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How to create Twitter ads - When you think of social media advertising, the first platform that pops into your mind is probably Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Since Twitter launched in 2006, Twitter has 320 million monthly users. Brands, marketers and businesses have used it for a long time, but now few people use it.

Of course, Facebook ads and paid Instagram campaigns are dominating the market because of their size. However, the power of Twitter advertising cannot be underestimated either. Twitter ads represent a whole different set of features from Instagram and Facebook. Over the past year, the interaction rate from the Twitter advertising campaign has grown exponentially by 151%, with video advertising making a major contribution to success.

The world of Twitter advertising

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Over time, Twitter has faced a challenge to attract users to stay. Of course, users want something different, something unique that highlights their brand or business. That's when the Twitter team started making notable changes to their side interface to make it more user-friendly and easier to use.

While there is still time for Twitter to reach the peak of success to become a person like Facebook or Instagram, the social network has come a long way. It is currently following a trend, making changes constantly, consistently and trying its best to retain users with better features.

Twitter is a great platform with surveys, votes, comments. Most brands, businesses or marketers use Twitter to ask users questions. It's a fun way to engage customers and audiences at your marketing campaign and make them feel important. After all, every opinion counts!

Funfact: More than 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from the brand they follow on Twitter.

Why will Twitter Ads make a big difference?

So why should you bother about Twitter ads?

With all other social networking platforms working so well, why are you considering advertising on Twitter? That's because Twitter has evolved to become the most realistic, promising tool. And there is more:

  • Twitter ads are very sophisticated and beautiful, they integrate seamlessly into the newsfeed and feel very natural. Did you know that 41% of Twitter users buy within 30 days after seeing an ad? That is a surprising and potential figure from Twitter advertising. Because Twitter ads are more relevant to users, search history and interests, it gets better. Additionally, ads do not prompt for unnecessary feeds.

  • Twitter ads are cost-effective, which makes it the first choice for social advertising. Similar to advertising on Facebook, Twitter also helps you choose a target audience and only spend money as you want. In addition, you have complete control over the budget. So go ahead and create your campaign the way you want.

  • Twitter users scroll through the screen, hardly having time to glance at the most important part. So, to make sure your ad draws attention, it needs to be subtle but informative. Video ads on Twitter are a great way to impress your supporters.

  • If you're looking for budget-friendly advertising platforms, Twitter is right for you.

  • Create compelling ad campaigns, inviting fans to join them. Share as much as possible. User engagement is the best ad from Twitter.

  • Twitter also allows you to create high quality video / image ads with GIFs. GIF increases the chances of an ad being shared by an audience if it is engaging, funny and informative.

  • Twitter also allows you to combine contrasting colors when it comes to advertising images.

  • Attractive ads are important, and so are comedic ads. Therefore, you must involve your audience for advertising on your side to ensure that they buy products from you.

  • Moreover, it is better to start posting organic ads. That way, ads from you get more engagement. Finally, you will be given a choice of paid promotions for highly managed ads.
Now that you know the benefits of Twitter advertising, what are your options to get started?

Types of Twitter ads


You will be created three different categories from the Twitter Ads post:

  • Promoted Tweets - This is the best way to increase interaction from active users like the Enhanced Posts on Facebook.

  • Advertising Trends - Another way to increase user engagement through the hashtag. This is an expensive ad that offers an option according to your monthly budget (which you share with twitter)

  • Advertised account - It includes descriptions that define why you want people to follow you.

Advertising Tweet


Advertising Tweets are payads. Advertisers pay for ads that feature on Twitter. They are the most basic tweets that will also be liked, answered or forwarded.

You get to choose where you want the tweet to appear - on user profiles, in the timeline, in search results, on the official Twitterclient or advertised search results.

Advertised Twitter account


It allows your Twitter account to target ads and users on your side who have not followed you. The account is only visible to users who will have an init interested.

The advertised account will be displayed in the timeline with potential searchers, search results and who will follow the suggestion. It also includes the follow button and is marked Ads.

With Twitter ads, you not only promote the brand but also increase brand awareness, which is essential. Making the brand viral by posting ads increases brand visibility and ensures people see it more often. Seeing anything online repeatedly intrigues users and forces them to click.

Moreover, Twitter ads always have a lot of positivity with it along with the message that attracts attention. Brand your side with the message of how useful it is. It also makes your target audience related to the advertising post.

Therefore, you have to be very sure about how you want to disclose to the audience. With any ad, always believe that it's the only opportunity to show off the brand you own. Tell your audience how your product will help them.

Funfact: 85% of Twitter users consider the advertised account useful and relevant!

