4 apps for taking photos on smartphones that are popular with youngpeople

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Today, taking selfies with your phone is a regular job for young people, especially girls. With just a smartphone, you can take selfies right away. You are free to create and save yourself beautiful photos and bitter moments.
Apps developers on phones also know that, so they have researched and released great apps to support the photography, making the photos more beautiful, more fun, less monotonous with cute stickers and unique photo effects ..
And now, let's take a look at those App to take pictures on your phone Being the most popular young people offline.
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#first. Snap a photo inserting the Sticker With App B612 on a smartphone


Application B612 Highlight the variety of beautiful stickers, if you are interested in taking photos with stickers then you should use this App. The software provided by SNOW, Inc., is about 79 MB in size.
This App supports such features as:
  • Edit video: You can edit videos easily with this app. In addition, you can also integrate exciting music for your video.
  • Sticker: On the App there are more than 1500 Ticker face recognition, can turn you into a very lovely pet. This is also the most prominent feature of the App.
  • Beauty effects, natural skin lightening, slimmer face, V-line chin, makup ...
  • Use filters to help you take photos with different tones, no need to process through Photoshop.
Download the Photography Apps B612 for phones: For Android / For iOS

#2. Magical skin beauty with the Ulike photography App


The Ulike App, powered by Lemon, Inc., is around 44 MB. Ulike photography application with the strength of face correction and magic skin beauty is being selected by many young people, the main functions supported on Ulike such as:
  • Perfect face editing according to your liking.
  • Take photos in the most fashionable style, providing instructions for you in many different shooting positions.
  • High-end filter with many different options, depending on user preferences.
  • Humidifying the skin is a unique tool of the App, helping users to moisturize the skin to look like the real thing.
  • Magic makeup, with a bare face you just need to choose the makeup function, you can create photos right away without having to go through makeup steps.
  • The App also has a video recording function that can add music, add stickers ...
Download the Photography Apps Ulike for the phone: For Android / For iOS

# 3. Take photos with the Wutacam application


This App is provided by Benqu, with a capacity of about 48 MB. The salient features of the Wutacam photography application are:
  • Just like other apps, Wutacam also provides beauty mode with many different styles for you to choose.
  • Makeup is also one of the prominent modes of this App, with many extremely attractive makeup styles.
  • 2D stickers are rated by many users as diverse to use, and very trendy. This is also a feature of the App.
  • Take photos with many striking styles and fun.
  • Magic beauty tools, users can manually edit their photos as they like, such as correcting the face, nose, chin ... with many cute styles such as crested rabbit ears, puppies, ...
Download the Photography Apps Wutacam for the phone: For Android / For iOS

# 4. The famous FaceU photography app in Korea and Japan


The FaceU App, powered by Lemon, Inc., is about 49 MB. The FaceU app supports the following main functions:
  • Sticker is beautiful and varied, users can choose for themselves a truly unique Sticker in their own style.
  • Professional filters are carefully designed by FaceU from photographers and professional designers. The filter is also frequently updated to refresh the user.
  • FaceU emoticons are widely used globally, allowing users to create emoticons for themselves in many different ways.
With the slogan "Inspiration for beauty" The goal of this App is to bring users beautiful photos and videos.
According to the Google Play update, FaceU has about 300 million users worldwide and is most popular in Japan and South Korea.
Professional filters support users to create beautiful natural photos. The FaceU app also regularly supports updating new versions with many new and more attractive features for users.
Download the Photography Apps FaceU for phones: For Android / For iOS

# 5. Conclude

Yes, so I just introduced you 4 Smartphone photography app Young people are very popular.
With the App that supports taking photos on the phone that I have just shared above, I hope that you can choose for yourself an app like that, so you can freely create beautiful photos and videos. unique.
In addition to these Photography App I just listed above, if you know any other interesting apps, don't forget to share them again by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article. Thank you!
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