet the requirements of each individual developer, and each helps them achieve their desired goals.

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Why use a WordPress theme framework?


They are priced or free WordPress theme frames. Yes, the learning time will be long, but once you have mastered a specific framework, you will gain significantly during development.

Drag and drop functionality to save hours of coding and you will have access to the most modern SEO tools and utilities. Function.php and style files add custom functions and create subtopics.

Child themes will be updated immediately when the parent frames are updated. So the answer to ‘What is WordPress theme framework’ is easy to answer. That's how you use the WordPress framework that matters to you.

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