10 Best Ways to Create a Best Blogging Blog 2020

Currently, making money blog seems to be the trend, even, many people make a living just by blogging. If you like blogging, then what are you waiting for! Even if it will take a long time, the whole process from building from zero to success is not too difficult. In this tutorial, we will show you many ways to create a blog to make money so you have an overview of this and can get started right away.

How to make a blog for monetization - prepare before you start

Before you create a blog to make money, you need to go through some basic preparation steps.

Choose a niche

The niche market, can be understood simply as the blog topic that you will target to make money. It is called a niche because it focuses on a certain topic, and articles will take place around that topic. It has a small readership, not a broad topic like economics and medicine. Why is this step important? That's because when readers find your blog, find you have a common interest with them, they will stay and become regular readers. This element is very important to your web blog.
Don't rush to write about all the clutter, it will only confuse readers and lead to leaving your blog, which means that the website no longer has traffic.
Readers need to know exactly how your blog has the specific content they need. That's what makes them share your post - it adds traffic to the website!
If you do not know what the niche market is, or do not know which blog niche to choose, then check out the following suggestions:
  • Choose the topic you like to write about the most - the idea is often more than if you write about what you like
  • Understand your readers - the tone and style of your blog will determine what kind of readers read.
  • Make sure there is enough reading for your market - don't choose a topic or niche that only one or a few people need to learn about. If too few of your blog will be difficult to survive long
A niche niche will make creating blogs easier, faster

Choose a domain name

After choosing a niche, domain name is the next factor to choose.
It is a website name, so it is very important for readers. To choose a domain name, you also need to pay attention to the audience audience. For example, if you're a fashion blog, you'll need a clear name that is easy to understand. For example www .mydailyfashion.com .
Moreover, the domain name needs search keywords, it helps you rank better.
Invest time and effort in choosing a domain name. To assist with this, you can use the domain creation tool to find more suggestions.

Create a blog

Once you've found a niche market and domain name, it's time to create a blog to turn it into a money-making machine.
You need 2 things for a blog: web hosting and blog platform .
There are several types of web hosting to choose from. If you are just starting to create a blog, we recommend using shared hosting as it is the easiest platform to use for newbies. Moreover, you will get a free domain if you buy a hosting package for 12 months or more.
For blogging platforms, WordPress is always our first choice. It is the most popular CMS and content management system. The features of this CMS are also complete and most thanks to the huge plugin system.

Create good content

Now that you've created your blog, the next step is to fill the blog with good content. Take note of the reader's interaction. The best way to do this is to balance quality and blog content.
We know this blogging step is very difficult. So we have a list of things you need to keep in mind to find inspiration for blogging.
  • Find ideas - find them from your competitors and create a better, more complete blog post with your own experience.
  • Find the best format - for example, when you create a blog of the form "how to do this in x minutes". Identical and highly organized titles are important because they create the consistency and personal advantage of your blog.
  • Keep your blog content organized well - don't make typos when blogging, put paragraphs together, divide paragraphs and create logical sub headlines. Do not write too long sentences, yes yes.
  • Use visually appealing elements - beautiful images and beautiful videos are the easiest way to engage readers.
  • Always reread - never save 10 minutes without rereading your article to review all possible mistakes before publishing

Interact with readers

In the end, readers will be the ones who decide if your blog is worth visiting successfully. They will determine the level of success of your blog.
So, what you need to focus on is - make your readers feel welcome!
First, make learning more exciting by creating call-to-action buttons in each article. For example, call them to leave a comment. It will help them interact with you through commenting, or asking questions.
Another way to do this is to create opinion posts. Some readers may disagree with your direction, but it will open up discussion opportunities - opening up a new channel of interaction with readers.

Create large traffic streams - increase traffic

The more traffic (traffic), the easier it will make you money. Many bloggers out there use a lot of different tricks to attract more readers. Here are some ways to help you attract customers when you want to create a blog to make money as quickly as possible:

SEO to increase natural traffic

We have been mentioning SEO for a long time. But what is it? Search Engine Optimization (search optimization) is an activity that helps your website to increase search rankings to the top of the search results page.
Google has its own algorithm to determine which website is worthy of the top. Although no one knows how this algorithm works, some of the following factors will affect the better ranking.
  • Website speed - website loads quickly, images are reasonably optimized, overall performance is good, yes yes
  • Content quality - quality of writing, paragraph length, and sentences, yes
  • Keyword Allocation - Keyword density, do you use the most searched keywords, yes yes
  • Website structure - A website needs to have a reasonable structure to help crawlers find all the information it needs on a blog, especially this structure needs a sitemap.
  • Linking -  when there are many related sites putting links to your blog, the searchers will see that is a good sign to decide whether to post blog posts on top or not.

