18 best affiliate marketing programs 2020

With so many affiliate marketing programs out there, you will be hard to choose, right? Especially find a program that suits you best. Each affiliate marketing program will have different ways to get started and the commission rate is also different. So, we have collected the best affiliate marketing programs, you can take a look at the following list and start using it, make money online now!

First, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money from getting a commission when selling products and services of partner companies through various advertising and advertising channels controlled by marketers.
So, there are two sides involved in affiliate marketing. On the one side is a sales company - also the affiliate marketing program owner, that provides products for you to promote. The second party is the affiliate marketer - a website, blog, social media owner with the main task of turning visitors into potential buyers.
In short, the sales company will have a new customer, the marketer will receive a commission for successfully introducing the buyer.

18 best affiliate marketing programs

In the list below, we will introduce the best affiliate marketing programs out there.

1. Amazon Associates

affiliate marketing program amazon associates
If you've ever searched for products on Amazon, you already know just how huge its catalog is.
Regardless of fashion, style, technology, food, you will find the right product to advertise.
Moreover, the Amazon Bounty Program offers a commission for every visitor who signs up to try it out.
Is it difficult to start using? Very direct and clear - go to the Amazon Associates homepage , click "Join Now for Free," and enter your site, blog or mobile app information.
There is another section where you enter other information - the type of product you want to advertise, where the traffic comes from, yes.
When you have finished registering for an account, wait 24 hours to confirm, that's it!
And how to make money fast? Each type of product has a fixed price . So, if you want to maximize your earning potential, you need to choose the product with the highest commission rate (products with a high commission of 10% are beauty products, fashion, Amazon Coins). The direct liquidity limit is 10 USD and the checks is 100 USD.
You will also receive a commission when a visitor buys another product. For example, if you are advertising a gaming machine, the user clicks to buy a game console through your affiliate marketing link, they decide to buy another product such as a headset, you will also be charged a commission for that product!

2. Hostinger Affiliates

affiliate hostinger program
If you're looking for an affiliate marketing program that has the highest commission rate, then look no further! At Hostinger, we have the best product here. Anyone who wants to create a website or create a blog needs hosting, domain names, ssl or vps, yes. This is a niche market related to technology.
Every successful hosting purchase from your affiliate link will ensure you get 60% commission, no limits. The installation is also very easy, you just need to register, fill out the information form, then wait 24 hours to be verified.
After authentication you will be able to access the control panel where you use it to manage, optimize and monitor your affiliate marketing process. You also get free marketing materials such as banners for all kinds of websites and affiliate marketing guides.
How will you make money fast? For example, if your visitor buys a 2-year shared hosting plan costing 1 million 3 and doesn't cancel the service for 30 days, you'll get 60% of that fee, which is up to 780k. You will receive money when the balance reaches 100 USD. Ie just need to sell 2 times is okay! Too fast too dangerous right

3. ShareASale Affiliates

shareasale affiliate marketing programs
If you prefer another affiliate marketing program with so many products to choose from, then use ShareASale Affiliates. It is the answer for you!
ShareASale is like an e-commerce platform - it has sellers on it. With over 3,900 stores, direct payments, ongoing support, ShareASale is always on the list of trusted affiliate marketing programs.
Is this program difficult to use? To register , you need to go through 5 steps. Start typing your name and password, fill out the website information, email address, contact information, and choose the payment method - direct payment or via check. After that, wait 1 business day for your application to be confirmed.
Is making money here fast? ShareASale has a lower liquidity limit than the above programs - only $ 50. Note that the payment method also affects the time of payment.
International payment takes 4-6 weeks after sending via email, 1-3 weeks via FedEx, and 3-6 business days if you choose direct deposit.

