Best Websites Speed ​​Test tools 2020

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To speed up WordPress, you need to determine what the current speed is and what errors are affecting the speed of Websites.
Tools Test Websites speed Exactly what we need!
This is Part B of the Series Guide to Speed ​​up WordPress from A-Z, review the previous section:
B We talked a lot about page load speed - PageSpeed, but how to measure this parameter correctly.
Obviously, you can't enter your own Websites and click the clock to measure, because you won't get a comprehensive review!
Currently there are many tools to help you check the speed of online websites. VHW only introduces the most prestigious tools, not only test the speed but also check for errors that affect the speed and propose solutions to speed up Websites.
Too good right?

Pingdom Tools is the best tool to check the speed of current Websites!
Pingdom Tools is the most prestigious speed test tool in the world today. You can test the speed of free Websites from 4 locations in the US (Dallas, San Jose), Australia (Melbourne) and Europe (Stockholm - Sweden).
The great thing about Pingdom is that they check a lot of factors that affect the speed of the site - giving the corresponding score and offering the optimal solution for you.
Some notes when using Pingdom Tools:
  • The speed of subsequent tests is always better than the previous times (Page Speed ​​is lower). This reflects the actual experience of the user. On the first visit, the DNS and Cache contents were cached, so subsequent visits improved greatly! Especially if you use WP Rocket, the access speed of the next times is amazingly fast!
  • Pingdom Tools still doesn't fully support the HTTP / 2 standard so if your websites are using SSL security certificates, you may get an error. Parallelize Downloads Across Hostnames, please ignore this error because it really does not affect the speed of Websites, trying to fix this error just to beautify Pingdom score is not necessary!

GTMetrix helps you compare speed and scores among sites!
GTMetrix Pingdom is equally famous for its reputation and features. GTMetrix's strength is that it allows you to test multiple Websites to compare speed and scores!
However, the disadvantage of GTMetrix compared to Pingdom Tools is that the Free account is only available here Test from a single location is Vancouver - Canada. Therefore, if you choose Hosting with Server located in Asia, then do not be sad because the speed test results will be around 4s!

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight assesses the speed at both Desktop and Mobile!
Heard the name saw reputation already !!! This is Test Speed ​​tool of the giant Google, allows you to freely test all websites on both Desktop and Mobile devices.
Here does not tell you how much the load speed is assessed on a scale of 100. In general, if both Mobile and Desktop have Blue Hulk is already successful!
The details you need to take the time to optimize are Gzip Compression and Images Optimization (supports standard Gzip data compression and image optimization).
And the factors you can let go are Reduce server response time (Servers response time) especially Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, because to meet these standards you need to do a lot of time-consuming work without improving your speed!
VHW Notes:
Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a Speed-Performance Test tool that has very strict requirements for optimal scores - Especially on mobile devices (Mobile).
Currently, large WordPress Websites do not achieve high results when testing with this tool, raising the PageSpeed ​​Insights score requires combining many different plugins and sometimes will cause incompatibility errors.
VHW will have a specific article on how to optimize Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, but in general, if you're not too addicted to the score - don't waste your time!

Is Google Mobile Testing Tool testing websites mobile-friendly?
This is Google's own tool to check if your website meets the Mobile Friendly standard. It also gives Mobile and Desktop Speed ​​scores and offers solutions to overcome!
We will combine these Test Speed ​​tools to get a comprehensive overview of the issues that are affecting the speed of Websites, thereby, suggesting methods to improve the speed effectively! Invite you to the next section:

Good luck!

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