How to use Read Mode without extensions

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Reader Mode is a pretty useful feature in all browsers, it helps readers to focus more on the content of the article you are viewing when you remove all unnecessary components of the website such as the interface, ads, The article proposes things ...
Reader Mode feature has been supported on most popular web browsers today such as Firefox, Chrome .. but for those unsupported web browsers, how to do?
Yes ! Outline will solve everything for you!
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Bring Reader Mode lon every website No need for utilities

What is an outline? - this is a web page that allows you to use the reading mode - Reader Mode is free on any web browser and any website even if it does not support it. And you do not need to install any extension at all.
Not only that, the outline also supports you to highlight, annotate and write notes of important content on that article.
Articles after you create the Outline will be saved on the site and you can share it with everyone. To use Outline, do the following:
+ Step 1: Access to the address => Type or paste the address of the article, the content you want to use Reader Mode in the box ENTER ARTICLE URL => and press Create Outline to access.
Or You can also choose See Example to see the Reader Mode demo on Outline.
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The speed of this website's opening is quite fast, guys, after entering the URL, ENTER and the content will appear even though it is very long.
Here we have a familiar Reader Mode interface that highlights the content and the title of the article - elements such as the interface, ads, comments, have been removed.
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To close the reading mode and return to the home page or return to the original article, click on the sign X in the right corner to close and Website title In the right corner - in this case, - is that you will be taken to the original post. See details in the picture.
outline-reading-mode-with-outline (4)

Scroll down to the bottom you will have 3 options including:
  • Copy the link and share it with everyone.
  • Annotations: Write a caption.
  • Report a problem - error.
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Also you can tạo chú thích and Highlight content directly by using the cursor to highlight the content you want to comment or Highlight => and then select Highlight or Annotations respectively.
Your highlight will be yellow as shown.
edit-mode-with-outline-with-outline (6)

To create annotations on the Outline, you need to have an account, you clicked Annotate => and then select Sign-up to register yourself for an account. Registration is completely free.
edit-mode-with-read-mode-with-outline (7)

Enter your account, email, password ... then accept the terms of use and Signup to register. Then access the email entered to confirm your account is complete.
edit-mode-with-read-mode-with-outline (8)

Then return to the site => and select Signin then log in with the account you have registered.
edit-mode-with-read-mode-with-outline (9)

After logging in, Reload page => then highlight the text and click Annotate. Enter the text to annotate, tag and Post to outline just to save, very simple.
All editing, deleting, sharing appear after you press the button Post as in the picture.
edit-mode-with-read-mode-with-outline (10)

Okey, so we can Use Read Mode on all web browsers without the need to install any extension, and you do not need to care if the web browser you are using supports this feature or not.
Not only has the reading mode, but Outline also offers you a lot of other useful features for free, too, is not it.
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