4. Shopify Affiliates

shopify affiliate marketing program
Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms with great features. It can help you create a business name, create a logo, develop an online store application, and they ensure a solution to every business problem.
By persuading visitors to use this platform you will be greatly rewarded from Shopify.
Is it difficult to start using? First, you must create  a Shopify Partners account . It will ask for information about your website, what your Shopify marketing is, are you experienced in digital marketing. Then wait 2 days for verification.
Is receiving money fast? Basically, there are 2 types of packages you can market - standard and Shopify plux. Every sale of the standard pack earns you $ 58. For Shopify Plus, you will receive $ 2,000 for every successful sale!
Note that Shopify Plus is a service for large online stores - it costs a lot of money. Should be quite difficult to sell.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

affiliate marketing thristy affiliate
ThirstyAffiliates is a free WordPress plugin that manages their affiliates link.
It's a great product for marketing - so why not try using this tool to simplify your affiliate marketing process?
With the plugin, you can hide the affiliate link, protect it from being stolen, and add these links to your posts directly.
Is it difficult to start using? Fill in the basic information in the registration form , check the email for username and password, and log in to access the affiliate dashboard. In the Links & Images tab, you can get affiliate links and banners.
Is the receipt of money fast? You will earn 30% commission for each successful sale. Their cheapest product is a website license fee ($ 49). That means you will earn 14.9 USD once sold. Best of all, they don't limit the amount of payment.

6. eBay Partner Network

ebay affiliate marketing program
With a reputation built from 1995, it's not hard to know eBay is the most trusted marketplace out there.
There are over 1.1 products posted from the most famous brands here. Their marketing kit also makes its affiliate marketing program easier to advertise and market.
Is it difficult to start using? You need to register on their homepage with Google or Facebook for faster authentication. Remember to always prepare your PayPal account information.
How fast is making money here? The eBay Partner Network affiliate marketing program gives you 50% and 70% of the revenue, depending on the type of product. Moreover, you only need to have 10 USD in balance to receive payment.

7. Rakuten Linkshare

affiliate marketing linkshare affiliate marketing program
This is yet another online store you can rely on. Rakuten is the largest Japanese e-commerce network. They have a global affiliate network program that helps marketers get commissions from new customers and maintain sales of commonly used products.
Is it difficult to start using this program? Go to their site and register . Fill out the necessary information about your company, official website contact information, tax information. You can set a limit to receive money as long as it is above $ 50
Make money with this product fast? The downside of this program is that you have to participate in a special advertising mode. If not, there is no way to know how much money you will receive - a vast commission rate spread across the product categories.

8. Leadpages Partner Program

Affiliate marketing leadpages program
Leadpages is an online tool that helps you create a landing page fast, effortless. It has many utilities like drag and drop builder, friendly screen, unlimited traffic, yes.
Creating a website will help enhance your online image, regardless of the industry you are in - there is a tool to make this easy and anyone can take advantage of it. This is a great product to advertise to readers.
Is it difficult to start using? We recommend that you buy a Leadpages package before advertising - you can highlight the elements you like about how to use it from the start, bringing your experience into the advertising. First, go to the affiliate page to register . There is a form for you to fill out with detailed standard information - display name, website, language, country, etc.
Is making money here fast? You can earn commissions at 30% of each sale and additional payments.
Not only that, Leadpages also gives you $ 5,000 in regular money to a recognized marketer to travel around the world. They also have webinars, if you invite members, you also get 30% commission if you can introduce your audience.

9. Avantlink

affiliate marketing avantlink affiliate program
Avantlink is one of the best affiliate marketing programs, but it has a relatively low number of applications - only 30% of subscribers get it! However, thanks to advanced marketing easy technology makes it suitable for a lot of people. In addition, it has a large inventory and a reputation for use with quality products throughout the network.
Real-time reporting, booking fees, affiliate link encoder, and customer tracking are among its few great tools. Everything about Avantlink is a testament to their serious business model. Whether a family member or a marketer is equally important.
Is it difficult to start using? The eye-catching interface makes it easy to use and  register . Choose one of the business regions between the US, Canada and Australia to your liking, then fill out the application form.
You will then receive an email containing instructions on how to authenticate - it requires little technical knowledge. Avantlink will review your profile in a few days.
Is making money fast? The average commission rate for each sale is 10%, the minimum amount to withdraw is 50 USD. Each payment will be sent on the 25th of every month. Please note that Avantlink cannot pay you if the store is not paid.

