Health and insurance issues when studying in the us

    It is not easy to live away from home and take care of yourself, but if you know how to prepare adequately knowledge and spirit, you will find yourself a lot more mature in the matter of protecting your health.

    Health system in the US

    In the US, funding for health care funds is quite low, so most people turn to private companies. As a result, many people cannot afford to pay for health expenses, especially when the cost of hospitalization per day in hospitals can be in the thousands. Those who intend to live, study or travel in the US need health insurance to be assured about everything from X-rays to vaccinations or surgery.

    Health insurance is usually paid on a monthly basis at a fee equal to the level you want coverage.

    Health insurance

    Students on F1 visas do not necessarily need to have health insurance, but most universities and colleges require students to pay insurance to be allowed to apply.

    This information will be provided before the start of the course and can be found on our website or on the International Student Insurance data page .

    Once you know the insurance coverage that's right for you, look for and compare the costs to make decisions that are specified by ISO or InternationalStudent Insurance . In addition, you can also compare different health insurance packages at American Visitor Insurance . The most important thing is that you must understand all the content that insurance covers to know your rights in emergency situations. Please note that those who have undergone medical treatment before paying for insurance usually have to pay a higher level of insurance.

    Once you have insurance on hand, remember to store your documents so you don't have to start over with complicated procedures.

    Assurance of appliances and housing

    You may not need health insurance, but consider buying homeowners and appliances, especially when you study abroad. What do you do when your phone or computer is stolen? Not everyone has the opportunity to buy back everything lost, lost, damaged during use, so this is also a form of insurance that many international students choose.

    If you live in a dormitory, you should also note the terms of your university's lease agreement. Many schools usually include insurance in the rent. Some insurance companies also often allow parents to cover their children's housing and appliances, so this is a good option (if the cost is lower than for private insurance).

    Finally, if you share a house with many other friends, you should also consider buying private insurance to secure your property.

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