How to track calls with Google ads


How to track calls with Google ads_According to statistics provided by Google Benchmark and Insights, Google display campaigns affect 80% of global internet users. Online calls to businesses have become the main source for buyers to reach sellers. StatCount GlobalStats statistics show that in January 2019, Google had a global search market share of 92.86%.

By looking at the statistics above, you now understand how effective Google ads are for businesses if you use the feature correctly. And an effective feature we talked about is call tracking with Google ads, we'll discuss the following.

Businesses today are getting more than a quarter of the phone work. In fact, with leads on the web, call conversions are more successful in generating leads and growing your business.

Normally, quite a lot of people often don't trace the origin of this call. They do not recognize future properties from such calls for work.

You can watch the video below on setting up website call conversions with Google ads or just follow the in-depth video below.

How can you track a business call?

Today, there are quite a number of tools and software available on the market that help track business calls. Google is one of the main and most popular tools for this. There are many other third-party tools and applications to use when tracking and recording calls, but call tracking from Google is free and a good way for businesses to get started with tracking and recording. Summary of calls in general.

Before diving into Google's call tracking method, let's dive deeper into understanding call tracking. In addition, it is essential to acknowledge the benefits of call tracking.

What is call tracking for business?

According to a blog posted on SEJ, businesses are receiving 162 billion calls in 2019. The chart below shows a call to businesses has witnessed 110% growth from 2014 to 2019, in particular. is from Digital Ads targeting smartphones.


So the question is how do you know which one of the business ads is getting bigger traffic?

There used to be reporting tools for insights into traffic. But, these tools are limited to geographical insights. They will not notify you of incoming calls to the business.

For example, a person has visited the site. Now you must have a contact number and phone number on the website for customers to reach you. How will you know customers find your contact through business ads?

Call tracking tools help you pinpoint the ads that are converting real traffic into potential customers.

Why is call tracking needed?

To be honest, Google is not the only service provider with click-to-call features. However, it is the best among these tools.

Surprisingly, many businesses do not track their offline calls with online data. It leads to the failure of business costs for marketing and advertising and eventually they spend a lot of money.

A business spends a fair amount of money on Google Ads. However, deciding on actual investment PPC is a difficult question. There is only one way to determine ROI. The conversion rate after the ad helps understand the actual ROI.

According to WordStream, conversions related to call searches accounted for 43% of total sales conversions. Moreover, 65% of businesses make phone calls with the highest quality of potential guests. Usually, if a customer approaches the business through a call, it is very likely that he purchases from the business.

The advent of smartphones and new technology has made it easier for customers to find businesses. They call businesses for many reasons. Tracking these calls and connecting them with marketing efforts will help the business grow.

Track calls with Google ads

You must find places from Google. When you search for a place on Google, the result has a Google map of nearby locations, road maps, number of stores, and so on. You also see the call button after each relevant search result.


As soon as you click the call button, a next tab will open. It requires you to call or cancel the call button. If you choose to call, Google will automatically connect the official call.

Add call button with Google Ads:

Adding call extensions with Google ads is not difficult. But, before you add call extensions to your account, campaign or ad group, you need to understand a few things.

  • Google allows adding this gadget on many levels.

  • However, Google uses the most specific event to display the gadget.

  • If you've added this gadget to your ads and Google campaigns at the same time, Google displays them on ads.

  • Google overrides the extension based on relevance and importance.

How to create Call E xtensions with Google in 6 easy steps:

If you are a business owner running ads at Google, you must have a Google Ads account. If you want to create Google ad call extensions, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, log in to your Google Ads

  2. Now, you'll click to the Wikipedia tool of your Google advertising account, then select online conversion at the Google measurement tab.

  3. The next step is to choose a goal setting and conversion goal. Here you choose to call

  4. The most popular option is call extensions or call-only ads, this is the option we chose for this example. On the other hand, a call to a phone number on the web is also a good choice, but we focus on Google ads.

  5. Next, you set up conversion settings, which depend on your business and preferences. You fill step by step on the formula and then the conversion goal for the call extension is ready. There is no right or wrong way. A little tip is that we generally recommend having call duration of the user between 25-45 seconds for customers.

  6. Last step
  • Find Ads & Extensions in the page menu.

  • Then click Extensions, the next visit is on the + icon.

  • You should now see a list of options. Select call extensions from there. Then will show more call extensions

  • Choose where you want to add call extensions (to accounts, campaigns, ad groups).

  • If you want to create a new call extension, select ‘Create new’ and enter the phone number you want to use to receive calls via ads.
You may prefer call extensions to other call extensions on mobile phones and tablets. For this, select the Device option on the network as a device.

You are also limited to the appearance of phone numbers from advertisements. For example, you can only limit the number of call appearances during business hours. For this, you need to click on the start date / end date. Schedule your call number by selecting your preferred time. Then save the settings.

You can add up to 20 call extensions per feature. Repeat the above steps to add the number of calls each time.


How to add call extensions?

If you want to add call extensions with your Google Ads account, you need to follow these instructions.

  • Log into Google Ads.

  • Now you need to click on Ads, Extensions provided in the page menu. Here you will find the extension at the top of the page.

  • From the dropdown menu, choose an expanded view.

  • You will see boxes next to the different extensions. Check all the call extension boxes you want to edit or add.

  • You will see a green bar above the expanded panel. Here click on the Edit button. Now you can see the drop down menu. Select Edit extension from that menu.

  • You will see options that require Edit, Find or Replace. Select the option you need and change the extension.

  • You choose to preview before completing your installation.

  • When you're happy, click Apply and you've added a bunch of extensions now to your Google advertising account.

How do call extensions work?