10. Clickbank

clickbank affiliate marketing programs
This affiliate marketplace is the easiest affiliate marketing program to use. It has thousands of products with different commission prices depending on the supplier.
Is it difficult to join the program? You can choose what kind of product to market from the start. After clicking Promote button, you need to enter the nickname used to create HopLink - you will receive an affiliate link! You can share it right on your blog or social networking site. But, to get the commission,  you need to register and fill in the information you need.
Is receiving money fast? The commission rate depends on the distributor - it can range from 1% to 75%. You can also find one-time or one-time payment products.
The default payment is 100 USD, but you can change it in the Settings tab from $ 10- $ 1,000,000.

11. Sovrn Commerce

sovrn commerce affiliate marketing program
Formerly known as VigLink, Sovrn Commerce is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that can monetize effective content.
Its automated technology will help you turn links from old products and insert affiliate links in seconds.
How to start participating? When you sign up , you need to state which platform you use to promote their product - blog, website, forums, yes - next to your niche. Then, paste the VigLink code link into the site.
You can also do this via the VigLink plugin  or manually. Your website will be appreciated. In the meantime, you can create affiliate links.
Is receiving payment from this program fast? Regardless of how much money you make when signing up, the commission is only sent after 90 days of registration. Moreover, the balance will need to reach a minimum of $ 10 - if not, the amount will be added next month.
They support both CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-action), but the commission rates vary widely.

12. CJ Affiliate

affiliate marketing program commision junction
CJ Affiliate, also known as Commission Junction, is one of the top affiliate programs you can trust. With over 20 years of experience, they have the best solution for you to get the most revenue possible.
They are more experienced and do not touch the privacy of your visitors - that's why they have a monitoring system that does not use cookies, but still ensures that commission and sales can be controlled. your.
How to start joining the program? On the registration page , you will need to read the terms and click on the agree button. After the registration is completed, fill out your network profile with your blog / website and advertising method. Then choose the store and join the program.
Can you get money fast? Each store has different commission rates, and there are many types of EPC (potential by the click). For example, when the store has 30 USD for their EPC, that is, for every 10 clicks you bring to the store, you will receive 30 USD commission - regardless of the commission rate.
If the store has a low commission rate but a high EPC, it means they are likely to turn visitors into a good buyer. This method is not 100% clear, but you should choose the highest EPC if you want to make money fast.

13. PeerFly

affiliate peerfly program
Peerfly is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks. With over 2,000 offers online, it's not hard for this CPA program to have over 75,000 publishers active around the world.
What's more, its surveillance system is also the best, designed to best fit your potential.
Commission fees are calculated based on CPA (cost-per-action) - visitors need to take an action (purchase products, participate in the program, yes yes) to earn commissions.
Is it difficult to join the program? There are four steps for you to register - basic information, marketing, taxes, and authentication. It will take three days for your site to authenticate.
Is making money from the program fast? The marketing program has the following cost options - net 30, net 15, each week you can withdraw money when the balance reaches $ 50. For example, if you reach your limit in January, then your payment will be sent in February (Net 30).

14. SemRush

semrush affiliate marketing program
If your readers need to improve SEO rankings, recommend them to use SemRush.
This affiliate marketing program will pay commission every time you send in visits and sales to their websites. Because marketing is so important to every business, this tool is virtually portable for everyone!
Is it difficult to join the program? Registering their website - very fast! You only need to enter your email and password and click the confirm button in the inbox.
Make money from affiliate marketing fast? Each referral, you will receive 40% commission. They have 3 main packages - pro ($ 99.95 / month), guru ($ 199.95 / month), and business package ($ 399.95 / month).