If the natural method of pahp1 of SEO is not enough for you to increase traffic, then you can also pay to do this? By buying ads, you can run a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to create traffic for your blog!
So, how does it work? It's like watching an ad on TV, but it does show when someone searches and clicks on the ad.
There are advertising services that will help you do this more effectively!
Below are the advertising services that help you decide
  • Google Ads - no matter how SEO your blog is, you can get your blog on the top of Google search with this advertising program
  • Facebook Paid Ads - with many FB users today, you can quickly turn traffic sources from fb into website access sources
  • Bing Ads - why focus on a single search engine. You can help blogs appear simultaneously on Bing , Yahoo! , and AOL !
  • BlogAds - this type of ad service helps you reach a specific audience and display on an advertising network (blogs and websites)

Give a gift

You know what they say - free is the best thing in life! Give your readers some gifts, and the reader will rush in.
Giveaways (giveaways) are rewards when someone else does something for your blog - by promoting your blog, participating in mailing lists, yes yes - in return for free gifts.
The way to run this program is on holidays - like Christmas or New Year. Use themed gifts, set rules and advertise on social media. Then you just need to choose the winner. Very easy, right?
Tip : Use the giveaway plugin to support! There are many useful plugins for you are Simple Giveaways  and Gleam .
However, gifts will account for your budget. Consider the following factors to maximize the traffic you receive from giveaway:
  • Only donate things related to your niche
    You do not confuse readers. Why increase your gaming console when your blog is about food?
  • It has a certain value.
    Give a gift of a specific value. Too cheap gifts will not be enough to attract.
  • Don't create too many rules.
    Many readers will lose interest as soon as they find the rules table is too long to read
  • Advertising, advertising, and multiple advertising!
    Because your blog is new, you don't have many readers. You will need to go one step further to advertise this contest / campaign. Use appropriate hashtags, share it on forums, or tell your friends to help with advertising.
Giveaway is the most powerful way to speed up traffic temporarily. Moreover, it opens up opportunities for you to interact with readers better.
Even so, to avoid them leaving after participating in the competition. You need to make sure to prepare a lot of good content that is engaging, engaging, and engaging with the attendees.

10 Ways to make money blogs

Once you have a steady stream of traffic, you'll need to do a few things to make money from blogging!
Here are some of the best ways to make money from blogging!

1. Google AdSense

In the previous section we mentioned advertising to increase traffic - now, it's the opposite. You put ads (ads) on the blog to make money while blogging.
Google AdSense is a PPC (pay-per-click) program that helps you display ads on blogs. It is the most convenient method to make money from blogging because Google will take care of most things like: what kind of ads will show, payment methods, yes yes. Moreover, you can customize the type of ads that suits your blog.
Here's how to place Google Adsene ads on blogs.
  1. Sign up for Google AdSense . Fill in the information (URL, billing address, yes yes)
  2. Enter the authentication code. Put it in the <head> and </head> tags on each page you want to display ads. The easier way is to install the Ad Inserters plugin. Go to Settings >> Ad Inserter and click on the General Setting icon, go to the Header tab and paste the code into it
  3. Wait until your account is approved. This registration process is quick and only takes 3 days for Google to authenticate your account.
  4. Start creating ads . After your account is verified, you will have access to the Adsene dashboard to manage. Go to  My Ads >> New ad unit and customize your ad - name, size and ad type.
  5. Copy and paste the ad code into the blog. You do this manually by going to Appearance >> Widgets and then clicking the Custom HTML button Place the widget into any item and paste the code inside. Alternatively, you can also use Ad Inserters to do this. Readers will immediately see the ad.
Now ads have appeared on blogs, when waiting for enough clicks, sooner or later you will reach the minimum payment ( $ 100 ) and get paid each month.
  • The process is easy
  • No need to set up later
  • No customization and reservation settings, it can reduce traffic
  • It takes time to receive money