  • When a person sees an ad, they may also see your contact number on the ad. In addition, there is a call button next to the contact. People click the call button to start the call immediately and talk to you.

  • People also go to the web by clicking Ads.

  • You can set working hours next to the call button. Now, people can only see the call button during business hours.

  • Customers do not need to pay extra to call the business. The call from the call button next to advertising costs is the same as the cost of a standard CPC or a title click.

  • As a business owner, you count the calls you receive. You just need to turn on call reporting in the account. Call reporting helps you get detailed conversion information through Google ads for your business.
Performance Analysis of the call E xtension:

Adding extension to the call is not enough. Tracking new performance really helps businesses a lot. The Google advertising account allows you to check the number of clicks and impressions on your advertising account. You can also check expense statistics,….

Analysis of call reporting data:

Tracking the performance of call reports is easy with the call recording facility. You can track the performance of call extensions as well as location extensions and call-only ads.

You can also access exclusive details for each call, such as when the call started and when ended. You can specify the call type, area code and call type as missed or received.

How does call reporting work?

Google forwards the number attached to the Google ad. Call reporting identifies call forwarding and conversion numbers. You need to understand that call forwarding does not work in addition to call recording and even website calls.

Column set to check call details

  • First, open the statistics table on the campaign tab, ads or keywords. Now click on the column icon at the top of the statistics table.

  • Now is the time to select call details. Then select the data you want to check and click the checkbox near it.

  • You will see the Apply button below the window.

  • Now, you can see the columns with detailed statistics.
Differences between phone calls and phone call conversions

Not every call you receive through clicks on your Google ads is like a call conversion.

When a visitor clicks the call button from a Google ad, the call conversion means the duration of that call. If a call has no time requirement, it just means that the expected summary is more than the call conversion.

Please understand this with an example. A customer calls you through the call button option. Now you have set the call conversion time to 30 seconds. Customers talk to you in just 25 seconds. Less call duration than call conversion. So Google will report 1 call but will display zero call conversions.

Find ad extension statistics:

  • First, go to your Google account, click the campaign with the widget.

  • Then click on the extension, the drop down menu will open.

  • You will see the filter icon on the left of the drop down menu. Click on the filter icon.

  • For statistics, select Link view from the drop-down menu from Filter. You now have the View Extensions tab. You choose the extension view for each campaign, or account.
Gadget statistics show analytics for ads on Google search or on search partners from Google.

How does call tracking work for your business?

Before learning about call tracking for your business, take a look at this statistic.

  • According to local search statistics from Google in 2019, 88% of guests call businesses after searching for them from their phones.

  • 84% of total revenue generated by Google Ads businesses.

  • According to a survey, 86% of guests found a local business by searching the internet.
Sales calls help build trust between businesses and customers. When products are expensive or exclusive, direct calls to help between customers and businesses are a perfect way to close deals. Advertising and email from Facebook alone is not enough for any business that wants to generate revenue.

5 types of businesses need a call tracking service from Google

Today every business needs call tracking to grow its business. From small business owners to big business influencers, call tracking is essential to converting traffic into ROI.

Here is a list of five types of businesses that must use call tracking for Google ads:

1. Small service industry & local companies:

Small business owners like plumbers, cleaning services, painters, etc. cannot invest much in advertising. For such an industry, Google advertising with call tracking is a boon. This service provider can easily connect with local visitors through call tracking. In addition, this service from Google is cheaper than the advertising solution provided by the advertising company. Using call tracking with Google ads will reduce your business costs and maximize business profits.

Industries like financial institutes, banks, media, even government institutes need to connect with people. Internet is widely used across the globe. From cities to remote areas, millions of internet users click the call button option to access various services.

2. Emergency services:

Usually, people introduce emergency services to police and ambulance. However, some other services are also in the emergency category. The Google call button makes it easy for people to access these providers in an emergency. While such a service is not primarily about maximizing profits, in the long run, Google helps them generate revenue at a steady pace.

3. Non-profit organization:

Business organizations mainly focus on maximizing revenue and profits. A non-profit organization that enhances people's lives. Organizations like helping women or looking after children need to connect with the poor. The Google business call button acts as a bridge to connect people who need these organizations.

4. Hotel industry:

Businesses such as hotels, hospitals, travel, restaurants, etc. are the top industries that use call tracking with Google ads. Through Facebook, another social networking channel, the company advertises their products and services. Call tracking helps them reach potential guests without hassle.

5. Big traders:

The size of an organization is not a true indicator of industry success. A big trader has no future if the conversion of leads decreases. Google's business call button option helps them not only at B2C level but also at B2B level.


Today the marketing of businesses has changed. Earlier, companies used to reach customers. Now the opposite is true. Customers find companies, organizations on the internet, and Google ads with call extensions are one of the best ways for businesses to show and easily reach potential customers.

Optional call extensions from Google ads make it easy to connect guests with businesses and services. Whatever the type of organization, without tool traffic, generating revenue is not easy and almost impossible in many cases. From PPC to ROI, web traffic is the key to success.

Tracking calls is undoubtedly happy when finding guests is a difficult task. You can track guests based on demographics. Moreover, you can focus your ads on high-traffic locations. In addition, you are interacting with guests and using further data to convert new guests into potential guests. In general, tracking Google calls is essential for every type of organization in the modern world, where people start their day surfing and going to bed with their smartphones surfing the internet in them.

Tracking calls with Google ads and Google in general is a great way for any business that wants to track and measure SERP, Google ad performance on calls. If the business relies on domestic calls for that particular service, this feature is definitely a must have.

Whether you have a local business, Solopreneur, or work in a large business, this is a great feature of Google and it's a great way to know if you have a good ROI in your SEO and PPC jobs. his not.

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