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There are many errors that you may encounter with WordPress, such as Error Too Many Redirects, MySQL extension error, 502 Bad Gateway, The Link You Followed Has Expired and sometimes you will only receive error messages. Technical error.
In this article, HOSTVN will guide you how to fix errors The site has technical problems for your WordPress website.

Error What is a website experiencing technical problems?

If you've ever heard of the Blue Screen of Death error for Windows, then WordPress has an equivalent error which is a blank page error. Error The site is experiencing a technical problem, is a similar version of the white page error. After WordPress 5.2 version, Error The site is experiencing a technical problem usually occurs as an alternative to the blank page error. However, this error is not too serious and it can be completely fixed easily.

How to fix the website There are technical problems with WordPress

A lot of times, the simple problem is to restore the site. To do that, you need to have a backup of your site. Unfortunately, not everyone backs up their site, so if you're reading this page and one of those doesn't have a backup available, this troubleshooting guide is for you.
To fix the problem, you have to find out where the problem occurred. You do this by troubleshooting whether it is a theme conflict or a plugin.

1. Check the interface (Theme) you are using

To do this, you just need to enable a default interface, like Twenty Nineteen replace the interface you are using. In case you cannot log in to wp-admin to do this, log into your hosting manager like cPanel or use FTP and go to the folder containing the wordpress interface. / wp-content / themes. Here rename the theme folder you are using to disable it then try to access wp-admin and activate the default WordPress interface to see if your website is working normally again.
rename theme folder - The website has technical problems


Once you've enabled a default theme and your website is working properly, it means your theme is down, check it again to find and fix errors, or get help from the device. website design. If the error persists, please continue to follow the instructions below.

2. Check which plugins are in use

If changing the interface does not solve your problem it means the error may come from a certain plugin. Visit hosting management or use FTP to disable all of your plugins. To do this, rename the folder / wp-content / plugins into any name
rename plugins folder cpanel

rename plugins folder ftp

Once the plugins are disabled, rename the plugins folder to its former location, then log in to wp-admin and reactivate each plugin one by one until you get the error The site is experiencing technical issues. Thus, the plugin you have just reactivated is the cause of the error.
Once you've found the error plugins, you can recover them in the following two ways.
  • Uninstall and reinstall plugins causing errors. For how to install plugins please see the plugin installation guide for WordPress.
  • If you have just updated the plugins and an error occurs, you can use the plugin WP Rollback to bring the plugin back to the previous version.
If you use WP RollbackIt will give you several versions to choose from. It will tell you which version you can rollback.
Step 1: Select a plugin to rollback. Click on it Rollback, if it is available in the plugins listed in your WordPress admin.
rollback link

Step 2: Select the version you want to return to then press Rollback.
WP Rollback - The website has technical issues

Step 3: Read the warnings and only rollback if you are sure.
rollback plugins - The site is experiencing technical issues


HOSTVN hope this article will help you resolve the error The site is experiencing a technical problem. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below. You might also want to see some more tutorials on fixing other common WordPress errors like errors Error Too Many Redirects, MySQL extension error, 502 Bad Gateway, The Link You Followed Has Expired.
According to wpfixit.
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