2. Advertising content

If your blog has a lot of traffic, someone automatically needs to collaborate with you. This is the easiest way to make money from blogging.
Basically, you will be paid by a sponsor (a certain company) to publish their article. What do they benefit? This type of post will help them gain more customers - from the form of reviews, announcements of new products, new programs, promotions, etc.
So, who will write the article? It depends on your agreement. If they want you to write, you can charge extra.
Here are the steps for writing sponsored content to make money from blogging.
  1. Analyze your blog . If you want the company to pay you, you need to let them know the outcome. Show them how good your blog is - page views, bounce rate, yes.
  2. Offer your services to small companies in advance . For starters, we recommend building your portfolio before approaching a large company. In addition, you can find potential customers, on sites like  Cooperatize and Tomoson . Remember, find the right sponsor for your niche.
  3. Price deal . You can use the report to determine fees. For example, based on your level of professionalism, the effort it takes to perfect the blog design, the content costs, yes.
  4. Publish sponsored articles. If you live in the United States, the law requires you to specify that this article is sponsored. Moreover, make sure the post style matches your style.
That's all! The more you do it, the better you'll get used to this and the deal with the company. Although, you may have to wait a while to publish the new post, because doing too much will cause visitors to leave. Sponsorship articles are one of the most popular ways of making money blogs.
  • It is much more natural than AdSense
  • You can build reputation from the word
  • A lot of sponsored posts will bring down the traffic
  • Determining the price can be difficult

3. Affiliate Marketing

how to create a blog making money from affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money from blogging.
It is similar to the article sponsor. Instead of writing articles, and negotiating prices, you will be paid based on clicks or sales of your affiliate link.
Here's how to create a blog monetizing affiliate marketing:
  1. Select affiliate program . There are many popular affiliate programs like ShareASale , eBay Partners , Shopify Affiliate Program , yes. In addition, you can also consider the Hostinger Affiliate Program, you will receive 60% commission on each successful sale.
  2. Take readers to your affiliate link . Write an engaging article about their service or product. The more you click, the more money you will make. Moreover, do it transparently - say it is an affiliate article. Trust plays an important role in your affiliate marketing campaign.
  3. Grow the number of email subscriptions . You can create a loyal number of individual members and expand traffic as needed by bringing the content directly to the email box of your email list. This is an effective method to get more instant clicks.
  4. Prioritize your readers . If possible, you should try the product first. If you don't like it, your readers don't like it either. Promoting products you dislike or of poor quality will affect the reputation of your blog.
One thing to consider is to make sure your product line and your brand are closely related. There are plugins for this whole process such as ThristyAffiliates and AffiliateWP .
  • Fixed commission
  • Many choices of affiliate marketing programs
  • Your customers do not guarantee to buy the product
  • Difficult to grow the number of potential customers

4. Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate how to create blog to make money
The most common way to make a blog is affiliate marketing and the most popular program is Affiliate Amazon Associates.
To make money from blogs, you only need to advertise products from their homepage with affiliate links. Every successful payment through your link, you will receive referral fee (referral fee).
Interestingly, each product category has a different cost . If you are planning to use Amazon Affiliate in the first place, then find out its fees to choose the niches with the highest paying rate.
Moreover, they have special programs that only require a trial subscription to earn commissions - Kindle Unlimited, Prime Pantry, Amazon FreeTime, and more.
Refer to these simple steps to get commission from Amazon Associates.
  1. Sign up on Amazon Associates . How to register easy and fast.
  2. Account settings . Fill out your account information. Click on the "New Customer" button and fill in information such as name, address, phone number, and how to find customers, choose the means of payment, yes yes.
  3. Get affiliate links . After successfully creating a personal account, find the product and click the "Get Link" button. You can customize the configuration here - ad type, size, color, yes yes.
  4. Copy paste link to blog. You can put it in the sidebar, in posts, in the header, yes
Amazon Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs out there. If you want to create reviews to convince buyers, you are free to do so.
  • There is a huge number of products
  • One of the most popular affiliate programs
  • The commission is lower than other affiliate programs
  • Earnings will be void if the guest does not buy in 24 hours

