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How to conduct research products INSane shopify_In this post, we will show you how to find untapped products, but with great potential. This works for every ecommerce store / CMS platform, however this is mostly focused on shopify users. If you use e-commerce or any other platform, this technique will still work.

We will mention some of our most popular tactics and strategies when it comes to shopping and research of commercial products in general.

Before we dive into the exact tips and tactics when researching products, you should create a store. This doesn't need to be Shopify, be it with Wooc Commerce on WordPress or any other CMS you may like.

Step 1. Create your shopify store

Create your shopify store if you haven't already. For more help with shopify and other platforms, be sure to check out our other posts and shopify posts. You can use other CMS platforms like we wrote earlier, but we will focus on Shopify in this ecommerce post.

If you haven't created your shopify store yet and want to find a quick guide to getting started with e-commerce and shopify as well as dropshipping, this video from Oberlo explains it very well. We have also created other articles on Shopify with more instructions if you search on shopifyify in the upper right corner of our blog.

Step 2. Visit Amazon

You must visit Amazon - the world's largest e-commerce platform. Because Amazon is huge, we want to take advantage of products not listed in Amazon, because of certain limitations. This is why we want to search for specific items from Amazon, which have potential to sell, are not allowed to sell on Amazon and can be shipped by AE.

Click here to access Amazon's restricted product page

Scroll down until you see the product categories as shown above. Here you can find a list of products that are not authorized or restricted for sale at Amazon. There are several reasons why the product may be restricted. There are some products that Amazon doesn't want to relate to.

Some are flagged as unsafe and many other reasons.

Step 3. Filter out restricted categories

Now you want to find out what products and categories are interesting for you to start. In this case, especially dropshipping, we need to have Aliexpress, because this is the platform from which we dropshipping. Some items won't even be able to be sold, like alcohol, drugs and weapons, etc. However, there are many other genres that are interesting to us.


Why look at Amazon's restricted products?

First of all, if you have a physical product to sell online, there is a big chance you can find or at least try to find this product on Amazon. Because Amazon has a lot of traffic, is a famous brand, trusted by many, so this is a great competitor for most online stores. So when you can't find an item at Amazon, you immediately have a huge advantage and there are many opportunities customers will buy directly from your store.

For example, if you choose Wikipedia's laser catalogs, you will find restrictions and definitions on the second page. You will need to review these terms and conditions before considering whether this should be an option for you. Laser products are not necessarily illegal and will give you the opportunity to resell these items on the shopify store without any competition from Amazon.

A lot of people miss in this section, because if you make PPC ads marketed with facebook, adwords or anything else and cold traffic hits the site, you will have low conversion rates.

However, many people also check similar products on Amazon before making a purchase, which is why this is so important. Because if they can't find anything similar, they will need to buy from you in the first place. This leads to more sales for you business.

Step 4. Check out similar Shopify stores

Check Shopify's IP address. You can find this with a google search or n copy our search: IP Address Shopify

With Shopify's IP address, you'll locate and find all stores built with Shopify, because the Shopify store alleys run on this IP Address. That means you can now spy on rivals and other similar stores.

Next, go to and enter the shopify IP address in the search results as shown below and click on other websites on the IP, then show all shopify stores, because This will filter every site on this IP address.

Next scroll down a bit further, click view all records, or follow this link. Now we can search, filter the search in shopify stores on shopify IP Address.

Step 5. Compare and select products

For this specific example of laser light / laser product, just enter the laser in the search bar. Now you will filter out every shopify store that has Laser attached to their domain name. You can also choose a specific country or rating, but we recommend leaving these fields blank for best results.

Take a look at the 10 most popular websites in 2-3 niche keywords. In this example, these are lasers, lighting, devices, and they are all related to laser / light / utility products. Look at related websites and consider if reselling some of such products. Looking at the design, the traffic they get and comparing them.

Try doing this with a few products and rate the ones you like best. This is an effective technique that some of our customers have used for new stores and they have a high success rate, with a focus on these restricted items.
Please be sure to check with alibaba and AliExpress (for dropshipping) if the product is available or not and the price is right for you. If not, you can take advantage of the above mentioned plugins and tools or something similar, where you can post your dropshipping product directly into your store. Then compare the stores listed on and try to get inspired. This is an extremely effective way to get started.

Good luck with your product research and launching your new store (s).

We hope you've learned something and used the tips mentioned in the article above.

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