How to collapse text in Word automatically

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When you present the document as a single word or a report .. the content of the text appears a few lines over the new page, if left so your text will not look good for Very, and it will take another paper. Or if it is 2-sided printing, it may be difficult for you.
Normally you will do it manually, with familiar operations such as sa: Align, line, stretch and resize the text .. right ạ
However, doing so will take time and take too many operations, so in this article I will guide you. Use the Shrink One Page feature in Word to collapse the text.
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For example: Initially my text has 2 pages, but page 2 has little content, so I want to put the content of page 2 on page 1 always to print.
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How to collapse text in Word with the Shrink One Page feature

Because the Shrink One Page function is not available on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar, we will access it to open it.
+ Step 1: Click the down arrow in the bar Customize Quick Access Toolbar
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+ Step 2: Click on More Commands.
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+ Step 3: Dialog box appears Word Options, in section Choose commands from => you choose is All Commands Please.
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+ Step 4: At the frame Separator, scroll down and find the feature Shrink One Page.
Suggestions: Instead of dragging from top to bottom to find, so very long, you drag along the alphabet, press the first letter of the feature Shrink One Page for quick search. Here is the key s on the keyboard.
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+ Step 5: Next, click the button Add to add functionality Shrink One Page => when stuff Shrink One Page It's on the right side of the frame. Then press OK to complete the setup.
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+ Step 6: Hour on the bar Customize Quick Access Toolbar appeared tool Shrink One Page, you click on the tool to align the text is collapsed until you like it.
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Result: The text has been collapsed to 1 page instead of 2 as at the beginning.
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Nature of using the tool Shrink One Page is it will shrink the font size, reduce the line spacing, paragraphs and indent the text to fit the content without losing the proportion of the text.
Attention: For long texts you should not abuse this function. If zoomed out too much, it can be difficult for readers.
So in this article I have guided you how to collapse text in Word with the Shrink One Page feature already available in Word.
Hope this knowledge is helpful to you. Good luck !
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