5. Product number

Digital product ways to make money from blogging
If you have entrepreneurial blood, why not make your own to sell? Here's how to create a blog that makes money from your blog!
However, it can be a bit inconvenient because you have to manage the sales chain: storage, shipping, importing, packing, etc. But if you choose to sell digital products you will be less hard.
Usually it is easier to manage, requires fewer staff and is always in stock, you can ship products in a snap. Why don't you like it?
Moreover, the selection for digital products is no less - from ebooks, photos, artwork, music, to software and online courses.
So, how to sell digital products?
How to create a blog to make money selling non-physical products as follows:
  1. Select the product you want to sell . Do a thorough research on which market you want to sell the most - and the price of the product. Do not forget to choose products you are familiar with and match your niche.
  2. Use the right store creation plugin . The WooCommerce plugin will help you with the entire online store creation.
  3. Started selling . Display products as list or from do-the-do articles. Don't forget the content is still vu so write a quality description.
  4. Follow-ups . Follow-up is active after selling or after interacting with customers, such as after-sales, ask for reviews, get ratings.
Selling digital products is a quick way to make money fast without any problems. But creating a product is a bit difficult. So if you don't have your own product, you might consider selling others as a reseller.
There are many companies willing to offer discounts to you so you can sell their products, you can raise prices according to conditions. However, it can still make a profit like selling its own product.
  • Often more profitable than other methods
  • Stable and steady income
  • Good products are hard to find
  • If reseller does not make much money

6. Membership Sites

how to create a money membership site blog
Membership website is also an effective way to make money blogs.
It's like a Netflix model - customers pay monthly or periodically to consume the content inside.
That is the type of membership site! Even just a few subscribers can create a steady stream of income for you.
Moreover, you don't need to worry about traffic. Once customers have paid for the service, they will more often visit your website. Very convenient, right?
Also, about the type of product you can choose when using this way to create a blog to make money: streaming services, software subscriptions, premium forums, yes.
Creating a blog membership site makes it easy - you just need to install the plugin and customize it a little!
  1. Install the S2member plugin . It is a free plugin with great performance and deep customization to help you create and set up membership pages.
  2. Set up a membership page . From your dashboard, go to S2member -> General Options. Open each tab and create the necessary customizations.
  3. Make sure the website is up to standard . In the plugin interface, setting up email and payment methods, creating necessary sub sites, setting membership levels, yes.
  4. Constantly updating your website with content with. If not, your member will cancel their subscription sooner or later.
Once you've created your membership site, invest a lot in marketing. For members, having to pay each month can be a long-term commitment. You need to convince them that your service is worth the investment.
  • Get a monthly service fee
  • Users often return to ensure traffic flow
  • Finding completely new quality content is a bit difficult
  • Marketing is hard

7. Freelance contributors

freelance writing how to make money blog
After blogging for a while, you will have enough portfolio (product portfolio) for others to trust you and order articles from you. Freelancing is a great way to make money from blogging.
In addition, there is a growing demand for content writing - every business needs content creators to keep their online brand up to date. So, why not introduce yourself to them with the best posts?
Here are the steps to start writing freelance articles.
  1. Combining your most expensive mind products . This way makes others trust because there are actual products verified. A well-structured portfolio will increase your chances of being hired
  2. Create a job page for me on the blog . Make it easier for others to approach you in a professional way by creating a personal tragn to introduce yourself, the content of your forte, yes yes.
  3. Find the source . There are many ways - like making a post in job boards, searching the forum, yes.
  4. Negotiate and concentrate on writing . Determine the price, set deadlines, and conditions. Then write down the best works. Happy customers mean you have earned a good income!
Wouldn't it be great if you could write? However, reputation cannot be built in a day. It takes time to create your blog, grow it to the attention of big companies.
  • Work can be similar to blogging
  • Many ways to find writing projects
  • Difficult to create reputation
  • The level of work and daedline can be difficult for you

8. Vocational training

Vocational training to make money from blogs
Expand your readers' perspective with your own real experiences. Not only is it a meaningful job, it is also capable of expanding your relationship.
There is no better way to interact with your readers than by showing them how to solve their problems - and you will get paid for it!
How to create a blog to make money from vocational training is as follows:
  1. Install the Tutor plugin . It is the LMS (Learning Management System) plugin that helps create a job / teaching site quickly.
  2. Set up your teaching website . Depending on the subject you want to teach, price and form. You can set up different ways to teach like placing videos, creating a quiz, checking progress, etc.
  3. Set the curriculum . There is enough documentation for every topic and level out there. Make sure you plan appropriately that can help students achieve success and increase grades at school.
  4. Complete website installation . This is very important, you need to make sure you have enough documents before publishing the website on the internet. Be fully prepared as standard.
  5. Website deployment . Go to related forums and advertise your services. Consider partnering with other instructors to teach on your site.
It takes a lot of effort to create teaching products. However, if your course is easy to understand and talk about the basics, students will line up to listen to you. In general, teaching is the most stable way to make money when using blogs to make money
  • A great way to use blogs to expand your network
  • It creates traffic flow and sustained interaction
  • Creating lesson plans can take a long time
  • Only those who have enough knowledge can do it

