What you need to know about Internet Marketing

Things you need to know about Internet Marketing This year, the number of people on the internet has increased 7% to more than 4 billion. This represents more than half of the world's population of 7.7 billion. So, no matter what your product, you need an internet presence.

Whatever age group or gender you are targeting, the internet is very important. Whatever country you are selling your goods or services in, there is nothing you can do without the internet. That is why internet marketing has become so important today. You can no longer rely solely on old marketing tools. It is no longer enough to do outdoor advertising or TV advertising, and in many cases such marketing is too expensive and unprofitable.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

There are several internet marketing benefits compared to traditional marketing. That is:

  • With internet marketing, you are not geographically bound. Your Facebook profile is not only seen by people in your home country. People around the globe can also see and hear what you are saying.

  • Many aspects of internet marketing are available at low cost or for free. You need to spend money to buy a domain name. But there is no cost to writing a blog or sending an email. There are a large number of free tools available that you can take advantage of.

  • When you use platforms like Google and Facebook, you also get easy ways to track your results. You can analyze these results quickly and accurately to understand how to improve the strategy. Easy measurement and tracking of results makes your marketing more effective.

  • Internet marketing allows you to target your audience and design the right service. This saves effort, time and of course money.

  • Previously, newspaper advertisements were used on a fixed day or weekdays. An outdoor advertisement will be placed for weeks or months, or any finite period of time. A magazine ad can be placed for a specific issue or for certain issues. But internet marketing will make you 24/7 worldwide.

  • When your company advertises outside a shopping mall, you know nothing about the people who look at it, or the people affected by it. Any internet marketing campaign also gives you rich data about who viewed it. You will also receive data about conversions due to the campaign. This helps you understand the effectiveness of the campaign. It also helps you decide how to adjust your campaign.

  • The life cycle of an internet marketing campaign is much shorter than a traditional marketing campaign. You can set up and start a marketing campaign very quickly. As soon as the first ad ends, you can know the results and refine your next ad.
Now let's take a look at all aspects of internet marketing.

Aspects of Internet Marketing

Challenges as well as internet marketing opportunities are the same. There are many aspects to internet marketing strategy. You can choose to pursue them or you can use all aspects accordingly. This may be difficult for some, but if used properly, different aspects of internet marketing offer more opportunities.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Whenever people have to search for information on the internet, that person will take advantage of the tool. The tool uses bots or algorithms to collect data on web pages. It does this to find the best match for the term or word that has been searched. SEO is the science of designing suitable web content. This ensures that the site appears at the top of the tool results page. This needs the content of a web or a blog to be properly managed, also known as search engine optimization.

  1. Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)
With pay-per-click advertising, people bid on the ad, then pay the number of clicks they receive. They choose search and display ads. In the ad, the ad will be displayed as a result when the same keyword is searched.

  1. Social media marketing (SMM)
Of 7.7 billion people, more than 3 billion people have used the media channel in 2018 so far. That is why every internet marketer needs to use media. Internet marketing on the media is done organically or in the form of paid posts. The benefit of internet marketing on communication channels is that it is interactive. This gives you scope to engage and initiate conversations about the brand. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even LinkedIn, brands can benefit greatly from the media.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing has been developed and used for quite some time. But in the early years, it consisted of holding hundreds and thousands of email ids. Then a standard email was shot at all that email id. Over the years, such push email brings fatigue to readers. Most such emails are not even opened. Some have been deleted after reading. Now email marketing has become much more sophisticated. Mailing lists are created more elegantly. Artificial intelligence and media interactions are used to make mailing lists more convenient. The contents of these emails are often customized.

  1. Content marketing
In any modern internet marketing setup, content is very important. You run a successful content marketing campaign by creating blogs, guest posts, press releases and many other options.

The benefits of having a regular blog are numerous. Well-written blogs give you the opportunity to slowly become a domain expert. Blogs should not be advertisements.

You use blogs in several ways:

  • Blog used to create backlinks from domain experts.

  • Blog used as content to the site or email marketing.

  • They may be linked to your company's social media profile.
  1. Webpage
Although it is mentioned at the end of the list, the web is really the core of effective internet marketing strategy. A well-designed website can be the fulcrum of all the other strategies mentioned. Email marketing can direct readers to the site. Blogs can be important components from the site. The social media profiles can be linked back to your web. If you incorporate e-commerce components, your web site can also become a safe place for potential guests to take advantage of your services or buy your stuff.

The importance of tracking Internet Marketing results

What you need to know about Internet Marketing_Track marketing effectiveness, help marketers continually improve your strategy. Let us review a few simple tools and strategies to measure your internet marketing campaign.

When you market at a number of channels like Facebook or Twitter, those platforms provide the appropriate analytics tools for them to use. Instagram has Insights, Facebook has Insights, while Twitter has Analytics. These tools will quickly tell you how many people like your post. You can also find out the number of shares, messages, comments and even direct messages.

You also have great analytics functions on the largest Google tool. You can find out a lot of details about the traffic to your web site. Starting from where visitors go, you can also know exactly what they did after they visited the site.

Since most internet marketing campaigns have more than one component, it is easy to lose track of which campaigns are more effective. Therefore, you should have a way to find out which customers have purchased your due to your blog. You need to keep a number of customers reaching you due to your mailers.

We have discussed what aspects of internet marketing are, the benefits of internet marketing and why it is so important to measure the effectiveness of internet marketing efforts. But what if you were a small business and couldn't afford a great internet marketing campaign? You should use some useful tools available on the internet. And many tools are free.

Internet marketing tool

  • MailChimp (for email marketing):

This is a very popular email service provider, with free beginner options, a more premium paid version as your business begins to expand. You leverage it to create a newsletter and start marketing your email. MailChimp first collects all your potential guests in one place. It then helps you create well targeted emails for them, and then send those emails.


When you blog, the end result is to engage your visitors. That can lead to increased prospects for your business. And may provide additional revenue. So the challenge in blogging is choosing topics that potential customers might be interested in. With the help of this tool, you can enter searches for a broad topic. This tool gives you a large number of topics that people are interested in.

  • Smylelytics (for web analytics)

The website is among the most important factors in internet marketing. But once the site works, you need to know how effective it is. Smylelytics is a free tool that helps you understand Google Analytics more easily. You need to install Google Analytics. Smylelytics will send you a bimonthly report on website traffic. This makes it easy to understand what is working and what is not.

  • Hootsuite (for social media marketing):

Of the 4 billion people accessing the internet in 2018, nearly 3.3 billion took advantage of at least one social portal. Therefore, most companies and businesses, there are some social media profiles. Hootsuite helps you control the entire social media profile of your company. You access your social media profiles with a user id. Hootsuite is programmed to view, schedule and even post your messages, photos and videos at scheduled times or at specific triggers.

  • Grammarly (check for proofreading and plagiarism):

Uniqueness is an important thing for any type of content you create. It makes the content appealing, useful for readers. It also prevents plagiarism punishment. This is a very easy to use tool, it also has paid versions. There are some free version utility features. You can run a spell check on it. The list of errors is accompanied by an explanation of the errors. You can also check the plagiarism of the content you are going to use.


There is no hesitation when internet marketing is required in today's world. While it may sound intimidating for some, it offers a number of options to choose from. There are many ways to promote your products and services to the world. No need to spend a lot of money. What is needed is a good understanding of target segments and well-managed campaigns targeting them.

The effectiveness of these campaigns can also be measured. This allows you to redo campaigns to improve your return on investment (ROI). Smaller companies easily handle their internet marketing. But as the size and scope of your company grow, you can hire the services of a good digital marketing agency.

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