Twitter trends are promoted


  • Topic trends on Twitter are the most talked about topics on social networks and they appear on the left side of the page, on the Discovery Tab and the Twitter App. By using this tool, you will get hot topics from you topping the list

  • The advertised trend also allows brands to gain additional organic exposure to reach your brand.

  • Advertising on Twitter is about creating awareness rather than simply promoting the brand. So, will the brand promote specific services, products, or launches on Twitter? Yes of course.
Having said that, the hot topic with the hashtag grabs attention from users immediately. This is the most discussed hot topic on the internet and on social networks appearing on the timeline, the Twitter app and the Discover tab.

It shows what is happening around and spreads at the specified time, featuring exclusive content or events. When a user clicks on Advertised Trends, organic search results for the same topic will appear. Advertising tweets also feature on top of the list.

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Set up Twitter advertising account

How do you set up your Twitter ad campaign? The process is quite similar to the process of creating Facebook Ads. However, if you are new to social advertising, you have to start from the beginning.

For starters, please create a Twitter account specific to your business / brand. Any type of ad campaign you eventually create is associated with the account. Therefore, it is best to use a brand account instead of an individual account.

Start by checking the Twitter ad page, like this:

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Now don't worry when you see too many options.

Each of these options outlines the clear objective. These are goals to promote specific tweets. The target you choose will determine the tweet performance and advertising price.

For example, awareness campaigns count per impression. Similarly, web conversion and click campaigns charge for website clicks.

The choice to pay for the goal lies with you. However, each of these options is focused on each goal.

If you want to add attention to your latest website post, you must redirect traffic from Twitter back to your website to click, download, and take other actions. In such cases, you must use the Click & Convert website option.

So let's get started.

Step 1: Create the first Twitter Advertising Campaign


  • Visit the Twitter ad management page

  • Explore the list of Twitter Campaign Goals on the left side of the page

  • Choose your Twitter Advertising campaign goals

  • Click Create Campaign

  • It leads you to the Twitter Advertising campaign screen

  • Name the campaign, choose whether you want to start the campaign right away or plan another time

  • You can choose whether you want to track third parties
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Step 2: Select the campaign type of the Twitter ad

Twitter gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of campaigns. Based on requests from you, you are selected from:

  • Campaign tracking: If you're new to Twitter or launching your brand, you have to focus on increasing your followers. Therefore, the follower campaign will be the right type of advertising campaign targeting people who really care about your brand or such ad campaign appearing as a tweet in the user's timeline. get targeted and your followers.

  • Interactive campaign: Creating engagement from tweets is a way to reach more and more people. It also fosters conversation and creates interest among people who have searched for you. Twitter sends interactive advertising copy from you to users based on their behavior, search history and other relevant factors, in the hope of liking, forwarding or responding to content.

  • Click / convert campaign: What is your main goal - getting organic website traffic, email signups, sales or goal conversions? Based on the goals you want, Twitter will provide ad copy from you to users who think they are really interested in participating in your ad. These types of ads appear in Twitter search results and user timeline.

  • App install campaign: If you have a business app and you want users to download it, you get to choose the App Install advertising campaign on Twitter. However, the App only installs the feature in the Twitter mobile feed.

  • Video campaign: You can post compelling ads to attract people and make them watch with the original video player. Currently, Twitter uses the BETA version.

  • Campaign to create leads : With Twitter ads you are allowed to create leads for a collection of leads including email addresses. If you are returning something for free, you will receive a valid email address, becoming a potential customer. For example, offering free eBooks, online tutorial membership, email courses, etc. As such, users will not have to manually enter detailed information, this will automatically increase the opportunity conversion.
Step 3: Choose a Target audience for Twitter Ads


Once your party goal is clear and adis ready, it's time to identify the target audience you want to deliver your ad to. Twitter is the most powerful social network with potential targeting capabilities. Using Twitter, you will easily find your audience and continue working.

So how will you choose the right audience for yourself? Twitter has several defining features:

  • Target location: Select the area you are targeting for the perfect audience. You selected a specific country.

  • Language target object

  • Gender target : Is your side ad exclusively for men or women? You choose Male / Female.

  • Target operating system: Mobile is the most used platform for all types of communication. You are creating a yourad for certain operating systems like iOS. Similarly, you get mobile and desktop versions, both important.

  • Keyword target: Twitter has keyword-based advertising, making it easier to target your audience. It allows you to choose a certain number of keywords, send tweets. Users are looking for that specific keyword or tweeting that keyword is the true target audience with you.