9. Advertising podcasts

podcast advertising creates blog making money
If you prefer to speak than write, then podcast advertising would be a good fit
There are many advantages of this method over traditional writing. First, the listener will listen to everything you have to say, without words. Second, they will have time to listen to your podcasts all the time, like cooking, reading newspapers. Great to advertise a product, isn't it.
Many companies will hire you if you have more than 1,000 people listen to your podcast - it's called a CPM (cost per millie).
According to AdvertiseCast , the average CPM of podcast ads in 2020 is $ 18 for 30 seconds of advertising and $ 25 for 60 seconds.
If you want to do podcast ad? So please do the following steps.
  1. Create a podcast portfolio. Make a lot of good podcasts first and use them to get listeners
  2. Notice of sale of podcast ads. Share this news to the community, ask listeners to introduce you, yes yes.
  3. Direct self introduction (cold pitching). If you are confident enough about the audience, you can contact the company directly if you want them to place ads in your podcasts.
Reputation plays a crucial role in podcast ads - so you need quality podcasts first!
You need a good recorder, good editing skills to do these things. So, if you want to make a blog podcast make money, you need to be prepared to invest in these (which are not cheap).
  • A better, more stable advertising channel
  • People can listen to passive podcasts, anywhere
  • Need certain skills
  • Good equipment will be expensive

10. RSS Advertising

how to create a blog that makes money from RSS ads
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - bloggers use it to distribute content to readers via subscription.
If you subscribe to multiple blogs, you can view their latest posts without having to access the blog directly through the RSS reader. This is a very convenient way.
Another advantage is that RSS also supports making money from blogs through placing ads. It is similar to Google AdSense where you get paid per click.
How to make money from blogs through RSS ads include the following steps:
  1. Put an RSS button on your blog. It will help you increase your subscribers. The more people like it, the more likely you are to make money.
  2. Select ads source . You choose the ad source from a 3rd party advertising program like Yahoo! Publisher Network or use ad from your own affiliate marketing program.
  3. Insert ad code into feed. Usually, you will need to edit the code to put ads in. You can use  the RSS Footer plugin . It has the ability to insert HTML code into an RSS footer.
That's it! The rest is to update blogs and write articles regularly. Content with your ad will be delivered directly to subscribers. This is indeed the easiest way to make a blog!
However, there are not many RSS users today. Therefore, the number of subscribers may be low.
  • Easy to set up
  • Can reach a large audience
  • RSS has dropped popularity
  • It takes time to increase subscribers


You have read the most popular ways to make money blogs. Did you choose the method you like?
Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider it. In a nutshell, you pay attention to the following key points when starting to find ways to create a blog for money:
  1. Google AdSense - difficult to set up and take time to receive payment
  2. Content sponsorship - it can get into your blog content so it won't look like an advertisement. Just don't overdo it to avoid annoying users and losing traffic
  3. Affiliate Marketing - compared to content sponsorships, affiliate marketing will have a fixed percentage of sales. These do not guarantee buyers who buy the products you recommend
  4. Amazon Affiliates - it has many products but lower commission rates than other affiliates
  5. Non-physical products / digital products - you will not have to manage warehousing and inventory, goods will never run out but it is difficult to create a quality product
  6. Membership website - even if it only sells for 1 time will help you to have a steady income, but need to create new content continuously and laborious
  7. Freelance writing - it's easy to create a portfolio, but the deadline and number of articles can be a headache
  8. Teaching / vocational training - you can find a simpler and expand the network. However, the correct lesson plan for each topic requires a lot of work
  9. Podcast Advertising - is a reliable way to advertise but also requires expensive equipment and good editing skills.
  10. RSS Advertising - Ability to reach readers stronger. Even so, not many people use RSS today.
Now you know how to create a blog to make moneyTry creating a blog first and start creating content right away. We hope this article will be a driving force to help your blog grow. And one day you are pleased to receive the effort and effort from it. Happy blogging offline!
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