How to create a Q&A website with WordPress

Do you want to build an online Quest & Answer community like StackOverflow or Quora? A WordPress Q&A site is very interesting and engaging and offers a lot of benefits.
In this article, HOSTVN will show you how to create a Q&A website using WordPress without any programming skills.


To start your own question and answer website, you'll need the following.
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Create a Q&A website using WordPress

Step 1: Install plugins

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin DW Question & Answer. For more details, see the guide on how to install the WordPress plugin of HOSTVN.
Once installed and activated, the plugin will create two new pages:
  • DWQA Questions - This page will display all questions.
  • DWQA Ask Question - This page contains a form where users can ask new questions.
Questions and Answers website with WordPress

However, the titles and URLs of these pages look pretty bad. You can completely change the title and URL for these pages. Access Pages (Pages) »All Pages (All Pages) and click the link Quick Edit below each page.
quick fix

Next or correct Title and String for (Slug) As you like and press Update to save changes
Questions and Answers website with WordPress

Step 2: Turn on member registration

Next you need to allow users to register for an account on your site. Please visit Settings »(General) Overview.
Find section Membership (Membership) and check the box Anyone can register (Anyone can register). Section New User Default Role Please choose Registered member (Subscriber) Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes to save the settings.
For a better understanding of user roles in WordPress, see the User Management Guide for WordPress.

Step 3: Configure plugins

After enabling the next member registration we will proceed to configure the settings of the plugins
Get started by visiting Questions »Settings. In the tab General (Overall), you can configure basic plugin settings.

First, you need to select the page to ask the question to, and another page will list all the questions. If you want to display some other pages, then you need to copy and paste the shortcode shortcode displayed on the installation page into those pages.
In section Question settings (Question Settings), you can choose the number of questions you want displayed on the question page. You can also enable ‘Moderation by requiring each question to be manually approved by checking the box Question must be manually approved.
Question Settings

The plugin also comes with built-in anti-spam features. You can enable Akismet's anti-spam feature and provide the Akismet API key.
Akismet Settings

You can also use reCAPTCHA to protect your site from spam. Do not forget to click the button Save Changes to save your settings.
Next, you need to switch to the tab Email. Here you can upload your logo and modify the email notifications sent by the plugin.
Email settings

Then switch to the tab Permissions. Here you can set user role rights. By default, the plugin allows administrators and editors to read, post, write and edit all questions and answers.
Permissions - Questions and Answers website using WordPress

The plugin also allows anonymous users to ask questions. You can change that from setting permissions.
When you are satisfied with the plugin settings, don't forget to click the button Save changes at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Manage your Questions & Answers website

You can view all the questions on your website by visiting Questions »Questions . As an administrator, you can edit or delete any questions submitted by any user on your site.
You can also add Question categories because users do not have permission to create categories. However, users can add tags for questions when submitting questions on your site.
Questions - Answers website with WordPress

Front End features of your Q&A website

DW Question & Answers Designed to work with most WordPress themes. Your question page will look like this:
DWQA Questions - Answers page with WordPress

Questions can be searched or sorted by status, category, and answer. Your users submit questions, submit answers and add their own comments. Users can also follow the questions by clicking on the box Follow next to each question.
Screenshot_22 - Questions and Answers website with WordPress

The user has asked a question and the webmaster has the ability to mark a question as solved. Users can also vote for answers, choose the best answers and add comments to questions and answers as well. This provides a much deeper interaction platform for your users to engage in discussions around the question.
Screenshot_23 - Questions and Answers website with WordPress

This plugin is completely free and works very well. The advantage of using the plugin is that you can change the look of the website without losing any data.


HOSTVN hopes this article has helped you build your own Q&A community with WordPress. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below.
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