  • Followers target: You can use your username or handle Twitter to target users similar to the users you follow. You also include your main competitors and target trackers on their side.

  • Target interest: Twitter only offers ads from you to users who show an interest in the topic you choose based on an interest list from users to target.

  • Audience and audience exclusion match the target: You can create a list of Twitter users who are engaged with Twitter, who likes to access your portal or email. This is an effective way to advertise because the people you target are already interested in you. Similarly, you must learn to exclude people who are not interested in advertising from you or who are already on the mailing list. Do not disturb them by serving duplicate advertisements.

  • Target behavior & Exclusion: What is user behavior? It is mainly determined by search habits, purchasing habits from users,…. Targeting your audience based on behavior from them for more organic results.
Step 4: Set a Twitter advertising campaign budget


When all steps are completed, you must decide on a budget. Your budget determines the amount you will spend on advertising campaigns. You are selected to spend. Twitter limits the total amount spent on a reservation budget.

Twitter also allows you to have a total budget. In that case, when your budget limit is attacked, it will stop running the campaign.

Bidding option - Automatic and Maximum. It is best to go with Automatic bidding because Twitter optimizes bids to get the best results, which is also the lowest price.

However, if you select Maximum bid, you must choose the amount you want to pay for any action.

Step 5: Create an ad

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Finally, you have reached the stage of creating your ad and figuring out what it looks like. Depending on the choice of Twitter advertising campaign set up, you can see creative ads here.

You have two options here - Prohibit to select tweet or compose tweet. If you are a beginner to advertise on Twitter, you must create a new tweet to post the ad you want. If not, you may use the previous ad and the ad again.

How important are social media goals?

The advertising campaign on Twitter is mainly based on business goals. Therefore, the first thing you must do is determine what you want to achieve with advertising.

Since the campaign goal determines the types of participation and the action you will pay, so be sure of that.

If you have decided which tweet ad and you do not want to participate in detailed targeting, try the Quick ads feature. It allows you to set up Twitter ads with just two clicks.

Step 6: Launch the Twitter Advertising Campaign

Finally, you must review all the options selected and click the Launch campaign icon to launch ads.

As an alternative, you may also use the Quick Advertising feature.

If you have decided which tweet ad and you do not want to target details, you can try the Quick ads feature. This is an easier alternative that allows you to set up Twitter ads in just two clicks.

Here are the steps:

  • Highlight a Unique Sales Proposal (USP) for your business and introduce yourself so effectively that your Twitter audience knows why they should click, follow and engage with you.

  • The Twitter ad manager helps you create tags in tweets, which you are used to include tags in tweets within you.

  • Include a call to action or phrase in Twitter ads

  • Use high quality images and other media channels in tweets

  • Analyze performance from your organic tweets and learn from them

Advertising tips on Twitter to get the most out of your budget

If you've tried advertising on Twitter for a few years and haven't been successful, you get a whole rework. Poor results will then turn into promising results now.

To get started, you should try creating a small ad campaign to create a second chance for Twitter ads. In fact, many brands have had incredible success with Twitter ads in the past.

Take the Coca-Cola Campaign, for example - the company also made fans excited about the special campaign right before the holidays. The 2016 Coca-Cola campaign, run by the UK branch, helped fans keep up with the launch of TV commercials. They shared GIF ads and promoted through Twitter ads.


Here's how to get started:

  1. Introduce
The introduction is very important.

We're not sure that the people watching your Twitter ad already know about the business you own. Use images or content in your tweets to highlight your brand / business features so people care about it. People who see the tweet should stop, look, follow and join.

When people tend to scroll through very quickly, you will have to hit the right point. Instead of using the entire 280 characters, you think of short, crisp and accurate ad copy for a friendly and perfect ad.

The idea is to match attractive ads with a concise copy to attract the attention of users.

You also include the link, but make sure it's clear and point to something relevant - articles, pages, products or downloads. You will avoid clicks by people who are not interested in the specific item you are linking to.

  1. Use a clear call to action
A compelling call to action forces readers to click, and the same goes for Twitter ads. Make sure users know what they want them to do.

You keep it short and simple, such as downloading now or signing up. These are very common and commonly used appeals.

If you want to be different, try something else related to your website, brand or business.

When the call to action is clear and you've done what your users want you to do, don't distract from that message. Do not include too many links and use too many hashtags.

3. Highlight special offers and discounts

Research on Twitter shows that people are more likely to click on ads that mention discounts. So always quote special discount percentages and give more targeted results.

  1. Add a tag
Tags are the power of performance, adding functionality such as application settings, website previews, and conversations for advertised tweets. It makes tweets more interactive and appealing to users. However, be sure to check tags instead of blindly using them.

