3 ways to open the User folder on Windows 10 quickly and simply

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All operating systems of the current computer such as Windows, macOs, Ubuntu ... have separate folders for each user to store documents, personal files and settings of that user account.
Normally when you want to access this directory, you will open it File Explorer up (Windows + E) and navigate to C:Users.
However, you can open this folder in many different ways. And in this article I have summarized the ways open folder Users on Windows fastest, shorten access time on Windows operating systems. Invite you to find out the details in the article below!
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I. Quick ways to open the User folder on Windows 10 operating system

Either way, I'll still show you how to open the most basic User folder first.
Perform: First you open File Explorer (Windows + E) => and access the directory User on the drive C: follow the path C:User.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (1)

That's the most basic way, but here are the fastest ways to open the User folder on Windows 10:

Method # 1: Use the command in Windows Run

Windows Run does not have to introduce again, huh: D, the tool appears in almost every tutorial about its Windows tricks.
Perform: First open the Run dialog box with the key combination Windows + R on keyboard => then enter the command %USERPROFILE% => okay ENTER that is it.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (2)

The User directory of the current user logged into the system will look similar to this. You can access the folders you want.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (3)

Method # 2: Use File Explorer

We will continue to use File Explorer the traditional way, but the steps are different!
You open File Explorer (Windows + E) up => right click on its sidebar and select Show all folders to display all the directories in Sidebar this.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (4)

A series of Folder appears, look up on the top, you will immediately see a folder with the name XXX (XXX is the username / USER you're using, with the user icon on the left.
That is our user directory, open up there will be similar folders and content cách 1 on.
how-to-access-folder-users-on-windows-10 (5)

And save the search for the next time as well as to cause many disruptive folders Sidebar File Explorer, right-click on the user folder and select Pin to Quick Access to Pin it to the quick access.
Finally, right-click again Sidebar and uncheck the line Show all folders To hide all unnecessary folders, collapse part Sidebar Please !
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (6)

Or You can also right click on this user folder and click Pin to Start to pin it to the Start menu.

Method # 3. Create a shortcut to access the User folder

There is also a fairly familiar way for you to bring the shortcut of the User folder to the Desktop: Personalize, in the settings go to the Theme section and click on the line Desktop icons settings to open icon settings on the home screen.
Finally, tick the line User’s File => and press OK to complete the shortcut of the User folder to the main screen!
how-to-access-folder-users-on-windows-10 (10)

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Or You can create Shortcuts for this folder yourself, by ...
You right click on the Desktop, select New => select continue Shortcut to create a new shortcut on screen.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (7)

In the window Create Shortcut, oh Type the location of the item you enter C:Users Is enough.
If you remember to push the full path of your user directory, then enter enough is still not enough, then click Next.
how-to-access-folder-users-on-windows-10 (8)

Finally, name this shortcut, name anything, as long as that name is easy to distinguish as well as consistent with the naming rules in Windows.
Done, you will have an icon like this on the Desktop, when needed, just click here is.
how-to-access-folders-users-on-windows-10 (9)

II. Epilogue

The above is a summary of the 3 fastest and simplest ways for you to Open the User folder on Windows operating system ten.
Those are just the ways that I know but not all, so if you know any other way, don't forget to leave a comment below for everyone to know. Good luck !
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