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How to improve video watch time on Facebook - Web content is not limited to text only. People click on interesting web searches for photos and videos. A video makes the message easier to convey. It is also more attractive to visitors. But even if you have such videos, you still have to deal with competition. A measure of the quality of your video is more than just how many people watch it.

The challenge is in getting visitors to watch it for extended periods of time. The amount of time visitors spend on videos is called video watch time. This metric is important for your digital marketing efforts. You will also create an object that looks like (LLA) based on watch time, but this is a more advanced step, which we will cover later.

So why increase your video viewing time?

Of course, you want your visitors and potential visitors to see your ads and posts the most, but there are other ways to analyze this. Above all, you should try and review your match score. Relevant scores are basically 0-10 points calculated using Facebook's advanced advertising algorithm, to give you performance scores, based on campaign goals. The higher the relevance point, the lower your CPM will lead to higher ROAS, etc.


However, we did mention CPM and optimize relevance in another post, but you should improve your watch time because of these metrics:

  • More potential customers with higher video watch time

  • Higher average clock = higher chance of commenting, liking, sharing etc.

  • Create more LLA based on watch time (3 seconds, 10 seconds, 90% of top views, etc.)
There are several ways for you to measure the effectiveness of videos. Let us see some simple metrics that can help you.

  • Interaction: The level of getting your video is assessed by the level of interaction it creates. This is in the form of sharing, liking or commenting. If someone watches videos or interact, you have some things to improve. Be as involved as possible, unless only those who comment that your product / service is not good, you will have some work to do.

  • Watch time: This is a simple measure of how long viewers spend on your videos. Watch time of 10 seconds or more is a reasonable measure of success. When you have viewers over the first 10 seconds, they will probably watch until the end. This tells you how important the beginning has been. On your facebook business manager, you compare the number of 3-second viewers as well as 10-second viewers. Try to get as much watch time as possible.

  • Viewers: We assume that you or the channel has 100 followers. If you get at least 30 of them to click on your video, you're off to a good start. Once you have the initial clicks, then you can measure the average video watch time.

  • Length: Before clicking on a video, viewers can greatly check to see how long it is. A longer-than-usual video, often causing viewers to turn off, before an interesting topic arrives. If the video is longer than 90 seconds, people usually won't watch it to the end.

  • Subscriber (follower): We talked about previous engagement. Interactive metrics tell you the effectiveness of the video. You also get to know your participation by increasing the subcrice of your video channel. A spike in your followers means your videos are cool. The number of their participants is yielding results. As you add new subscribers, you also have the opportunity to increase the time spent watching videos of your previous videos.

  • Repeat views: How well you understand the video from how many viewers come back again to the content of your new video. You measure the retention of viewers for your Facebook videos in two ways. One is the absolute retention of viewers in the form of direct comparison of numbers. The second is relative maintenance when comparing similar videos on Facebook.

Steps to improve the time watching videos on your Facebook

Now that you know what to study, do some things to improve those metrics.

  • Check your settings:
Someone may like your Facebook video and feel like sharing it. But that may not work if your Facebook settings are not beneficial. So you need to check the Settings mode who can see your videos. Your good friends can show you if the settings are not right. But most viewers will only browse without sharing. Facebook recently confirmed that Facebook Shares is directly responsible for 48% of watch time on Facebook videos.

The decision whether or not to watch the video usually depends on the short description of the video. Also, you need to make sure that the first 10 seconds of the video is topical, relevant and aligned to the thumbnail.

  • Use Overlay Text:
Many people browse Facebook while working or in public spaces. That is why their site is often muted. So if your video needs to attract attention, try keeping the overlay text. That way, they can know what it is even when they can't hear anything. Only use short notes or short descriptions. That way, you won't cover the entire screen in writing.

  • Encourage participation:
A good video will keep viewers interested. That is why the video should have something that will direct viewers to the target. You can create a video that will start a discussion about something that viewers will find appealing. You can use humor to encourage viewers to act. And you can have a poll at the end of the video. Anything that will get viewers involved and bring them to your goal.

  • Make full use of Text Options:
Video on Facebook also allows people to upload a short description of the video. Remember that this is your chance to create a high level of accuracy and set the right audience. Most viewers read the copy before watching the video, so use the text to set it up well.

You probably noticed what happened when you didn't log in to Facebook all day. A lot of interesting posts get pushed to the end, and it's likely you missed them. This gives an indication of the sheer volume of Facebook posts. Some days, for example on weekends, are much busier than others. Many people browse Facebook quite late at night on weekdays. So, you need to post your video at the moment you think the maximum number of people online. You easily find a lot of analytics around this on the internet that shows their studies and observations on the best time to post to social media.

The video must be long enough to include what you want to include. But it must be short enough to attract attention. Don't stretch the video to the length where viewers are uncomfortable until the end. Generally, videos between 90 and 120 seconds are considered to be the optimal length.

Another useful new function of Facebook is Facebook Live, which lets you stream videos while the video is being recorded, as opposed to posting previously recorded videos. If you need to post some videos, try creating some of them under Facebook Live. This will bring a sense of closeness and intimacy to your target viewers. Do not think that Facebook Live videos only show up on your Facebook profile until you record live videos. Facebook automatically saves copies of these live videos. They can be viewed at a later date.

  • Use playlist:
Facebook will save all your uploaded videos in a place called Video. But if you upload videos very often, then that tab will soon become boring. A potential viewer will most likely search by topic. If he doesn't know the exact title of the video, searching by title may not yield exact results. In that case, he will have to change it manually. A much better idea is to create playlists on several topics. It could be by date (like Playlist July 2018). Or maybe by subject (like Family Recipes, Restaurant Meals and Takeaway Food, etc.).

Our surveys show people being wary of clicking on links found in Facebook posts. This is because people are wary of data loss or privacy on third party websites. Even if it's a YouTube video, some people might avoid clicking on that video. The best way to get involved is to post a video directly to your Facebook profile. However, if you are running ads to an ecommerce store or something similar, having a link could be a good way to increase CTR and traffic, make sure to check this for your own business.

  • Choose compelling video thumbnails
Using an attractive video thumbnail is an easy guide to improve video performance. This is the first impression, before the video starts and by having good looking, attractive thumbnails, is a perfect way to improve watch time and encourage your audience to keep watching. However, be sure to make it genuine, practical and transparent to your customers.

Advantages when the time to watch videos on Facebook increases


We discussed how you can measure your Facebook video watch time and then we discussed how you can improve video watching time on Facebook. Now let's take a look at the benefits that will bring you to the increased time spent watching videos on Facebook. This is just one way you analyze your Facebook data, but try to keep these in mind when you create new marketing / sales videos or whatever type of video material you publish.

  • Better maintained: The message you are trying to convey will be better conveyed by using video than just by posting long copies or text.

  • Viewers have a satisfying experience: You will want to convey the message in a way that viewers find it interesting. Video is the perfect means to achieve this goal.

  • Display brand: A text can describe the product, while an image can display product still images for viewers. But if properly shot, a video can give you a perfect opportunity to display the product being used. It is a perfect way to attract buyers.
In case you haven't already, you need to start using video to get the most out of your company or yourself Facebook profile.

Pro tip : You should use the right resolution and format to be optimized for mobile content. Using square format 1: 1 aka or 4: 3 can often result in lower CPMs.

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