Start the new year with these 5 good habits

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Hello friends! Right now, we are living at a time when joy and enthusiasm are like sublimation.
Yes, in the first days of the new year - of a new decade, it seems that everything has moved in a way that makes us really excited.
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And I believe these are also the best moments for you, you - all of us, to work towards a more perfect version of ourselves.
You know, perfecting yourself is the best way to make 2020 truly perfect. It's never too late to change and now, let's get rid of all the problems in the old year and welcome 2020 together by building the 5 positive habits below!

#first. Wake up early

The first thing, which I have emphasized many times, is the habit of getting up early.
Maybe for many people, getting up on time is nothing too big. However, for young people who work late, getting up early is a torture.
While it's undeniable that late night is a great time to improve your concentration, this will not only hinder early risers but also have long-term health effects!
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Back to our main topic, first of all remember that you can do a lot of things if you wake up a few minutes a day early. It would be a lot better to have enough time dedicated to yourself before the new day begins, right?
Get up early, you will not have to rush hurriedly every time you wake up, will not have to miss breakfast and stuffed the stomach with toxic fast food.
Not to mention the early morning is also the time when our brain works best, if you make the best use of this time to invest for yourself, you will surely go far in the future.
Myself are also trying every day to form the habit of getting up early, let's try together! 🙂

#2. Do exercise

Along with getting up early, exercising regularly is a great mark to make your 2020 memorable.
I know, exercise is not fun, at least in the early days like that 🙂 Certainly it will be very difficult if you do not practice regularly, but only the first few days. Believe me!
Don't let your life get stuck in the lazy days. Feel the life turn every minute by exercising every day.
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Of course, turning this into a habit will require tremendous willpower. But we are afraid of challenges, right?
Not only does our body change positively, regular exercise also trains our perseverance and determination. And you see, every little change will make a big difference.
Health is the most important thing, no matter how long you pursue success, no health - you are already a loser. Therefore, try starting the new year with a daily running plan and wait for the difference! ^^

# 3. Reading books

Someone once asserted: " Investing in yourself is the most profitable investmentThis is so true! The value of each person is not measured by the status of money, but by the diverse insights you receive after a long journey of learning.
And the first step, the simplest step in that journey is to read a book. How long has it been since you last immersed yourself in new and engaging pages?
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Sadly, however, the reading culture of Vietnamese people is gradually fading, in part because of the many chaos that life brings.
Reading not only stimulates the brain's concentration, it also gives you enough time to analyze and ponder over the issues covered in each book chapter. That is the biggest advantage compared to acquiring knowledge through conventional audio-visual channels.
But don't be afraid to access knowledge through books, you can start with a few pages a day. The big journey starts from small steps, let's build this healthy habit together from today.

# 4. Learn foreign language

Okay, we all know that mastering a foreign language, specifically English, will bring a lot of breakthroughs in work as well as bring interesting relationships.
Proficiency in English is essential for modern people.
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Get rid of false biases about English, that it's really too difficult to conquer. Because if it was chosen as a global language, English is absolutely for everyone!
30 minutes of language learning a day is a great option if you want to improve and improve your English. The nature of learning always requires hard work and progress, so keep a positive attitude on the way to accumulate knowledge!
You absolutely can come to the forum .... of our blog to learn more in-depth lessons about this interesting language ^^

# 5. Restrictions on Using Social Networks

The last habit we want us to build together, is to change the approach to the media.
Many studies have shown that people take up to 4 years of life just to look at the phone screen. That's right, you haven't heard wrong, exactly 4 years!
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Facebook, Instagram or Netflix have taken too much of ours: time for family, time for friends, time to develop ourselves ... And most of the time we realize we have missed too many things. precious.
Do not let social networking overwhelm your life. Life out there is a lot to explore, and your day and night pushing your nose into a newfeed, swiping up and down nonsense tweets, doesn't solve anything at all!
Of course, for followers of social networking, giving up is something quite difficult. One method I've tried and found very useful, is to redesign my own newfeed.
Be flexible in receiving information. Away from cliched entertainment sites and following inspirational people is a wise choice to help you gradually step out of dependence on media networks!

## Epilogue

Above are 5 healthy habits that I want to start together in the beginning of the new year. Do not forget to come to us to have more new knowledge offline!
Last word, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2020, wish readers of the blog a happy new year! Happy New Year
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