  1. Split test
Twitter ads are a great way to find out what your audience likes. Starting from the format of the ad to the length of the ad copy and the tone, it analyzes everything.

Twitter uses optimally tested to analyze ad performance based on clear details.

  1. Customized advertising campaign h
When it comes to social and digital media advertising, the idea that fits all is nonexistent. Each campaign has different goals. Even similar goal-sharing campaigns will vary depending on the specific idea or offer you want to promote at a time.

Similarly, if you are targeting different groups of users, you should make the necessary adjustments to your ads based on competitive research and determine what interests each user group. You are included with ad adjustments based on demographics and location.

Most importantly, you have to use Twitter and optionally target it to its optimal level. For example, if you have a specific vegan food store, your target audience will come from a grocery store that sells vegan food items or a store where vegan food is available.

  1. Take photos and record videos
Images, infographics, videos and GIFs have a broader reach.

Therefore, you must choose high quality, unblurred images and videos to attract people.

Of course, the content of the text is still important, but the image grabs the attention of the user and makes the tweet on your side stand out.

When you are using images for Twitter ads, make sure you adhere to the image dimensions and other guidelines for optimal results. You must provide high quality videos, images and GIFs for ads from relevant free photo websites.

If you're selling a product, use photos that show how people benefit from the product or highlight the useful context from the product instead of just the image.

Sample 1:


Sample 2:


To use video ads, make sure they are sharp and convincing. Using videos with stories creates interest in your target audience. According to a report from the University of Manchester, the rate of watching videos on Twitter advertising campaigns is more than 50%.

8: Big events are very important for businesses

Check out sporting events, TV events, award ceremonies, finals series and the like - it grabs attention from users right away.

Plan tweets around those events so your hashtags are easily noticed.

9: Apply organic Tweets

Organic Tweets and twitter ads go hand in hand. Therefore, you have to be sure and prepare your purpose and learn from trending organic tweets. Always incorporate what works for you on Twitter into your ads for the best results.

Tips for writing effective copy for Twitter ads

Making small edits to your tweet copy in Twitter ads leads to major improvements in results. Check out different ad copy to discover what really resonates with your target audience. To create an influential ad, here are some helpful tips:

  • Limit order time : You must give a reason for people to take action immediately. Therefore, make a recommendation or agreement on your side for a limited time or limit the availability of your products. Use phrases like limited supply in short time

  • Percentage discount : As mentioned above, people are more likely to click on a tweet showing a discount as a percentage instead of an amount. For example, a 70% reduction is better than a $ 5 reduction.

  • Free gifts : The free word on YouTube is very popular in the digital world. However, if you focus on collecting leads, promote the resources on your side. But, if you are really offering something for free, focus on it. For example, free tutorials or free downloads are definitely more appealing than anything half done.

  • Reduce distractions : Here, we specifically talk about hashtags. Of course, linking hashtags to other mentions of popular phrases is helpful if you just focus on participation. However, if your goal is to let people visit your website or follow your twitter account, you don't want to risk having someone click on that hashtag instead of a more reliable call to action. So the idea is to limit the hashtag participation as much as possible.

  • Ask questions : Questions are more relevant because they seem to have answers to queries from you. Asking questions also helps people feel like they are included in the conversation.
On top of that, you have to check your Twitter ad copy as many times as you want, unless you're completely satisfied. Better yet, you should test multiple campaigns for each initiative so you can learn from each copy.


Certainly, Twitter ads in 2019 are not as popular as ads on Facebook or Instagram! However, that doesn't mean you should avoid it.

In fact, Twitter ads provide value. When used as a diversified marketing strategy, Twitter ads help you connect with your target audience on a completely new platform, unlike the existing strategy. Moreover, Twitter is working hard to improve the entire platform to enhance the user experience.

The challenge is running any new ad campaign on any social media platform. However, with Twitter, it's simpler and less hassle. Creative ideas must be unique to promote you stand out, but a classic approach to accomplishing a primary goal. As such, you have to follow some tried rules, to get started and follow your process.

Fortunately, a lot of interesting and compelling ad copy examples come to mind when you start planning your campaign. Get inspired by the best Twitter ads and try to come up with great, creative ideas.

Using appropriate Twitter ads allows you to get more out of your investment. You can easily create ads, manage them, customize them as you like, and optimize ad campaigns to target your audience. You also convince your audience to take action that optimizes your brand presence on Twitter and makes you profitable.

If you use Twitter ads, leave your comments and let us know how Twitter ads are doing for your business.

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