15. Ninja Outreach

affiliate marketing ninja outreach affiliate marketing program
Building relationships with bloggers and influencers is an important marketing technique. You can take advantage of the large readership of these bloggers to grow your business. With Ninja Outreach, you will create an influencer email list and manage interactions with them the most effectively!
Not only do you get a recurring commission fee for every sale, your readers will be pleased with the introduction of an extremely useful tool!
Is it difficult to join the program? Registration is simple and fast. Just fill in the details, click the verification link in the email, change the password, and you can start sharing the affiliate link.
How fast can you make money? You will receive a 20% recurring commission for each sale. The payment is 100 USD. If a single person buys a $ 99 / month plan, you get $ 19.8 per month as long as the guest renews and stays active.

16. Hubspot's Affiliate Program

hubspot affiliate marketing program
HubSpot is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software used to support inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is an all-in-one marketing package used to turn potential customers into customers with content tools, social media and reasonable strategies for buyers.
It is the technology product needed for an effective online business. This CRM software is completely free, but you can only get a commission by recommending one of three paid packages - Starter, Professional and Enterprise.
How to participate in this affiliate marketing program? Click the Get Started button on their homepage to have the browser redirect you to the registration page. After the form is filled out, click the Submit button.
How to make money fast? You will earn a fixed commission. The amount you receive depends on the level of the product your referrer purchases, and that person needs to be a new customer.
Commission fees for Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans are $ 250, $ 500, and $ 1,000.

17. Printful Affiliate Program

printful affiliate marketing program
Printful's affiliate marketing program is a perfect program for bloggers who want to do something.
Their service is printing t-shirts with your own designs, helping you connect your products to the automated e-commerce platform. It is the most convenient method to turn you into an online shop owner without having to worry about packaging and shipping.
Convince your readers to use this service, you will generate passive income every month right away.
Is it difficult to join? You need to create a Printful account first. After that, you will need to fill in the details to register as an affiliate. Once completed, you need to wait about 2-3 business days for the application to be approved.
Is making money here fast? You will receive 10% commission for each referral. Moreover, you will receive 10% for each sale by subscription within 9 months.

18. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

convertkit affiliate marketing program
Email subscriptions are important for bloggers and website owners - it is the list that helps you interact with your readers most effectively and has the best ability to turn them into regular readers.
ConvertKit is software that simplifies this process and makes it more efficient. Its automated tool makes it easy to create email templates with your own set of rules. You can create emails and build everything easily with the sign and drop feature.
You will also earn a commission by referring it to visitors only through an easy direct registration rule.
How to start participating in this affiliate marketing? This program is free to join. You only need to register on this page, enter your name and email. You will then receive a password via email to login and an affiliate link to use immediately. In the management dashboard, you can enter payment information.
How to make money with this program fast? Commission fee is 30% for each sale. In addition, you will receive a recurring commission if your referrals are still active - meaning you'll always receive 30% commission every month!


Now that you know the best affiliate marketing programs out there, you can choose a few to join and increase your passive income. You should consider commission rate, product quality, and most importantly, related to your industry or blog / website.
In summary, we have a list of 10 best affiliate marketing programs with the following advantages:
  • Affiliate ConvertKit program - convenient and useful products, easy to join
  • EBay Partner Network Program - high turnover, multiple products, minimum payout
  • HubSpot's affiliate marketing program - a useful automated tool with a high commission rate
  • SemRush - easy to use and quick registration, periodic high commissions
  • Hostinger Affiliate Program - high recurring commission rate, useful marketing kit to help optimize income
  • ThirstyAffiliates - useful products, no payment limits
  • Amazon Associates - many bonus programs, huge amount of products
  • Shopify Affiliates - the opportunity to receive up to $ 2000 from a single sale, high comission rate for standard packages.
  • ClickBank - immediately create affiliate link, have a variety of commission rates
  • WP Engine Affiliate - high commission rates, customized landing page for advertising
Choosing the right affiliate marketing program can be very time consuming. Luckily, you now have a detailed description list to choose from right from the start! Now, what are you waiting for? Let's make more money!
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